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What to present to the girl? Pleasant memories against banality of

the Choice of a gift to the loved one - business hard. The banal gift in the form of a frame under a photo or a soft toy, a priori, does not bring joy to the heroine of the occasion. Each girl wants not just to be a darling, but also to understand that the man with responsibility and attention treats its holidays.

Modern girls were tired of gifts of one day long ago. All want something unusual, useful, and, above all - the man who is constantly reminding of deep feelings. What to present to the girl to birthday if bouquets of flowers and bears size about the refrigerator were included into the list of banalities long ago?

How to choose a gift of darling?


: a gift in the status “to please all“ does not exist. Each girl is individual, has the character and preferences. Men also forget about it, often, choosing a gift to the beloved. Today many guys give to the girls the gift certificate, even without thinking of whether this cosmetics or visit of the salon which is in the center of Moscow is necessary to it. Manifestation of such irresponsible approach to a gift often turns into misunderstanding from the girl and bad mood.

You want to present to the beloved pleasure? Show an attention maximum, choosing a gift, be scrupulous and responsible as though you bought something in the car. To please darling with a gift, show attention to her interests and hobbies, take an interest where she would like to visit. It will be good if you learn what your beloved dreams of. Execution of dream with realization of all plans in life - the ideal gift filled with pure love and high attention.

So, now you know that attention - the main thing the rule which should be observed, choosing a gift to the girlfriend. But how to learn about her secret desires and preferences? If to ask directly, all essence of a surprise and pleasure of donation will instantly be gone. The spoon is expensive to a kobed as the known Russian saying says. To learn from darling about all preferences and desires, it is optional to call girlfriends, to ask council mother and to fill up the beloved with questions. It is enough to show an attention maximum in talk on the subjects which are indirectly relating to the coming festive date.

For example if your girl likes to read, devote evening of a meeting to talk on this great art. Appeal to it to tell about the last novel read by it. At the end of conversation you will own the whole library of the facts speaking about preferences in literature of an art or documentary orientation. 30% of men answered a question of what it is the best of all to present to the girl equally. The book - the best gift to the girl with interest in self-education.

Similarly you can present also other useful thing. The main thing - to be responsible in the choice of a gift, being guided is exclusive preferences of darling, but without thinking of itself or the interests in any way. Money in a gift too not the main thing. The high cost of a gift does not mean anything. Practice shows what the best gift is that which was done with loving care, let with the minimum expenditure, but with sincere and pure love and the reader will forgive me for a tautology.

You do not seek to follow the principles of the cool businessmen giving to the beloved cars, fur coats and necklaces for several thousands of dollars. Expensive gift does not mean good. Really valuable the gift is considered only when in it the soul is hidden, but not when it all shines from lifeless glass crystals or comprises a set of functions. I believe, the reader understood that it is about the IPhone in expensive cover covered bright, but absolutely deprived of life, pastes. Stylish iPhone or superexpensive cosmetics with a free visit of studio of beauty and suntan - nothing in comparison with the original gift which is giving pleasure and leaving behind a loop of the most pleasant impressions.

the Gifts leaving pleasant memories

Parachute jump.

We already spoke about original gifts, but without reality. And so, the most original gift, the real hit of the present is the gift certificate for a jump in a tandem from 4000 meters. One and a half minutes of a free fall and three-minute flight over the picturesque nature will not leave indifferent any girl. Don`t be afraid! The jump in a tandem with the instructor is safe and brings a storm of emotions. If your beloved strongly worries concerning parachute jump, jump together with her. It will be the ideal decision, it is better than any calm and psychological preparation in lovely conversation behind a cup of hot tea in cafe.

Rest abroad.

Any girl will not refuse an opportunity to lie down on the sun when in her hometown behind a window it is snowing. The gift in the form of the ten-day permit to Egypt or the United Arab Emirates will be ideal for the girl celebrating the birthday in the winter. Any will be glad to a possibility of stay on the gold beach in January. No fur coat or the IPhone will present so much pleasure, how many the desert beach belonging only to it one. If birthday of your beloved in the summer, quite good option of a gift is excursion Europe tour or sea cruise. To satisfy more expectations of your lovely girl, ask her where she would like to visit during the next holiday.

Unforgettable photoshoot.

Art of photography, as we know, magically. The camera is the device with magic abilities. In skillful hands it not only stops hands, but also brings the sea of other pleasure. In the pictures made by the professional photographer, the person looks naturally, as in life, remaining it for ever. And as modern women very much highly appreciate the beauty, the photoshoot represents one more original and useful gift. Having decided to make the beloved such unusual gift, you have to think in advance of the makeup artist and the cosmetologist though usually the photographic studio provides these services as addition.

Useful thing or loyal friend.

If any of above-mentioned options of a gift does not suit you, present to the girl a useful thing. The gift bringing benefit to its beauty, a family life or comfort not less valuable, than all the rest. So, what useful it is possible to present to the girl?

A set of qualitative cosmetic accessories, paints for drawing, the brand new laptop, the food processor and so on. Here everything that bears in itself advantage will approach. As for the friend who can be a puppy huskies or a Pekinese, it is better not to hurry here. It is necessary to give a dog, being guided by the maximum responsibility, by no means, not self-willedally. Such gift as parachute jump or a small doggie, has to be carefully planned and it is desirable is coordinated with the heroine of the occasion.

What it is not necessary to give to the girl?


An underwear set, - it is unconditional, a valuable, but ambiguous gift. It is necessary to buy underwear only in case you stay in the relations close to cohabitation in one apartment.

the Envelope with money.

Money in an envelope can be given when the girl herself addressed to you and other guests with such request. Such gift will be as it is impossible by the way if the girl postpones funds for purchase of a car or, say, the new laptop.

Alcoholic beverages.

By rules of etiquette alcoholic beverages do not give to women. The gift in the form of the set consisting of several bottles of whisky or even wine is ideally suited for men, than lovely and charming women.


Spirits, toilet water and other perfumery accessories - the most irresponsible gift which the man of the beloved can only make. Perfumery, as well as linen, the girl always chooses.


Purchase of expensive jewelry in the form of ear rings or a ring with diamond - not the best gift to the beloved. Just as with linen and perfumery, purchase of jewelry should be coordinated with the heroine of the occasion surely.

Be attentive to the fact that your beloved wants, show the imagination, you strive for originality, do not forget about flowers. Give to the girls flowers! Let it will be a simple field camomile or a magnificent bouquet of scarlet roses. Present them all the tenderness, and believe me, life will become much brighter, much more more beautiful, much more perfectly. Love and will be loved!