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From what will become brighten? The ode to a smile of

It can be stamped on the memory for the rest of life. It really does not have the price. Even the beggar can share this gift with others, and the richest person will always need it. The remarkable writer Sent - Ekzyuperi noted that is frequent she and there is a main thing. It thank and reward. For the sake of it it is possible to go to death. She exempts from anguish of our days, endows with confidence, hope and rest.

All these laudatory speeches are addressed to a usual human smile. In what a secret of its attractiveness? How to us to use smile force to itself and others for the good?

the Best decoration of the person


Facial muscles, being reduced, raise corners of lips. In eyes fun-loving sparkles appear. Such movement of muscles is called a smile. Without uniform word, only one smile it is possible to express the feelings to someone or to something.

A smile to the person to each person. Like sun beams, it can melt the thickest ice of a negative. The benevolent smile is capable to relieve the intense tension, to destroy fetters of mistrust and prejudices, and also to embolden to the shiest. The warm, sincere smile will warm when we are upset and lonely. It brings joy and a consolation. It cannot resist. If the passerby smiled to you, you will surely smile to him in reply.

“A smile it is possible to achieve much more bigger, than a sword“, - Shakespeare claimed. Lev Tolstoy mentions 97 shades of a smile in the works. Interestingly, how many shades I use? And you?

In the different countries smile differently.

In Japan smile even then when speak on serious and not cheerful subjects.

All know expression “the American smile“. Wide, snow-white, on all thirty two - it is the business card of the true American.

The smile of the European is more reserved, but is not less valuable.

Whatever there were distinctions, the warm smile in any culture is a sign of goodwill and sympathy. Smekhoterapiya`s

“Laughter - the best medicine“, - doctors claim. Whether so it?

By science it is proved that our physical health depends on mood in which we most often stay. For example, negative emotions undermine our immune system whereas the laughter, on the contrary, strengthens it.

The smile sends an electric signal which stimulates work of a hypophysis to our brain. The hypophysis, in turn, excretes endorphins - the chemical causing feeling of pleasure and promoting decrease in level of adrenaline. That is why the good joke is so necessary for the person in a stressful situation. The laughter banishes alarm and fear. It is proved that it is useful to those who suffer from an allergy, a high pressure and rheumatoid arthritis.

Smekhoterapiya is appointed to patients who combat a depression. Results of one experiment are interesting. The physical condition of patients who daily for a month listened to comic records considerably improved. Neurologists noticed that they humour, laughter influence the certain areas of a brain which are giving in to action of psychoexcitants. Thus, the laughter lowers tension, mind becomes lighter, blood circulation, a muscular tone improves, decrease in aggression is observed.

The good laughter is similar to battery charging. Belly muscles of the laughing person strain as well as when performing the exercises strengthening a press. It is counted that half-minute of laughter are equal to 45 minutes of good rest. The involuntary laughter replaces 3 minutes of occupations with aerobics. Ten smiles are equal to 10 minutes of intensive rowing. When we laugh, three times more oxygen comes to our lungs, our digestion, a metabolism improves, brain activity, an organism is cleared of harmful substances. Really, the laughter is an effective medicine without contraindications.

Laughter through tears

is not simple to Seize art of pleasure at all. It is noticed that many witty people absolutely lose sense of humour when business concerns them personally. Certainly, it is better to laugh at others at us it turns out. Sometimes it is not simple to resist desire to tell someone causticity, to deride at all. The person was given gift for speaking not to humiliate and hurt others. It is a pity that people often forget this truth. Probably, therefore today so it is not enough good witty humour. Wit replaced ostroslovy, the main subject of jokes at current satirists are obscenities, tactlessness and roughness.

Joke to a joke discord. Psychotherapists advise: “Avoid offensive and venomous humour“. Such humour will not bring benefit and can affect the emotional health of people around.

Do not go into extremes when you want to encourage close, combating an illness or the exhausting problem. If you have fun much at it, trying to distract from sad thoughts, the result will be at all not what you expected. Your fun can cause feeling in the sufferer that trifle with its situation also without sympathy, and therefore he can fall into a bigger despondency.

The laughter can alleviate sincere suffering, but you should not overestimate its force. For example, the laughter and entertainments can only help with fight against a depression, but it is impossible to solve a similar problem with the help of amusements. The wise tsar Solomon confirms this thought, having noticed that “at laughter heart sometimes hurts“.

So, it is solved. Let`s laugh to exhaustion. Let`s learn to laugh at ourselves, own weaknesses, shortcomings. We will find something positive in any situation. To enjoy lovely trifles, the life, often repeating itself wise words: “Day of my arrival to the world is blessed“.

People behind a wall

laughed … that not to offend someone.

When you laugh loudly, be able to see

through a wall heart.

(Yevgeny Yevtushenko)