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How to help the child with study? Do not lie and study together!

you Remember the phrase from old textbooks: “On the first of September all children joyfully go to school“? On this place at someone cheekbones begin to twitch, to be confused the speech, and on a forehead the perspiration acts...

Honestly, it is not so simple to motivate children to study. Especially when the school program, school requirements do everything possible for education of neurasthenics, with steady feeling of disgust for study. What can we make to help our children? Well, of course besides evening shout, rolling of hysterics, promises, blackmail and other. Only couple of supervision not of the psychologist, and mother...

1. Never to lie.

Good study at school does not guarantee that in the future you by all means get a highly paid job, will equip the private life, buy the island, you will become the president etc. The future is unpredictable. The success of one and failures of others at times do not give in to explanations and to offer the child of the benefit in the future in exchange for its diligent work now, promising what you cannot affect, very risky for both of you. You risk to deceive him the deepest expectations and, as a result, to undermine his confidence to you. And he risks to learn the deepest disappointment. Well and then all this future seems to it so far what to motivate with it, as well as to frighten, is absolutely useless.

You tell the truth. We study not for the sake of the sheet, though we do everything possible that it looked adequately, and for the sake of confidence. Than more we know and we understand how things and the phenomena are arranged, the better we understand something, the to us is quieter, the more surely we find way out of situations in which we appear, the less we are conducted on a string of emotions, the it is more difficult to frighten us or to deceive.

Give an example clear to it. “You are able to swim (to skate on roller-skaters, skates, the bicycle)? Well or badly to you from it?“ Knowledge and abilities - the deadly enemy of the emotions destroying us.

2. To be “in a trend“, but not to turn training into inquisition.

It is known that any business will please the person if it in his hands is argued. And vice versa. If the child does not understand something in tasks, understand at first and whether you understand. And only if an affirmative answer, be accepted to an explanation. Difficulty is that techniques of training change. But if you do not understand modern techniques or do not divide, you are not obliged to them to follow. Your task - to explain and if you with it are helped by the old Soviet textbook, get rid all new techniques - you teach on it.

Eventually, it is not important how the child writes down examples in a column, it is important that as a result he gives the right answer. Important not for the sheet, and on life. Even if will deliver to it “4“ for the record of “column“, wrong according to the teacher. Prepare that in the beginning the child will be upset, will be perplexed and, perhaps, will accuse you that you incorrectly teach him. Accept it as inevitability, as one of stages of formation of the personality. Whatever one may do, he has to learn to estimate result of the work independently. Correctly solved example - result is available. And further to it to solve: whether he spits on requirements to registration or adapts to them.

Whether it is worth doing homework for the child? I consider that yes, under a condition if to the first grader set the report on nano - to particles, and to the fifth-grader - to paint cheerful pictures. Just you with school pursue the different aims: the school needs good results, implementation of programs. And to you - the child competent, sure and healthy in every sense.

Also rejoice if the child in a fit of temper bryaknt something about some subject. Means, exactly there it has difficulties, and you know with what it is necessary to work. It is warned - armed.

3. To study together. Never deny

at the child of need to be engaged. The child is denial with pleasure will pick up and will adopt. Instead of “Well, where there your devil`s lessons, a nail to them in gym shoes!“ ask a serious question, show business approach. Study is a work. Sometimes grow heavy your most real work. You have the right to demand response from the child: the same desire to understand something. It the relations of two adult working people.

Be not conducted on his mood or awkward age. Tell honestly that are ready to help, but are ready to help the person who tries and aspires, but is not idle. If the child is small and cannot gather in any way, give him time: 10 minutes, half an hour. Warn that it has time after which it has to work, it disciplines. Explain that in life it is necessary to be able to concentrate, sometimes stepping on the desires. The pilot cannot throw a steering wheel, and the surgeon a scalpel in the patient that half-hour to listen to music.

Be continued.