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“We in the answer for those who were tamed“. Whether it is worth getting a dog?

Today almost every second person of Earth has any pet. The choice is so big that to traditional cats, dogs, small fishes, popugaychik and hamsters domestic snakes (and not all are safe), domestic frogs, domestic snails are added, and at times reaches also “domestic“ predators: lions, tigers, crocodiles … Our we will talk about a dog, old and, perhaps, the friend of the person, very first from animals.

Archeologists consider that dogs were tamed about 10-15 thousand years ago! Dogs played an important role in development of many great civilizations. The Greek coins with the image of dogs are found, and the first treatise about dogs is dated the 1st century B.C.! In ancient Egypt dogs were idolized (god Anubis appears as the man with brains of a dog). When the dog died, the mourning appeared in the house and the owner shaved off to himself hair.

In medieval Europe the black dog was considered as the devil incarnate. In America there were already cultivated breeds of dog removed and esteemed by Indians. Such breeds could not exist without person. In Russia dogs were brought mainly for hunting. Also good dogs cost expensive. For the sake of a desired thoroughbred doggie were ready to give the whole village moreover and with the population. In 17 - 18 centuries poets and prose writers became interested in dogs. It and Turgenev (“Dog“, “Mumu“), both Chekhov (“Kashtanka“), and Kuprin (“Nedelyan“).

Now dogs - nearly the most popular pets. And everyone thinking of purchase of such pet has to know that it is very important and responsible step. It is necessary to consider each trifle.

Whether you will be able to spend enough time with the pet? Consider, the dog is larger, the longer she should be walked.

Whether you will be able to provide it a various and healthy diet? The dog should be fed only with suitable products, at all do not give some cookies (if it not a special dog delicacy), candies, chips and croutons. It causes diseases of a liver and a stomach, besides the scale can appear.

Whether you will be able to bathe the favourite? This procedure should be made at least once a month, depending on breed. If you decided to get a fluffy doggie, do not forget it to comb out and be ready to clean wool on all apartment.

Whether you will provide it have to medical examination? From puppyish age the dog needs to do appropriate vaccination. Only having completed a full course from three inoculations, the dog can quietly walk on the street. In the summer of a dog are attacked by pincers, be ready to examine carefully an animal after walk, without having forgotten to look between small pillows of paws and ears.

And the most important whether you are ready to love and be darlings? The dog forever will remain your friend. Also you remember: for you it - only a vital stage, and you for it are also all life.

It is necessary to remember gold, in my opinion, words: “We in the answer for those who were tamed“. All difficulties of care pay off always a joyful look, always ready to lick a uvula and always the understanding and supporting muzzle. It is important to remember that the dog is not a toy and not a prestigious accessory, it cannot be thrown out when you are tired to clean after it. Give to a dog a little love - and she will give you to one thousand times more!