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How to help the child with study? Be inquisitive and tolerant!

Children are similar to our reflection on water. A little bit distorted, but all - reflection. Therefore I am amused by parents who complain that their children harmful, lazy, nervous, whimsical and everything that they should - play lives on phone. If it is honest, I would not like to be the modern child! Too a lot of information stuff falls down the weak children`s heads now.

4. Be inquisitive, it inspires. If you go into hysterics

instead of answering a question, then be not surprised to similar reaction and to the questions. If you once were too lazy to explain to the child something for him important, having waved away with the help “then“, “was tired“ or, it is worse than that, “leave alone“, then I congratulate: for you there came time to collect stones, the boomerang started by you came back to you straight to a forehead. Explain the requirements, you do not stint words.

Quietly, but persistently demand explanations and from the child. It develops thinking, forces to formulate competently thoughts, learns to understand the desires and to compare them with need. And still it is unknown to which of you it is more useful. Very much helps after clarification of the reasons of this or that action of the child, to find out the purposes of those. The nobility why it will not do “foolish algebra“, but also what aims he at the same time pursues is not enough. Let will explain. As a result he will understand that emotions direct it.

If despite all your diplomacy, before you left in a huff, reflect, perhaps, the conflict is beyond far lessons and its roots are buried deeply. Then it is possible to organize training process only after permission of the main conflict. Do not avoid the unpleasant moments in communication with children, accurately, but scrupulously find out the reasons nervous, a depression of the child, do not dig a grave to intra family trust.

5. “Look there where terribly“. Support by

the child in what at it turned out, and that it is impossible, support doubly.

Now us talents urge to develop actively in children. It is the favorable slogan for those who are engaged in development of abilities for our money. On this place I always remember words of the genius of network poetry Chong Kim: “The talent will always punch asphalt the daredevil“. Under a condition if it, talent, is present at the child as the fact, but is not your persistent imagination. Some parents at first develop the imagination, and then is obsessed develop talents which are absent in the child, stake everything to please to them.

The fact that It is impossible does our children closed, underestimates a self-assessment, postpones process of full unconditional self-acceptance without which process of a growing will not come to the end, and the child risks to hang in children till an old age.

Therefore let your child three times the humanist, will occur nothing terrible if you present to him the master - a class on mathematics. The most important - at the excellent teacher, in a circle of excellent children. And its horror before mathematics will be reduced. I will repeat: as soon as he begins to understand that to it it is unclear, its interest in a subject will flare up with a new force.

Two words about dependences. It is very sad, but kicks will not expel some offsprings on the street not that for lessons you will not put. And fault to it computers, phones, TVs, the word - show business (do not confuse to technical progress). That here you will tell: without worthy replacement you will not relieve of dependence. To dose games, to establish rules is a half of business. Offer replacement: to call friends home, to ride a bike, to make something hands in the house, to execute an adult assignment. Do not think what will manage simply to forbid to be played to it.

If it is enough means, then derive benefit from dependence: send “patient“ to courses on 3D - to modeling or robotics. He will also spend 3 hours behind a computer, but at the same time will receive real skills. I warrant, it will be pleasant to it. It is difficult for child to understand that he was tightened to the illusory world and to begin conscious fight against it therefore he has to be just busy.

It is important to remember: each child comes to us with the glass of knowledge. Someone comes with a jar, with a bidonchik. And how many buckets of knowledge we would not fill in in them, it will leave with the same container which brought.

Putting in the child forces, money and the most important - vital time, do not require return immediately. Do not take out pincers at it from a knowledge mouth to check their rest in his head. Do not stick with questions from a series: “Hi, Vasya, and what is your name, Vasya?“ If after excursion, theater, the read book it is silent, means so it is necessary. Its silence - not a whim and not harm. He just thinks and, do not doubt, by all means will show the knowledge at the most unexpected moment. You still should redden, standing near so erudite person. So what do you do not hurry time and hold the obsession to squeeze out of the genius`s child, take care better of the own life.

And never, you hear, never you speak to the child in peak to him what assidious, appeasable you were in the childhood because it is the best demotivator. If you also really were so tremendous, then would not sit at the monitor now, and wrote the next message to Federal Assembly, squeezing a free hand a nuclear small suitcase.

Good luck to all of us, dear parents! Also you remember that process of training is not life. It is a springboard which it is necessary to look after long and carefully before jumping from it in life and not to break.

Be continued.