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Secrets of homeliness

Culinary recipes from VeryPost. ru

At each hostess appear homeliness secrets for ensuring comfortable accommodation of all members of household over time. It concerns much - from cleaning to a culinary delicacy.

the recipes Heard somewhere are improved, supplemented and something appears very much the and by all means tasty.

Today, having houses fine modern equipment, it is a pleasure to prepare! The desire to make new of familiar for a long time and habitual products leads to the fact that the creative beginning joins and experiment with passion. Experience helps and dishes always turn out on “five“. For example, the Magi company known for everything offers the mass of options for the accelerated preparation of dishes - filled up a bag and sit waiting for miracles. It would seem, here what can be made? Try so: chicken or chicken carefully to wash up, salt (slightly) and to place in a sleeve or a package for roasting. Pours out a bag magicians on the second “buckwheat on there - merchant“ and it is accurate, but carefully we stir up so that all chicken appeared in spices. We fix a package and, having made two punctures a fork (for a steam-out), we bake in an oven of minutes 20 - 25. It is so tasty! The chicken turns out as a grill. With a bag magicians on the second “solyanka on - rural“ it is possible to do lazy stuffed cabbage, stuffed cabbage, solyanka. Better in an oven, under a foil, having slightly parted bag contents with water. At the end we add sour cream and, having switched off an oven, we bring to readiness having removed a foil. Magee on the second “for meat hedgehogs“ perfectly works in preparation of potato with meat. Carefully we wash meat, we cut on portion pieces, we grease with mustard, slightly salt and pepper. We peel potatoes and we cut in half. In a package for roasting we put the pickled meat and potatoes, we add a bag magicians, we fix also in an oven to readiness. Meat turns out soft and juicy, and potatoes become impregnated with aroma and marinade. If there is a desire to make pork, then the simply and most as practice shows, the best way is as follows: cut on portion pieces and, having slightly salted and having peppered, we sugar slightly, we add a teaspoon of mustard and slightly we sprinkle lemon juice. We leave to be pickled for ten minutes. We warm a frying pan and we add oil for frying. We throw into hot oil for several seconds 2 - 3 garlic gloves and right there we take out. Now we spread meat and we do gas almost on the smallest ignition. We add a lot of onions and a little boiled water. We close a cover and we extinguish almost to readiness (minutes 20 - 25). We open, we add sour cream (much, the whole 250th gram jar) and, stirring slowly, we allow to be absorbed minutes two - three. We switch off gas and we close meat for about five minutes a cover (without removing from gas). Everything, With mashed potatoes is simple a miracle! It is possible and as an independent dish with the cut fresh vegetables, Only then do more - disperses during an instant. Preparation of dishes in an oven - it is convenient, simple, it is useful. It is only necessary to include the imagination and to learn to use that at hand intelligently. Spices business good, but not always pertinent. It is possible to prepare with a small set surprisingly tasty and it is useful. For example, we wash fillet of any small fish, we salt and we pepper. We spread on a baking sheet and from above we put in advance fried onions and carrot (much). We grease with mayonnaise (much) and we bake. Very tasty!