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What military equipment equipped Red Army in 1944?

B 1944 the Red Army carried out approach to the enemy in 50 - ti the military operations developed by the General Staff, staffs of fronts and approved by the General headquarters Rate, having remarkable, inexpensive military equipment in production.

The weapon of Red Army recognized as the best weapon in the world during war constantly was improved. To replace the best in the world, the unique fighter against tanks, artillery and infantry of the opponent, “the flying tank“ Il - 2 began to arrive an attack plane Il - 10, the directing horror on the German troops. Ils were the most favourite planes of our infantry and artillery as were at war at the height of several meters from the earth together with land troops, successfully destroying tanks, artillery and infantry of the opponent.

Fire power of planes Il - 2 and Il - 10, flying over the enemy at the earth, was such that in a strip of action of machine guns, there was no gun left, rockets and bombs of the plane any unit of military equipment and manpower of the opponent. For the enemy it really was black death. Quite so Germans called our attack plane.

Efficiency of defeat by attack planes Il - 2 and Il - the 10th armored equipment especially increased with creation of small-sized anti-tank air bombs of PTAB - 2,5 - 1,5 cumulative actions. At hit in the purpose the bomb weighing 1,5 kg burned armor up to 70 mm thick. Dumped in one calling from height of 75 - 100 meters, they struck objects, including practically all tanks, on the area of 15õ70 meters.

The demoralizing influence of rockets, all types of air bombs and guns was so big that at emergence Il - 2 and furthermore Il - the 10th crews of the German tanks even got out of the cars. In total for years of war of the Soviet aircraft industry by the enterprises 36163 planes Il - 2 all modifications were constructed.

The succeeded Jac - 1 fighter the Yak - 3 showed the full superiority in the speed, a skoropodjyomnost and maneuverability over all types of planes of the opponent at heights from the earth to 5000 meters. It should be noted that Jac - 15, descended from the conveyor in April, 1946 became the first Soviet jet fighter. For its creation the glider Yak plane - 3 with little changes was used. And today write that we took the jet engine and a glider from Germans. Write and do not understand that start in a series of the new jet engine and the plane even on the basis of the scientific researches and constructive developments requires several years of persistent work and the solution of thousands of questions. Start in production of the plane of a new design on the basis of foreign equipment could not take place in 1946 as demands not less, and there are even more time and work.

The Soviet front fighter of La - 7, arrived on arms, as well as Jac - 3 in 1944 became one of the best and most reliable fighters on sovetsko - the German front. On La - the 7th remarkable Soviet pilot I. N. Kozhedub brought down even the jet fighter of Me which appeared in 1945 at Germans on arms - 262.

The corresponding improvements and bombers, both front, and distant action were carried out. Troops began to receive the new front Tu bombers - 2. Our plane arms all war remained to the best in the world. With received on tapes - Lisa of the American fighters “Aerokobra“ technicians removed the American arms and put the Soviet aviation guns and machine guns.

The huge attention was paid to engineering troops, production of equipment on targeting of crossings through water barriers. The heavy mortar crews armed 160 - millimetric mortars, and also Guards heavy mortar crews of jet artillery with the BM powerful installations - 31 - 12 were formed.

Troops began to receive new anti-tank tools (85 - mm and 100 mm), samokhodno - artillery installations with tools 100 - 122-and 152 - millimetric caliber. Tanks T - 34 began to let out with 85 - a millimetric gun, having at the same time improved armored protection and having lifted speed.

In addition to the KV heavy tank the industry began to release the IS new heavy tank - 2, nicknamed Germans “the Russian tiger“, having 122 - mm to a down.

“The state tests of the heavy tank “IS - 2“ with a gun D - 25T took place very quickly and successfully. The tank was brought on the ground situated near Moscow to show it to K. E. Voroshilov. Right there was trophy German “panther“. Shot on it from a one and a half kilometer long distance. Having punched front armor of “panther“, the shell demolished her tower and rejected on several meters aside. “What miracle!“ - Clement Efremovich told. Soon what was called “miracle“ appeared at the front and declared itself the indication of the German command (the tankmen) not to engage with new Soviet tanks “IS - 2“, - Yu. V. Yemelyanov writes.

Arrived on arms both new, and advanced samples of small arms: machine guns, automatic machines, rifles, carbines.

The Russian designers and engineers were more talented than the European. Our weapon was in many cases, due to design features and technological decisions, not only it is better according to fighting characteristics, but also less labor-consuming, cheaper in production. Especially in this regard production of tanks differed.

Our workers were more bright than the German operations on production of difficult military equipment in performance. They were also more efficient, having much more surpassed in labor productivity of working all countries of Europe.

Having the powerful modern weapon in enough, surpassing in arms and preparation of staff of the opponent, our army in 1944 literally mixed with the earth of a division, the case and even army of the opponent. Losses of the German troops from the date of our approach near Stalingrad increased on November 19, 1942 every day. Europe could not offset losses of army of Germany and its allies, both in people, and in equipment any more.

Against fights of the end 1942, and also 1943, 1944 and 1945 especially improbably look statements of today`s Hitlerites that losses of the Soviet army in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945 many times over surpassed losses of the German army.

Of course, during the period from June 22, 1941 to November 19, 1942, conducting fluctuating battles, our troops in certain intervals of military operations more German troops sustained losses. In the next nearly three years of war huge losses of the German army several times blocked losses of the Soviet army during the specified period.

And in the first year of war our losses surpassed German with their allies in the limits allowed for the receding army. And here knowing that from 4 - x years of war three years in a row Germans and their allies under blows of the Soviet army perished as a fly, “our“ selling and unfair researchers continue to approve the return.

Liberals are revisionists the transfers, feature films, all power of anti-Soviet, anti-Russian forces “hammered“ into the heads of the population which does not have quantity of the facts, sufficient for the analysis, information that losses of the military personnel of the USSR during war much more exceeded losses of the military personnel of Germany with her allies.

Ask any resident of Russia, and he will repeat after mass media that the Red Army in the years of war because of lack of the weapon and competent military leaders badly was at war therefore the USSR lost soldiers and officers much more Germany with her allies who were at war with the Soviet troops.

Allow not to agree once again with the specified statement and to remind that the Red Army began to beat Germans in December, 1941, and from November 19, 1942 to May 9, 1945 came, having even at the beginning of 1944 after continuous offensive combats twice more opponent of tools and three times more planes. The opponent sustained considerable losses already during defense of our troops near Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk. Losses of the opponent much more increased in manpower and equipment at approach of our troops the surpassing number of forces and means. And the Soviet troops came three years from four years of war, having reached the center of Berlin, in the majority of offensive operations having advantage in equipment, and since 1943 and in staff.

When A. M. Vasilevsky was asked: “And our troops could come quicker?“ He answered that could, but at the same time the Red Army would have considerably big losses.

The General headquarters rate, preserving soldier`s lives, carefully prepared each operation. The Soviet troops did not take the offensive, were not completed with equipment and ammunition in quantity several times surpassing the opponent yet. It allowed us to preserve soldier`s lives and in too time for several days to take the cities which at approach to the USSR Germans stormed for months.

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