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Direct initialization of abilities.

to Everyone on his belief.

Every year more and more techniques of opening and development of abilities appear. I decided to bring the feasible contribution too in this direction because 35 years I am engaged in self-education, search and research of manifestation in the ordinary person of improbable abilities. It seemed to me that if the person opens in himself clairvoyance, then deep Vision will reveal to it all other secrets of the universe. My method is synthesis of long-term studying of other schools which did not give me clarity of Vision, but opened a set of useful exercises and prepared my perception for this state. I use rather extensive terminology of already existing concepts, but also I use, been more convenient for me.

It is very difficult to create a universal method of discovery of abilities for all therefore I decided to synthesize several already working methods in uniform process of sacrament of Great Making or a transmutation of perception, having taken these concepts from Alchemy. This science initially tried to change the person qualitatively and to bring him to the worthy level of unity of reason, soul and body. My method will seem washed away, not systematized, paradoxical and in general a set do not understand what. It is directed to that your Clarity placed everything as it will be necessary in specifically your individual case.

In Great Act it is necessary to merge together: blessing, initialization, dedication, instant experience, a transmutation and transformation of reason, soul and a body - in ability of high-quality change of the main function, through an ideal form of its antiderivative. That is it is necessary to create a philosophers` stone in perception of reason and spirit, and also in laboratory of a body - a cerebellum and a spinal cord. The eternity is a high-quality change of functions of life, the poet it is necessary to listen so to hear much more, than sounds and it is necessary to see more deeply, than everything occurs. In each movement of a moment trace quality of perfection - it is natural gait of the nature - art of the master.

In a dream of people is in other condition of perception of reality, more sincere therefore feels the events, irrespective of understanding much more deeply. I decided to use this third of life for the researches and trainings. Of course, Clarity of perception can open at any time and at anyone, but personally my belief is that in the hammered, rusty pipes, absolutely clear water cannot flow. The philosophers` stone or the catalyst, of course, can completely change quality something, and for our perception this moment can quite occur also in a dream. At a prosypaniye, the perception comes back to a usual state, but purity of Clarity at the same time does not disappear anywhere. I have a huge diary of dreams, will describe some of them to understand what additional work on perception it is possible to carry out there.

A dream from a parallel with 10 - 11. 04. 2015. Us people 10 - 12, we long strayed on fields and in a garden, till the evening. The garden thrown, but with big arbors. In my company of 6 people. Other same company, as if with us, well and separately. All talk on transformation, that is repeated reproduction, copying anything. By the morning it was finished, banks cut off a bottom from - under a dichlorvos, put 100 dollar and fifty-ruble notes there, - everything that was. Sealed together with other ingredients. We already left when in a garden heard very loud cotton. By air the big cloud of notes as confetti after a cracker shot scattered. We began to collect too, I for a bosom stuffed many thick packs, climbed even on an arbor. Then with Nina and others went to look for food and a lodging for the night. I told Nina that I gave particles of FC for explosion to it a hanyga. Explained to her as in homeopathy, concentration of a serious, that is Highest form, it is possible to increase repeatedly a pressing from primary form of matter. Gold is only a hint on a side-altar of perfection of metals, any material is only what you want to squeeze out primary matter, almost absolute quality of. The highest quality gold is a hint on high-quality functional changes of matter, - changing salt of its essence. The perception in a dream differs from usual, therefore, and understanding another. The details of feelings, conditions of perception and understanding in a dream remembered in the morning often explain here about what we at all never knew. Receiving the blessing of dedication in ability in a dream, it remains in you forever.

With 11 - 12. 04. 2015, in a dream, looked for the place for Great making at night though I knew where two “bryus“ stick out. Sensitivity sharpening - a main issue of sincerity. You feel very precisely because you foreknow for certain. The adherent knows very precisely where to look for, he appoints in any elements of coordinate of time and the place. I change strongly and involuntarily, I watch it. Sensitivity in sex, in a dream, raised. It is possible to transmutirovat the person in the witch, she wanted to become another, on eyes saw. And I did not ask. At high sensitivity it is difficult to control selectivity of attention. Any can become the truth, to you to solve. Take your time to define truth, errors of strong are deeper. Though the mistake will also not be, but you - that know why beauty will be such now. Changing the quality, you change quality of any around you, in side-altars of aura, existence. Quality of your form changes as in homeopathy, the more your rastvoreniye in truth, the stronger in you quality of its form. The more often in you the truth is dissolved, the concentration of its perfection becomes stronger in you.

Not to express the coordinate of Great making in words, but this place always same. This exact condition of substance and adherent. How to change a steady condition of reality? The changed condition of reality, within its aura, coincides with the changed condition of the adherent.

(From treatises). The green beam proceeding from the black sun enters devoted and changes it, and also bears energy of an alchemical transmutation of matter. The spirit dissolves a body, and by this dissolution from a body the soul is drawn. The body pretends to be in soul, and soul in spirit. And already this spirit connect to a body again, granting it constancy. The alchemist has to pass through spiritual death, go down to Hell of own spirit, change that in a purgatory hearth. Then to get the paradise adamichesky state transferred then to a body. Two ways damp and dry, I passed damp.

It is possible, to unite in one action blessing, dedication, direct initialization of the consciousness, instant transfer of experience corresponding to a state that is functional transformation of the person. It is desirable, every morning to bless himself with dedication of transformation or deep understanding of awakening.

In direct deep transformation not only internal dialogue, but also attention stops. “The voluntary death“ is when the body of attention burns down to ashes, then from it revives. And through brightened up joins a physical body, turning it into “gold“, according to alchemy.

It is necessary to realize in detail that there was already it and very thinly and sincerely to experience all process repeatedly, yet you will not be convinced of manifestation of the new quality. Coordinate of a condition of Clarity is absolute, but our control for it, can take all our time if at once does not become habitual. In any time of the presence it is necessary to feel the perfection, that is very thinly to feel quality of the abilities. It is the main training of an enlightenment of clarity. You are devoted in everything, realize it an acute prochuvstvovaniye. Let the body reproduce joyful happiness in gratitude. Happiness is a feeling which the person has at the moment of full compliance of his internal attitude with the world order surrounding it. To live happily it is the unconditional purpose put in us by the nature.

Test various conditions of merge to primary matrix in various conditions of manifestation of new qualities of the functions. In a certain state, matter can prove as a wave, and the wave can, also, become matter. For some reason this phenomenon in physics is seriously not considered.

About the initialization I will try to tell in more detail. For me it passed step by step, repeatedly and, eventually, turned into system of independent profound dedication. Long-term experience shows that any high-quality organization can bless you with dedication: person, action and even subject. The only condition for this purpose, your absolute readiness to apprehend deeply corresponding personally to you, it: great act, initiation, blessing, instant experience, dedication, transmutation or initialization of reason, soul and body. For life I was devoted by all these blessings every time where only it could take place, reminded on it or could lead to it. Even was born in day of transformation, on August 19, perhaps, as it defined mission of a course of life.

The main secret of the universe is an analogy in Everything. General analogy of the universe defines and proves loneliness of Truth. It shines and the whole world is the its projections which are similarly interconnected and similar to a source. Depending on distance to it or from it, the direction defines a sign of the attitude towards Him. The distance is determined by qualitative characteristics of power levels. There are also other types of distances, but they are only similar to true. For our perception until there are enough these. Level of the power seldom corresponds to real distance to a source therefore tries to control manifestation of true. All steps or levels of dedication, and also equivalents of values money and religion are thought up to contain hierarchy and to hold the power. I will spend you on all steps of traditional dedication, and also I will acquaint with the elevator in this house of self-development. In advance I will make a reservation, only the ladder with steps will be traditional, but its form and material are an essence pressing, from all options which I anyway had to face in 30 years. Steps of the power is a ladder absolutely not there therefore the religion and policy have no relation to truth.

The idea to open access to all secrets at once, has very deep historical roots. At me the only reason to make it - a victory of real distance to a source, over actually existing. Clear business that one it is impossible, and the equivalent of values went too far. All civilization in slavery at money. Even those who think that they control money hardly confess to it, though hardly they will refuse it even if they realize. The direction of sincerity one, it will not allow you to truth if the purpose - the direction another - its equivalent. I will try to tell clearly and in detail, within possible. I because the Source will be able to bless only sincerely sure will not prove and convince, the others will receive only on the belief.

Philosophers` stone.

The alchemy is the only, on our planet, science which set as the purpose to reduce or accelerate reduction of distance from a projection to a source. It is surprising that attribute it other more “important“ purposes. On chemistry it was curtailed deliberately and rather successfully that there were no suspicions. I hope to teach to see and feel you so that you could define independently for yourself all process corresponding personally to you sacraments of Great making - transformation of reason, mind and body. All people very different, it is very difficult to tell with confidence in what place it will occur personally at you. Very much I hope, synthesis of the views Seeing will bring a civilization out of the deadlock of submission to equivalents of values, and improbable abilities of eternal will prevent an arbitrariness without spirituality. Matter has wave properties and control of a resonance with a source, there is the only purpose of any projection, irrespective of distance. Any movement strives for rest, even eternal therefore it is necessary to consider its directions. If the inanimate fictional equivalent operates a civilization, then the mankind will naturally pass into something similar to it. Especially, lifeless is the only thing that on the planet develops with a geometrical progression and does not come within miles of direct development of “trainer“. Lifeless matter is more senior and is wiser, it used mankind for the development and, alas, it is the fact. Lifeless matter - it does not mean at all that unreasonable and its distance we very sharply reduce to perfection. Therefore we are the catalyst in Great act or a philosophers` stone in the course of its transformation. It is not surprising that in the program of development of a civilization on the planet both projects successfully compete.

Process of exercises.

For opening and development of abilities there are enough schools and systems therefore we will leave this area to professionals. I will give only those which I carry out. I did not finish process completely, but what I already See will be quite enough. The main thing, try to make out an essence of the mechanism of development of abilities - it is necessary in order that in the course of initialization correctness of thought was quicker realized in clarity of movements. The more consciously the experienced processes you will have available the attention, the amount of the shown abilities will be more various. I do not want to advertize live food because its timeliness in the course of understanding of everyone. But it is necessary to pass to water of life and air. Therefore surely I recommend them to use for an initial stage. Information on it on the Internet has enough. Further, universality of a body it will be insignificant. Physical exercises need to be done until you get used to admire beauty and youth of the body. Then the body itself will choose for itself a set of exercises, corresponding specifically for it. In an initial stage of transformation, in physical exercises it is necessary to observe real feeling of Great act. Psychologically you have to realize that any your action is necessary for this purpose. You watch balance of sufficiency and understanding of advantage. Only full clarity of feelings will define norm specifically for you.

Write the list of the desires and the purposes. Daily look through and if there is a need, correct. At each change in the list, surely you rewrite it anew, keeping the previous options. On them you will observe process of the high-quality transformation. Any belonging to any religion only accelerates process if you have enough intelligence not to examine far-fetched discrepancies. Your daily activity is the main process of transformation. Analyse the relation to what you do at the main work. You will hardly have other time for careful expansion of the perception. And need to work constantly, will exclude admissions in the course of initialization, providing its stability. Not only that your activity will begin to develop you directly, it will begin to give you sincere pleasure regardless of the fact that you do. The conscientious attitude will increase quality of work that, most likely, will lead to career development and improvement of financial position. Try at work, in all tasks and exercises performed by you to be extremely sincere. Sincerity in process transformation has crucial importance. It regulates depth and quality of initialization. Adapts compliance of process at all stages, and controls extent of its manifestation. It is possible to deceive himself, but clarity of a look or is, or process is not finished. It is possible to form a serene look being engaged in any activity. To tie the main thing to any action feeling of causeless delight or a side-altar of need to an image of result necessary for you. Not only that the constant or long-term feeling of happiness becomes a habit, it constantly creates conditions for itself, resounding with surrounding reality. As you contain a form, exactlybut also the form supports you! It is possible to be content with a positive state, a matter of taste. All of us aspire fortunately, therefore, it needs to be formed the corresponding feeling. Most of people, forgot to enjoy involuntarily life, just like that, without the reason long ago. Especially, only carrying out repeatedly exercise of feeling of happiness, I understood that it can study and train really, perfecting feeling subtleties in manifestation. Pridelny delight - a basis of your spiritual transformation, this unforgettably happy process. Trainings quickly enough and smoothly flow in a direct way of life. And if you do not manage to finish all process of transformation, you will not regret at all that you changed the relation to daily attitude radically. The real prophet executes the prophecy. The become a habit, direct visualization, will turn into the improved magic wand which will control any processes of your transformation, and as a result all interconnected processes of transformation around you.

Clarity of attention.

It is possible to form clarity of a look, being engaged in anything. In the course of initialization you will begin to distinguish various properties of clarity of a look, attention and perception in general. Also, the directions of attention are various: internal and external, spatial and radio, own and imposed, concentrated and disconnected. As a result will be, in general it is unimportant where to look in detail to see what is necessary. Any exercises on Vision, I tied to the direct working activity. The range of mine of a profession in 30 years was so wide therefore I also do not doubt that at you too all will turn out. Exercises rather simple and in principle it is possible to use any exercises from the existing trainings on visualization. To find the main thing such which will be pleasant to you and which as much as possible will approach whenever possible combination at your direct work. In the future favourite of them will become a key source of your wellbeing in everything. I for myself used creation of need with the happiest delight for an impulse.

First “attack“ of clarity happened unexpectedly, but it demonstrated what is it - a condition of full Clarity. It happened on the station. I lived far from work then and therefore I sometimes spent the night at the station not to spend precious time of a dream for the road. I then very much was delighted to unexpected feeling of direct Vision. Situation a century of my eyes did not matter therefore I long could not realize awakening. And in an hour was frightened to the volume of the overflowed information. The attention sent a question to an answer point, turning process of Maintaining into a stream of the Clear conscious state. The quantity of vectors of attention changed and depended on internal energy. Kinds of feeling conscious and at first not really, conditions of clarity there is a lot of and especially individually for everyone. Therefore to describe now depth indicator so far early. Only later I remembered the reason of this inspiration of a look. The continuous exercises which became a habit so strongly oversaturated energy of need the reason to clearly See that she exploded manifestation in a dream, relaxed, after day work, a body. I will try to hide nothing in the description of the methods, trainings and exercises, but the most key subtleties of process will be given only in paid option. Those to whom will be rather free option - worthy respect for your advanced preparation. Direct initialization is a final information product and belongs to his author. In the world it was never hidden nothing from our look, except as our ability to See All this. Here only the superficial explanation of how it is necessary to look clearly to See will be offered, examining examples from real life and dreams.

It is not really difficult to begin transformation process, difficult in it is mute to hold a worthy position. It in many respects depends on the level of your preparation. For the true adherent it can make an utter nonsense, but for in the first faced spirit alchemy, can be long-term formation of reason. All existing schools on opening and improvement of abilities, anyway, offer the same. My method of initialization of abilities is based on the principles applied by ancient alchemists to transformation of the person in the devoted adherent. Plus my personal experience and check on.

Sensual understanding.

Experience wave structure of reality. Condensing attention, transform its clarity to acute sensitivity. Use simultaneous double capture of reality infinitely outside, to the borders of the Universe and in depth, before the thinnest vibrations defining an electron. It is impossible to change truth, it is possible to change wave compliance of reality and reality. Reality - material manifestation of its wave reality. We eat energy in art, reflected by quality waves. The bad mood poisons you and people around as dirty water from the crane. In visualization the projective wave of sensitivity generally works. I squeezed out pure attention of primary matter of the human perception. The highest quality of attention - in itself an essence - salt of energy of primary need. It is possible to change conscious attention quality of Vision if the mechanism of control of focus for any depth and in any direction of attention is precisely debugged. It is necessary to develop sensitivity of attention, clarity of perception depends on it. Through sensual penetration of attention the heart and soul in your creations is put. So it is necessary to paint not only melodies and pictures. Sincerity utonchat attention, regulates density of acute disclosure of soul. Very interesting technologies of spiritual education in thin methodology of development of spirit. What life to choose? Diversely your attention and the movement time passes with a different speed of the quality. You choose where to live in what life? Involuntary manifestation of sensitivity is more sincere is love. We feel not only quality of sounding, but also quality of the created form. Perfect these various properties of the indicator of feeling of perfection. In manifestations of this sort watch formation of quality of happiness through sincere sensitivity of acute attention. For full Clarity of the word have no special value, depth of the importance of degree of understanding is already regulated. Depending on the target direction of attention, watch color shades of quality of aura something in its properties and the directions.

To be continued …