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When in Russia new academic year begins?

Here almost flew by summer, soon on September 1 - a big holiday for all school students and especially first graders. And, of course, this day marks the beginning of academic year in all higher education institutions of Russia.

Unfortunately, this year expectation of this holiday is saddened. The Assistant to the President Igor Levitin at the beginning of July suggested to postpone the beginning of academic year with 1 to September 15 “from - for favorable for tourism of weather in the first weeks of fall“. He mentioned as an example that, in other countries for involvement of tourists on the velvet season long ago start of academic year is shifted till September 15 - 20.

I know that in many countries academic year begins in the fixed dates: Belarus, Baltic, Greece, Czech Republic, Israel. In such some states there are no fixed start dates of occupations. They can begin at the beginning or the middle of August (the European countries, the USA).

It is curious that the offer on transfer of the beginning of occupations came not from the Ministry of Education and Science, and from the third-party government official. If the decision on transfer of start date of academic year is made, then it is fraught with unpleasant consequences for pupils, teachers and parents.

It is known that on September 1 is Knowledge Day. This day to school students people of the senior generations come and teach them “Courage lessons“. Somehow I happened to visit such lesson at the beginning of last academic year. To children the people who endured the Siege of Leningrad on a visit came. They told about a great feat of our people which stood in hard tests in the besieged city.

Transfer of the beginning of occupations can deprive of our first graders of their personal holiday: “The first time in the first class“. For kids - this milestone event when they from preschool children pass to a new step of the life when at them on an equal basis with adults appears duties and responsibility to itself, parents and teachers, the foundation of universal values is laid.

With transfer of the beginning of academic year there is one more important problem. What to do to teachers on unexpected vacation? Do they have to see off them at own expense, or the state will dig up additional resources for their payment? Both in that and in other option it does not look good. According to the first scenario of the teacher there will be 2 weeks without payment and have to find somewhere money to provide the family to all necessary. At high inflation in the country it will be quite difficult for them to make it. At the second option from the budget the state will have to pay a lump sum for unplanned rest of teachers and service personnel of schools.

It is necessary to think well over it “the tempting proposal“ of mister Levitin not to spoil mood to millions of school students, teachers and parents. There is a hope that this year everything is occupations at the Russian schools will begin traditionally on September 1. Why?

Start date of school lessons is defined by the normative document of the Ministry of Education and Science. Adoption of amendments or change of the act requires several months. As a rule, a number of expert estimates of an innovation will be moved at this time, social and economic consequences of the new document miscalculate. If the new document safely underwent the mentioned procedures, then it has to be registered in the Ministry of Justice. And only after that the new normative document comes into force.

This year, obviously, there will not be enough time for carrying out all this bureaucratic procedure prior to the beginning of academic year. Besides, the Ministry of Education and Science has to initiate updating of the normative document. It so far, fortunately, did not occur.

From this it follows that academic year this year at schools of Russia has to begin traditionally on September 1. To a holiday to “Knowledge Day“ - green light. First graders, prepare the satchels. You will be birthday men on this holiday!