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On the ferry from Rhodes on Simie`s island. Where to have a look at the Greek mermaids and lodges of hobbits?

the Island Rhodes in Greece in itself small, and it up and down it is possible to pass in a couple of hours (length it in the most remote points makes 77 km). After the tourist studies Rhodes, or under the own steam by the rented car (25 Euros a day on average), or moving by local buses, there is a question: and what to do is farther? And then there is a sense to turn the look into the sea.

There, behind the horizon, at distance couple of tens kilometers the small and amazing island of Simie was stretched. The huge ferry goes to Simie from the island Rhodes from BP gas station, and this ferry is really similar to a huge hippopotamus. Ferry many-tier. Above the open area for those who love sea air. Here wind in a face it is also possible to take pictures of the high sea.

From the scorching sun with big comfort it is possible to take cover on a lower deck. Here wide leather sofas with pillows, little tables for drinks and magazines. Among passengers at this level there are more pensioners, the wide bar with various drinks was also right there stretched. The huge panoramic glazing allows to see quite far around as though in show in “Behind glass“. Inside the conditioner works. The cool and comfort on a lower deck are provided.

Travel cost from Rhodes to Simie`s island in cash desk of the ferry makes 25 euros. In three hours the ferry slowly reaches an appointment point. 23 km of a sea smooth surface are overcome.

When the tourist arrives to Simie`s island, the first feeling that takes completely - I got to the childhood! You remember, many of us collected by lads lodges from multi-colored parts of the designer, did high fences, some managed to collect buildings of stations, mail and so forth? And here: Simie is a municipality - a toy where a set of multi-colored lodges are molded to slopes of mountains. They as mushrooms after a summer rain, grew and rejoice to the sun.

Each structure on Simie has color “highlight“. Someone paints the house in light-yellow solar color, but at the same time a sun blind has to be by all means bright - blue, or is dark - brown. The most important - contrast. Parts of the building have to contrast with each other, being evident from far away. At the same time to paint the house in black color, for example, even if it will want, it is impossible. It contradicts harmony of all architectural complex of the island. In solar Greece there is no place to gloomy black shades!

Now about stay of the tourist on Simie. Time allocated for examining the town, enough, even in something with surplus. Simie - tiny municipality, from one embankment, and the tourist, having hardly set foot from the ferry on land, at once gets to whirlpool of “barkers“ from cafe and shops. It is necessary to twist the head and to low, explaining what to drink, is, to buy female scarfs I - - have no male tourist any desire yet. It is necessary to work up appetite and then …

Frankly speaking, your negative low and refusals are not perceived here. Tourists often what refuse, infections and as for local citizens of different ways of earnings it is not observed here, a task of dealers and restaurateurs to entice you in the possession by all means. And you agree or not, “kolysht“ them a little.

To pass the embankment teeming with little shops and cafe, the inquisitive tourist needs to try quickly that barkers did not bother. It is even better to rise up to houses because here lodges of locals are interesting. These structures something remind smiling housing of hobbits. Housing band small, painted in bright colors, accurate small fences.

But the most interesting on Simie are types. They open so fascinating if to go out of the town and to stamp further, up the concrete embankment. A protection this road has nobody, and it is quite narrow. And below - high break. On the road there go trucks and trucks. How to the pedestrian to miss each other on a narrow mountain path with the same truck if on the one hand roads - a wall from stone rock, and with another - the amazing break? If here, God forbid, you stumble, then write was gone: the meeting with Gods of the Olympus is provided if to trust in legends of Ancient Greece.

To the tourist, that it appeared on this path to throw off the truck in an abyss instead of itself hardly it will turn out. It is necessary only to be pressed in a mountain wall, to become flat as a flounder, and imperceptible as Harry Potter in a raincoat - the invisible being.

But game is worth the candle. Continue the movement up concrete to the road. Meters through 800 the amazing view of a bay opens that passed away directly among rocks. Here unexpectedly you understand that exactly here once there could live Gods of the Olympus. Beauty is such that involuntarily you blink. An eye sees that from a bay mountains “grow“, seeking to touch peaks heaven. Miraculously, but below, where full of ledges, on them girls sunbathe. How they go down there? No visible paths are observed.

It is visible only almost steep wall of the mountain, a ledge. And on it the beautiful girl. I made out two such ledges. By helicopter of girls throw there, perhaps? I think, the Greek mermaids creep out of a bay on stones and are heated on the sun. Greece - the country of myths and fantastic beings. There is no other explanation. Only it is sensitive unclear why it is mermaids smoke, lying in bathing suits on ledges. Husbands of “mermaids“ in the lower belt of the mountain were not noticed by me.

After that we look at the watch and we understand that it is worth coming back to the ferry. Though there is a wish to remain on longer, to go down to mermaids, to bathe in a delightful bay … When the ferry follows

back to Rhodes, it does an intermediate stop in the town of Panormitis. Here the most important and only sight - the man`s monastery devoted to Saint Michael the Archangel and located on the southern coast of the island. Low clock tower on this embankment reminds each 60 minutes of the existence. On Simie there are a lot of destroyed chapels since the Byzantine times, but if there is a desire to see them, it is necessary to come to the island with spending the night. And still here surprisingly prickly plants and dwarfish trees from family of fir.

The ferry costs in Panormitis 40 minutes and somewhere at 16 - 20 in the afternoon goes back to Rhodes. On the ferry the main passengers are the western pensioners as it seemed to me. British, French, Germans. But there are also Russian young men and women. Some with baby carriages. It is a lot of on the ferry and Chinese, also I met couple of Brazilians, that is the international collective as a result turns out.

Whether terribly to float on the ferry? Is a little, especially after stories with crash of this type of transport in Korea, in Russia and other parts of the world. Meditation on a main deck or bar on lower will help to remove fear. Here sell vodka, beer, gin, tea, Coca …

in general travel on Simie`s island from the island Rhodes will present you many positive feelings. It is the ancient earth of Hellas where from heaven Gods of the Olympus secretly look at your travel.