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How in 50 to feel more happily, more fine and more freely, than in 25? If you want to live

till 100 years, think of what 50 is only a half. To choose work to liking, to find the style, to creatively realize itself never late.

In 60 years every day to dance and smile. In 52 years to run the first semi-marathon. In 63 years not to hide a wrinkle, not to dye hair and to become professional model. In 73 years to become the Instagram star. To rejoice to every day, to be curious, to create interesting projects and to embody dreams. And to feel more happily and more freely, than in 25 years.

It is surprising and fine. Let`s get acquainted with heroes of the book “In the best possible way“ closer?

to Love and accept itself

In seventy three years Annette Toin at last began to be pleasant to herself in photos. Now she often photographs itself in a mirror in different dresses and posts pictures On the Internet. All the matter is that more than twenty years Annette was a nun in the Catholic monastery. Wore monastic clothes, prayed and observed vows. But at some moment understood that loses usual human experience and that it is wrong.

Though Annette lives in the world already for a long time, she still “learns to be a person“ and makes new discoveries. Annette found out that to try on clothes and to compose to herself new images - incredibly fascinatingly.

“Now I understand: to look good, the main thing - to love itself and to accept itself. I accept what I was, what I now, and what I will become. I accept it with pleasure“.

to Dance, smile and enjoy life

About people who in sixty years look as Hosep Penya looks, usually speak: well of course, he just with genes was lucky! High, tightened, mobile, without gram of excess weight. It is no wonder that he smiles very much and in general enjoys life. But it only seems that Hosep received such appearance with little effort. Actually, to be beautiful and harmonous, Hosep Penya works hard till several hours every day.

In - the first, daily rows by the boat. In - the second, every day Hosep will see off on two - three hours in a gym, swings muscles. When Hosep Penya understands that he worked over himself enough today, he decides to have a rest. Its most favourite type of rest - dances. The main secret of excellent physical shape of Hosep Penya not that he trains much and dances much, and that he takes from it great pleasure.

to Find the style

When girlfriends Valery and Gene appear together in some public place, somebody surely specifies - here somewhere nearby there takes place the fancy-dress party? No, just they so look. Both Valery, and Gene it is far for sixty and to be published in strange (but permanently interesting and stylish) dresses - their favourite hobby.

Valery and Gene do not hesitate to show the imagination. They can build, for example, an original and stylish headdress from leggings, the main thing - to roll up more accurately and to carry with it is proud of the raised head.

“One woman who puts on strange, - the clown, - Valery and Gene say. - Two women who put on strange, - a trend. As soon as you understand how you want to look, everything becomes easy. It is necessary only to pick up clothes which suit you by the size and at the price“.

to Understand that time - the valuable ally

is specified by

In the official model curriculum vitae of Yasmina Rossi in the column “age“ - 59, “color of eyes“ - “dark amber“, in the column “clothing size“ - 36 (corresponds Russian 42), in the column “hair color. Both the gray hair, and age only add Jasmin of charm and photogenicy. All because years, it is sure Jasmin, help to open true, internal beauty. Most of all Jasmin likes to do windsurfing and swimming. Besides, already thirty years she practices yoga.

“Time - very valuable ally, - she says. - The I become more senior, the more I trust life, the better I understand what will always be died in the best way if to accept it. With age you realize that the most important - to follow the heart and to do only that it seems correct to you. This question of spiritual development, but it is directly connected with external beauty“.

to Run a semi-marathon in 52? Easily!

It is considered h2 that after fifty to be engaged in the appearance and a figure late and it is almost useless. This justification did not suit Larisa Inozemtseva. In fifty one years she seriously was engaged in run, grew thin for eighteen kilograms and opened for herself absolutely new life.

“Somehow in October to me my daughter Katya and the son-in-law Dima came and reported: in May on Majorca there will be family a triatlonestafeta, - Larisa tells. - They already registered our team: Katya floats, Dima goes by bicycle, and I, they tell me, I run. Ten kilometers. Ten!“

was Even terrible to think of running such distance, Larisa! But unless it is possible to bring family team? Day after day she began to run gradually. And in day of running of meters for four hundred until the end of a distance saw on the finish a figure of the daughter which took the microphone and told in it: “The attention, finishes my mother now. She for the first time in life runs ten kilometers. Greet, please, my IronMum!“

External beauty withers over time, and that beauty which comes from creative self-realization, wisdom, pleasure of life, - blossoms. The main thing, than heroes of this book - passion to life possess! Be loaded with inspiration from their shine!

See heroes in all beauty you can in the bright book of Vladimir Yakovlev “In the best possible way“.