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In programmers I would go, let I will be taught. How is to workers “a computer and Klava“? Part 2

I Continue the story about how I happened to live in the tribe of Programmers and what interesting supervision I made.

the Workplace

At the programmer, as a rule, is not present the concept “constant workplace“. Today he can sit on the first floor with the computer, on the second, the day after tomorrow at home tomorrow. I witnessed how within three months some programmers to five times changed the workplace, sometimes without being able to explain to you where they are now.

At the same time any emotional binding to the place at them is not observed. As at us, ordinary people to bring for work of the photo of the relatives, flowers in pots and other attributes of the living person they have no tendency. Orientation in space, as well as in time, weak. The main thing that with them there was always a continuation itself, their brain, their essence - the computer.

But if the programmer nevertheless is also late somewhere for a month - another, then its workplace twisted with wires as snakes, together with him, hours motionless and concentrated on the code, becomes covered by a thick dust layer acquires candy wrappers from chocolate bars and crumbs from rolls. And only the tireless rag of the cleaner - an enerdzhayzer daily watches that the programmer with the friend - a computer finally did not turn into a garbage heap and did not become covered by a thick dust layer, a moss and a mold.

of Difficulty of communication

Probably, for the first time in life, despite the fact that I happened to work in the different countries, with representatives more than thirty nationalities and the most different professions I faced that I am often not understood in one of four languages which I know, and first of all, on native. Mine as it seemed to me, extremely accurately stated questions demanding elementary answers, as a rule, from programmers only raised new questions.

My solutions of these questions and the offer on their decision every time were a reason for long meetings at which we agreed about other meetings. And at these other meetings we already got into such impassable jungle where the first involved the second, second - the third, and the third - the forty third. And in five minutes I or was lost in this jungle, or me drove in a dream, or caused in me an internal attack of rage which I hardly suppressed not to discourage the absolutely unemotional colleagues - programmers. And, as I understood later, adoption of any decisions did not mean their execution at all.

For example, I set as it seemed to me, a simple question: “There is a project. It is necessary to make an assessment. Here the reference with all details. When to wait for an assessment? “ On what within an hour or two at first I received in reply death silence: the inquiry or did not reach the developer whom I addressed (did not reach technically, did not reach his brain physically), or the developer did not reach inquiry yet (dangling where - nibud between coffee - car, English language courses or the downtown where he left on the affairs). Or in response to the question I received other questions: “It who?“, “Who asks?“, “And when it is necessary?“

Ya could give patiently again the reference to all details and repeat the extremely elementary question “When - Call Time, the Brother?“ in reply again to hear silence or something it seems: “We will look“, “Now I am busy“, “Then“.

Next day, having by noon tracked down a night animal - the programmer, I could run with hunting passion to it, chtobypoobshchatsya personally on yesterday to the asked question, only that in eyes to see misunderstanding - “You who?!“, “Those it is necessary to Che?!“, universal melancholy, consequences of a yesterday`s party.

Finally, I nevertheless received the answer on intricate “When?“ - something it seems “Tomorrow“. But for the next day I or received the list of new questions, or, at best, an assessment with the budget is five times higher than expectations of the customer, or made “on leave alone“. (After I developed some algorithm and learned to receive quickly answers to the questions, though not so as far as would like).

Ways of communication at programmers - as a rule, e - a mail, Skype, or one, programmer language clear to them. And yes in their programmer language there are different dialects and adverbs when they misunderstand each other or understand somehow in own way. Well, and that to colloquial words and concepts, they often are at all interpreted on the, programmer harmony.

And in general, frankly speaking, they speak among themselves on some gibberish which the profane person will not understand for anything. Their speech abounds with words, like “deva“, “applikukh“, “attachments“, “ping“, “asampshena“, “customers“ “to lochit“, “rummage“, “krolit“, “pinganut“ etc. And here with understanding of simple Russian at them an obvious problem and puzzled expression on a haggard face with circles under eyes.

Earnings and a way of life


are Earned by programmers as I also heard earlier, really well. Even it is very good. I would even risk to tell that for me the world of new opportunities and representations after the destiny brought together me with them opened. And that, our world not so much needs physicians and teachers who frankly vegetate on boondocks of life, hardly making ends meet how many in new computer toys, gadgets and devices.

For example, the good programmer is able to afford not to save for years for a new car, and, for example, to buy it to himself already in half a year of work. Can afford easily travel to Europe or America three times a year or for holidays, a lot of things can.


of Corporate hierarchy and subordination which I knew at plant or in local offices earlier at programmers almost does not exist. They with all on “you“, to them CEO, or the director as they speak, the brother, the companion and the matchmaker. All issues are resolved together, by the general vote which because of that equality can be infinite as all have the right to vote, and voices at all different. They can argue, not agree and at the same time not be afraid that for criticism or disagreement they will be dismissed next day.

And at first sight, all this is remarkable. But by sight the second or third you understand that if someone does not agree with something, you can do nothing with it: nobody undertakes the right of the last decision, nobody can “take and order“, having assumed responsibility.

I continually for the solution of the questions had to cut circles between one, another and the third, over and over again being in the same place where I started.

Many dream to appear in a close, democratic formation of programmers today. Many envy opportunities, earnings of workers of “the computer and the keyboard“. For many programming is a dream.

But only over time you begin to understand that without looking on any gingerbreads, or as here speak, “buns“, you would not like to spend the best days, having buried the inflamed eyes in the computer monitor, touching a code - became stupid natyukivy figures and symbols for the purpose of creation of some computer toy, the new version of the iPhone or cracking someone`s enemy database. Life - that is it not on that side of the monitor.