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Who such geniuses and from where they undertake?

are known Now that it is almost impossible to transfer genius in this or that area by inheritance. While, for example, the same talented persons often occur at talented people among relatives. Speak about it much and write much. Cesare Lombroso claimed that geniuses very often remain childless. So from where geniuses undertake? Whether it is possible to plan the birth of the next genius?

First of all we will define who such this genius. The genius is the highest level of mental abilities of the person which is shown in productive activity, commission of discoveries, inventions, unique games of chess or creation of original and durable works of art.

All geniuses are united, certainly, by one: they are obsessed fans of the work, whether it be science, art or chess. What if this obsession is also descended in formation of future geniuses? Diseases, various deviations, interests, abilities are inherited. Possibly, geniuses are predisposed to the birth in families in which parents are also obsessed fans … the future child.

Mozart, Beethoven and Paganini`s fathers did everything possible, endowed everything that their children became great. And the poet Alexey Motkin having schizophrenia claimed that he has a Holy Father, and mother did for it very much. At Nikola Tesla the father was a priest at all, and mother - the priest`s daughter. Of course, one may say, that all parents love the children, but, perhaps, parents of geniuses love the children a little more.

It is also possible to assume that the probability of appearance of the genius is higher in a family in which someone from parents is a teacher. A teacher mathematicians Grigori Perelman and John Nash, the composer Georgy Sviridov, the above-mentioned poet Alexey Motkin had mothers. Wolfgang Mozart`s father was a teacher also.

Thus, it is possible to assume that it is impossible to call genius absolute accident. These or those prerequisites by the genius`s birth probably can practically always take place. However, it is also necessary to consider that in most cases the genius is born with a mental deviation (according to physicians of such about 90 percent). Therefore there is a question: and whether you need in general such “happiness“?