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How to help the child with study? Be attentive and do not fuss!

Unfortunately, we should decide on future profession too early, at most in 17 years. And as often we see the young people who are not knowing where to be stuck by it, throwing one educational institution behind another! And as often we see the adults who are engaged in unloved business it is simple because that late to change something, it is a pity for the years spent for training, there is not enough health for changes and too hard ball of different duties entangles on hands and legs.

Undoubtedly, and the monkey can teach to be played the guitar, and if the person capable, he can master many good professions which are bringing in the income. But the matter is that favourite work differs from unloved in the fact that it becomes with pleasure, fills human life with quite notable sense. Look how faces of the creative people who found the mission, the viewer and the piece of bread shine!

It was very lucky if your abilities lie on a surface. And what to do if you are not a poet, not the designer, not the doctor from God, and we will tell, the most ordinary person moderately responsible and appeasable, not guessing that your only mission - to catch crocodiles from 2 to 2,5 meters long? How to open so rare talents?

First of all, nobody will give you guarantees that you will be able to disclose abilities of the child. Nobody ever guarantees you that it will use them to destination. Children better than adults acquire new, flexible, susceptible, they have them excellent memory, and it gives to us a long-awaited reason to think of their special talents in this or that business, but nobody is insured from a mistake in this respect.

Your sacred duty is in doing everything possible that it occurred, to provide to the child every chance to be in life. But never you blame yourself if something goes not so. It is enough to you to realize only that you do everything possible and still which - that that on importance does not concede to search of in this life, namely: to secure the child on a failure case in this search.

Is three components which presence, in my opinion, is necessary for the person throughout all his life (no, it is not sex, lie and video). It is additional education, sport and creativity . Three things which chucked in most of adults long ago in the child`s life, at that age when the person like clay can change the forms, gain magic value. And matter not only in the acquired skill, but also in that surprising public with which an opportunity to communicate will be presented to it.

How all to be in time? How to combine all need with limited number of hours in days and days in a week? The answer will seem to someone ridiculous: not to fuss. Actually the child can be in time a lot of things. Adults are not in time, as a rule. It at them “aches paws and the tail falls off“ while harmoniously developing child is ready to new daily and hourly. Contrary to the opinion occurring among adults, even the long trip to the subway or by trolleybus to the place of occupations does not strain the child. To it there can be a laziness and it is boring to go, and from it it can preduprezhdayushche ponyt, but it absolutely another.

It is enough healthy child - it is easy to carry away and at the same time difficult to tire as not process of training in something tires, and requirements, hassle and freight of responsibility, as a rule, accompanying it. Therefore, having concentrated on something one, it is necessary to release the rest to go down stream. The purpose of such facultative occupations - to fill up the child`s time, to dissolve irrevocably negative emotions in pleasant business.

It is possible to combine, for example, sports school on rhythmic gymnastics with single creative the master - classes in free day where from the child it is not required to hit qualifying standards, but it is possible to learn to bake sweet muffins, to sew a rag doll - a charm or to mold brasletik from polymeric clay. The zealous balalaika player can be brought together to the pool.

That is to offer opposite to the main business occupation. And then the young gymnast who was got by infinite trainings and shouts of the tutor instead of sobbing in the evenings in a pillow, to envy more free contemporaries and to damn the monotonous exhausting life, will embroider to herself a purse with beads or will weld a candle from transparent gel.

And even when it will be for 40 and the gymnastics will remain only in a dream, she will still sew, cook, mold, in other words - to create something sad minutes instead of destroying the brain by gloomy thoughts. I know many adults regretting that they have no hobbies forced to escape in something another, as a rule, destructive.

Finishing long conversation on how to help the child with study, one may say, that not such it is infernal work as it is accepted to describe in some thematic literature. Rather just to be attentive, to avoid tragic element in case of failure, to allow the child to play and walk sometimes to the detriment of scary important issue seeming to you - torture of a violin, for example.

And not to perceive the child as a small helpless being who without your asymmetric intervention will grow nobody. It will fill the necessary cones to itself(himself), in all door jambs that was placed on its way by destiny, it by all means will crash, you will not be able to run behind it constantly with straws if something happens to spread it.

Therefore relax and just try not to report to the child of what in itself is not pleasant to you, try to explain him with a simple language difficult things on which understanding you needed years of life experience and work on yourself. It will also be an invaluable contribution to its training. Yes not to lessons! And lives.