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How to be pumped up without chemistry?

How to be pumped up without chemistry, remaining at the same time the healthy, but not sick pumped-up handsome? Such search query tapped on the keyboard the man if he wants to gain muscle bulk and to strengthen the health. Many of these people think that for this purpose it is necessary to be pumped up only to go to horizontal bars in the mornings, to reap a bar, to be wrung out and they are mistaken. As there is one more important aspect on the way to your dream to have relief muscles and this important aspect - it is healthy food. For a start clean sweet and alcoholic beverages from a diet, use a lot of protein and carbons (meat, various porridges, bread). Beginning “musclemen“ at once clean sweet, but also this delusion from the food used by them if is it not much and as at most 2 - 3 times a week, it has a certain dose of carbon which will help you with your further undertakings. Never you eat more, than you want it. Make the schedule of the use of food. And now, when we everything know about correct food, let`s talk about the second aspect of pumping of muscles - it is their pumping. For a start, solve what groups of muscles, you want to pump up. For example, we will take pectoral muscles. Who though when that went to horizontal bars, at once will tell: “To pump up pectoral muscles it is necessary to go only to bars“. And they are right well and are not right. For a rating of so-called “breast“ there are some more exercises. First and simplest exercise - an extraction on stools, the second way - a press of a bar lying, and the third - the extraction which is already mentioned by us on bars. And so we will look at the first way - we will put stools slightly more, than width of your shoulders, we will put legs on a sofa and we begin to be wrung out that your thorax fell lower than height of stools. We do 4 approaches on 10 - 15 times. Second way - press of a bar lying you will choose to yourself optimum weight, I will tell at once, do not take very heavy freight, we do 5 approaches on 5 - 8 times. The third and last way is an extraction on bars we do 5 approaches on 10 times. Do exercises every day. And yes there will arrive with you force.