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How without expenses to save energy at office?

agree With need of economy of energy, perhaps, all, even today those who in life did not save any kilowatts - hour. On the other hand, all are sure that the economy demands initial expenses which will pay off only in the future. Necessarily by itself a conclusion arises whether it is simpler to spend nothing and quietly to work as before.

Really to replace glow lamps light-emitting diode or at least luminescent, it is necessary to be spent. Nevertheless on production and in life it is possible to use ways of economy which do not stand kopeks.

Hunting for vampires

When comes the speech about hunting for vampires, mystical stories and series - horror stories are usually remembered. But actually “power vampires“ - not an invention of the Hollywood screenwriters. So call various electric devices which usually do not switch off from a network.

They can be found in any room. Agree, every time to rise from a workplace to connect telephone charging to a network just laziness. It is far more convenient not to switch off it at all, attaching out of need the favourite smartphone to the lace which hid among business documentation.

Other example - network routers. Leaving in the evening home, employees, as a rule, switch off computers whereas hubs and routers tirelessly blink garlands of indicators for all night.

And computers. They, of course, are switched off by an operating system. But while the fork remains in the socket, slowly “sip“ electrons, expecting a light touch of the owner to the touch button or network team to start and wake up really.

Each of vampires alone consumes scanty amount of energy. But who considered total losses?

A few years ago such purpose set the German researchers. It turned out that losses can reach 10%. As we see, office “hunting for vampires“ can bring essential benefit.

How to distinguish vampires? They are given by the burning eyes - indicators and heat. Bring a hand to the switched-off electric device. If he warm (even the trifle), means “steals“ energy.

Green economy

At first sight, houseplants have no relation to economy of energy. But actually palm trees in tubs and violets in pots are capable to reduce need for the conditioned air.

Any plant - an effective humidifier. As a result of a transpiration, water evaporation process by plants, about 90% of the moisture consumed by window plants get to the atmosphere of office. The increased humidity of air helps to cope with a heat, therefore - to save on operation of conditioners.

Purity in the afternoon - economy day and night

Scurrying about from an office in an office of the cleaner irritate with

office managers and visitors, distract from work. Therefore clean many organizations late evening or even at night when offices are empty. On the one hand, conveniently, nobody disturbs anybody. With another - light in windows burns with a time all night long. Is it necessary? If to carry out the lion`s share of operations on cleaning of rooms in usual working hours, accounts for the electric power, undoubtedly, will decrease.

Well as, it is possible to save without expenses?