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Kelin: not the daughter-in-law, and nanorobot?

the Relation of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law if not in songs are sung and treated kindly, so in jokes and satirical sketches are described. All because each woman should face “competitor“ whom the elect will love as well as her if it is no more. And we speak not about the husband`s mistress, and about him... to mother.

Happens, of course, that the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law live in such world that even neighbors on birches with the field-glass sit to find out the reason of this love. But the consent for the rest of life - an exception, but not the rule, and hard is necessary that daughter-in-law which lives with the husband in the house of the mother-in-law.

And now present that we speak not just about the daughter-in-law now, and about Kelin . Kelin in Russian is a daughter-in-law. But if in the Russian families of the right of the daughter-in-law are regulated by more character of the mother-in-law and the established rules which can or be accepted, or somehow to change, then at Kazakhs the daughter-in-law life in the house of parents of the husband is put once and forever, long before appearance of the daughter-in-law in a family. Why she it does not love


Dislike for snokha is caused by the different reasons, but all the same they can be classified approximately so:

Jealousy and disappointment - to give to the marvelous krovinka whatever “special“ (idle, lazy, scandalous) it was the mother-in-law simply and easily will not be able. Same her child to whom she gave birth, brought up, brought up, prepared for life, and he was taken away by another. If the mother-in-law at the same time considers that the choice of the son was rash (married on a zaleta, bullshitted, charmed, drove into the corner with a knife at a throat), the situation is aggravated.

the Difference in views
- beginning from life, running by fashion and the attitudes towards people, finishing with education of children. The woman aged will always appeal the life experience - regardless, it was useful or not.

Behaviour of the daughter-in-law - even if it good, will always be for what to be hooked by an eye. And if the young girl visits girlfriends (a nightmare!), carries pass - skirts (shame!), does not prepare (a shame!), does not erase (the dirty creature!) does not fight the head about a floor (in general words any)...

of the Complaint of the husband - sometimes happens so that dislike of the mother-in-law for the daughter-in-law arises straight from numerous complaints of her son to the destiny. Any mother of it will not sustain also not everyone will begin to understand, he is right or pretends to be.

Put thin yes sad

All above-mentioned belongs also to east Kelin, only in Kazakhstan or in Uzbekistan, in the homeland of my husband - the Tatar, everything is much more difficult.

Kelin is not just the daughter-in-law, it - the nanorobot in which program since the birth hundreds of functions have to be put. The European daughter-in-law still can contend with the mother-in-law for a place in the sun, try to win the corner or even the son from mother, and east Kelin will not risk to fight against it.

And if your husband - the younger son or married after all, then you were not lucky doubly: daughters-in-law who came to you and carried out a robot role all these years, now are amnestied - with the right of command over the younger daughter-in-law, and your fate will not change also in old age.

To sweep the yard from six in the morning, to set the table, to make breakfasts, lunches and dinners on a big family, to give birth to children, to bring up them, to clean, carry water, to bake bread, to look after cattle, to humour the husband, his parents, to welcome guests, to submit implicitly to the mother-in-law, to be silent, nod, content with small, to go with the back, not to be ill, not to complain and be happy from in time the served bread flat cake...

But every time even if you will do everything as it is necessary, surely there will be something not according to the scenario: went to own parents - the mother-in-law is dissatisfied, descended in shop or to the girlfriend - the mother-in-law puffs as a samovar, rose in the morning on Sunday at 9 o`clock, but not in 8 - a crime of the century.

Probably therefore the series “Kelinka - Sabine“ which appeared in 2014 in Kazakhstan, both the Indian and Uzbek movie “Kelin“ are so popular among the audience. These pictures collected a heap of responses, and itself the fact remains: behind cheerful humourous catchphrases and allegedly invented stories there are quite real daughters-in-law and Kelin who did not sustain oppression of parents of the husband and escaped from their house, up hill and down dale.

to Reconcile or run away?

Of course, you can tell, as in Russia the daughter-in-law was last “link“ in a scale of ranks of a family of the husband. The father was her head, then there was a mother-in-law, then married sons, their wives, then unmarried children, then grandsons... To the young girl all who feel like it specified, starting with the husband`s mother, finishing children of the younger daughter.

However whether it seems to you it is correct, fair, natural? Personally to me - no. Probably, because I for some time felt in that skin Kelin.

My mother-in-law - the Russian, but lived many years in the husband`s family - the Tatar in Uzbekistan, and my husband, respectively, the Tatar. Besides, I am given birth in Kazakhstan so I know about the relation to Kelin in my country, especially in the south firsthand. Not without reason young girls avoid from one thought like the plague that will fall in love with the southerner and will live in his ruling family. Run and for some reason exactly there and appear.

It is possible to speak, of course, long and many about respect, honoring of seniors, traditions and rules of the East, but why not to approach a problem of relationship of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law - Kelin from human? When grown wise experience the woman does not terrorize the young daughter-in-law, and in every possible way tries to find with her a common language, and the daughter-in-law, in turn, bites the brisk uvula and studies mind - reason at the husband`s mother?

The happy family is the little girl who is not tired out with relatives with a bucket atilt not having the right to vote, and that that will continue a sort, will raise good children and will keep a family, having passed with the husband hand in hand through all adversities and difficulties.

Or on Kelin it does not extend?