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Where it is the best of all to place the music?

Today we will describe the soundcloud service. It will be suitable com for all musicians or for those who for one reason or another use music on the website. Pluses of this website: an opportunity to use the first-class player, an opportunity to publish the music and to advertize itself it is free, for example it is possible to put the reference to the website. What it is good to eat! It is promotion of your resource, its advance in a network. Thus, you gain reference weight.

can refer not completions of a player To minuses: when loading the composition downloads to the website entirely, plus stir any “frills“ of a player. All this leads to long loading of the page of your website if big compositions for 5 and more minutes are used and if there is a lot of such compositions, for example 5 and more. But give to

everything one after another. At the same time I will prompt how to avoid player shortcomings. So, we pass to the address com /

everything in English Here, but it is not difficult to understand. We press sign up and the menu appears. We register the e there - mail the address, the password, we repeat the password, we tick off news and a consent with rules of this service.

Then we go on the mail and we activate the account on this website. And all is farther simply, we run on setting up the page: we load the logo or an avatar, we name the account, we put the reference to the website etc. Then we load the music. As soon as you loaded it - it is possible to start the publication of a player with it from soundcloud on the website.

What for this purpose is necessary? Attentively we look at our compositions and we see different settings. we Click

on Share and we take settings from the menu. Here we have a full way to composition. And on the Embed tab there is also an iframe tag with settings of our music. There it is possible to put a frame, to select width, height and other. In the same place the way to our music is registered.

the Most convenient is object though, can to you more iframe will be pleasant.

If suddenly you had problems, then watch video a lesson of this subject “In total for Musical Studio“. As for a player, its shortcomings can be cleaned if to load small compositions about two minutes and in number of no more than three. Then your website will brake much less. If you have a long music, then use a single slider with buttons. One melody is loaded always. If another is necessary, then the user just clicks on the button forward or back. The basis our musical online - studios is ready!

Is taken from the website expertet