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What can the found coin teach to? Story of one loser

There now, again! Once I went outside, the rain poured down outright. Where the umbrella - really stayed at home? Indeed! To return, perhaps? Yes I already far departed from the house. Perhaps under a tree to wait? And suddenly bad weather will drag on and my favourite bread will reach a limit?

I, of course, could buy just the same loaf near the house. But one kilometer further it costs a little cheaper. I understand that economy scanty. But for some reason from the principle I go to such distance. The homebrew wise man from a bench at an entrance told once: “What you will not make for economy of three rubles“. But at me, perhaps, other motives - I here did not get used to overpay for conveniences. Besides constantly from scratch to myself I create difficulties. To overcome the habits - courage is not enough for it.

The head hurts terribly - as if between two fires visited. In temples as though not blood, but the melted metal. Nothing I can win against this misfortune. Tablets - that to the dead of a poultice.

The epic with the head began still yesterday. Immoderately the nervous client rushed directly into office and two hours stood up for the rights, furiously knocking a fist on a table. At the same time did not work even to explain in what business. Probably, and itself forgot, from - for what cheese - pine forest lifted. The main high for such persons - to splash out indignation. Then still the complaint book demanded, wrote an angry response. To me too in it fairly got. At such moments involuntarily I feel like the loser.

While indulged in gloomy reflections, reached grain tent. Well and turn! All right, me not to get used.

There now … Favourite bread reached a limit! Disappointment and only.

Nevertheless I chose something and bought. Several times counted delivery - suddenly a mistake? Well, it is it seems correct. Though just in case once again made an inventory of small cash. At last, moved away her in a purse.

But here out of the corner of the eye saw: in an asphalt crack something shines. Really coin? Let and small, but at such finds me somehow for a while cease to feel as the loser.

I bend, I pull out a silvery disk from dirt … Suddenly something sharply pushed with

me - the blow fitted directly on the sore head! The whole world downloaded before eyes. It appears, a certain citizen literally crashed into me. Still was indignant - a pier that I on its way stick out? Even did not apologize and went to itself further.

On the road it was slippery, and I did not notice how I did not keep standing and moved down in a pool. And boys stood nearby. As saw me in such distress then were filled in with a laughter. To my pain also the offense increased.

Me the similar humiliation from the childhood was remembered. Discussed some story about sea adventures. Also managed to blurt out me: “I very much would like to become a pirate, but awfully I am afraid of water“. Why I opened a mouth and told such nonsense? Probably, there was a wish to pooriginalnichat, and it turned out absolutely not witty. Long then all in a class laughed loudly over me - who on a floor rode who stood on the head.

And now I feel same humiliated, as that far day. There are not enough moral forces even to rise. There is a wish that someone approached and calmed me as though I am a small child. But nobody paid attention to the lonely loser, and the boy, having much had had a good laugh, escaped to play somewhere deep into the yard.

Nevertheless I rise, rubbing the hurt places. Moreover to clothes scraps of the newspaper stuck - it is necessary to tear off them, overcoming fastidiousness.

It is not necessary to speak about my mood. Several minutes later nevertheless looked at the find. It appears, it is not small fry from the cheap tribe, and something is much more noble. Just from that? Really even for the sake of so insignificant acquisition it is necessary to fill cones?

The coin seemed a bitter sneer.

But, maybe, there is in similar incidents a sense? Was surprised much that asked such question.

Probably, I am guilty of the bad luck. Nobody forced me to bend down behind a coin and to dig in dirt. What - what, and the authority in whose that eyes similar occupation to me was obvious did not add. To whom I can have claims, except as to myself?

And in such distance nobody asked to trudge in the rain too me. It I thought up to myself difficulties. And still was surprised why it did not lead to anything good. I could buy the same loaf near the house. And to find the best application for the saved time it is quite real.

When I thought over it, the mood imperceptibly improved. Even the head ceased to hurt a little - Pomala.

As for that rude fellow - the passerby, I to him felt gratitude - he set me thinking.

By the way, and that whimsical client to whom I was obliged by the headache, - the same field a berry. Well, why to me it was to be involved in its problems and to undertake them? Let would shout, time for it this such pleasure. And I could think of florets quietly at this time. The fact that I was nervous with it at the same time - to neither him, nor me did not help.

Decided to keep a coin. Let it serve me as a reminder. If there is a temptation to droop in some insignificant occasion, I will look at it. And she will remind me that it is dangerous to cave in under trifles - the loser will become.

How you think whether I am right?