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Office games. Against whom we will be on friendly terms?

Not only children like to play games. Adults also wish to play. Only games at them not always harmless. It would seem, hardly the usual average office is the suitable place for a playground. However experience prompts to me that at offices extremely topical fights with the unpredictable final are developed.

Office games exists much. In this article I would like to tell only about one. This game has a great number of admirers in the person of office staff of the most different companies and is called “Against whom we will be on friendly terms?“

the Essence of game is quite simple. To start its participants look narrowly at fellow workers and choose among them “a weak link“ . Do not think that “the weak link“ is the one who performs the work badly. Often all just the opposite. Here only the fact of is important whether the person is ready to be connected to this game and to appear in the thick of intrigues? If gossips are alien to you if you though in something are allocated from lump, then you automatically become the applicant for a role of a weak link.

When decided on the choice of a weak link, it is possible to start actually game. As you already guessed, its sense is in that being on friendly terms against the objectionable colleague. Here where the width of a flight of fancy of office employees is truly shown.

All paradox is that none of those who “are on friendly terms against“ never admit that he puts the serious psychological pressure upon the opponent. And separate copies are ready to deceive including themselves, absolutely sincerely assuming that their behavior is only a consequence of the “wrong“ actions of that employee. I will give several examples for an illustration.

The objectionable employee is not given important information. Explanations can be different: he had to guess / could also to look / we spoke to him etc. Without knowing all details, the employee inevitably begins to allow misses in work. Those who “are on friendly terms against“ do not leave it without attention. In the first case if the mistake is essential, they publicly tell about it (including to the administration), enjoying a vindictive celebration. In the second case (it is more widespread), they correct an error for the employee. But do it with a type of the offended virtue. Say, we slave away here, but also have to correct others mistakes.

The emotional party of a question is very important for those who “are on friendly terms against“. As a rule, these people are poor spiritually and their life is by no means rather poor events. Here also they try to make of a fly of an elephant. They have a direct interest in mistakes of the objectionable employee. These mistakes can be discussed! and will not come to Their mind to help the person of mistakes not to allow. What for? they then will lose the pleasure from humiliation of another.

Sometimes for a solution it is only required to make a half-step towards to the person. But that, “who against“, does not need it.

Last week I at work had the following situation. The girl, the sales representative, we will name her Dasha, brought to us in accounts department primary documentation which could not be accepted to the account. I understood not at once in what there was a problem as other accountant - Lena is engaged in primary documentation. I saw that Lena silently accepted documents, without having told Dasha words.

As soon as Dasha crossed a threshold of accounts department, Lena burst in an angry tirade. Such that all in an office heard. Say, Dasha completely became impudent, brings in accounts department the wrong documents, and it, Lena, has to correct them … I did not want to listen to it, and I interrupted Lena with a question: “And you told Dasha what so cannot be done?“ Yes, of course, once earlier she spoke. But counter question “when?“ set her thinking. Lena had the plan about which it at once also told. It was going to go to the chief. And how differently? Unless it is possible to disregard such cases?

The last statement upset me. How the head can go to complain at once and at the same time not to tell the word to the guilty employee? I looked at Lena and saw that it just derives pleasure from the negative emotions. Belittling the colleague, it towers in own eyes. Moreover, I perfectly understood, what will be farther. Lena not only was going to go to the chief. She with special relish will discuss then Dasha`s act with other colleagues …

without wishing to take part in this game, I asked Dasha to come into accounts department. I was interested the moment whether was known by her about what requirements are imposed to primary documentation?

As it was i, Dasha did not know that those documents which were brought by it do not suit us. Earlier it did not come up against a similar situation. Plus to everything, in our company she works only three months and did not manage to study all rules of conducting document flow yet.

I quietly explained her all that she needs to make that documents could be accepted to the account. Dasha attentively listened to me and promised that surely everything will correct. She assured that from now on such situation will not repeat any more. I was happy with its ready response and we left feeling that unpleasant incident is exhausted completely.

And here Lena fell apart a little. Its small victory over Dasha lost the sweet. She counted on conversation with the chief. And what now she will tell it? What did the chief accountant talk to the sales representative and the issue was resolved? At all not that effect, isn`t it? And if not the chief accountant, then this situation could be beaten very dramatically.

Strangely enough, but many people really derive badly hidden pleasure from miscalculations and misses of others. But along with it, such people never recognize that they are on friendly terms against someone. They are always ready to burst in the emotional rebuff about that, they are how devoted to interests of the organization. they are even ready to correct errors of colleagues to the detriment of the personal time. It is difficult to argue with it as these people, really, are ready and correct not the errors. But at the same time they do nothing that these mistakes did not arise further. They are not interested in the professional growth of others as it, in their opinion, will call into question their own qualification.

But sometimes business even does not concern qualification. The employee is humiliated just in order that there was an occasion to talk. To against what the collective is on friendly terms nothing says goodbye. Any its oversight becomes a subject of discussion where - nibud in a smoking-room. There is it from spiritual scarcity of those people, it does not grieve them to spend time for talk on peeping at “keyhole“.

It is not necessary to speak about effective work of the collective affected with an illness of game of friendship against someone, of course. Yes, the general rage to someone as it is paradoxical, unites participants of game. But it only in the short term. In long-term the probability that normal experts will not sustain pressure is high and will leave, and the office of the company will remind more and more a serpentarium.