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When and how the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia was elected, the new national anthem of the USSR is created and executed?

Election of the patriarch and creation of the new anthem were the actions of the Soviet government directed to association of the Soviet people, to full return of the uniting Russian of the world to the state - a family.

On September 4, 1943 Stalin invited to himself metropolitans of the Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev regions for the purpose of clarification of problems of Russian Orthodox Church. At a meeting with patriarchs Stalin told: “The government of the Union knows about patriotic work in tserkva from the first day of war; the government received many letters from the front and from the back, approving the position taken by Church in relation to the state“. Stalin asked metropolitans to report about the available probema which the Church cannot solve.

The Metropolitan of Moscow and the Kolomna Sergy told that the main problem is absence at church of the Patriarch and the Sacred Synod. For their election it is necessary to collect the Local Council that in the conditions of war to make very difficult. Stalin organized delivery to Moscow to the Local Council of priests by planes, by trains and cars. On September 8, 1943 the Local Council took place, the metropolitan Sergy was elected the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia (in the world Starogodsky).

Stalin not only responded to requests of metropolitans, but also itself suggested them to open theological seminaries and spiritual academies, and also to receive from the state of a subsidy, products at state prices and to receive several cars with fuel. “The Russian church, - Stalin emphasized in this conversation, - can count on full support of the government in all questions connected with its organizational strengthening and development in the USSR“.

Conversation dragged on to three o`clock in the morning.

“At the end of conversation the aged, sick metropolitan was terribly tired … Stalin, having taken the metropolitan by an arm, carefully as the real subdeacon, brought together him on a ladder down and told him at parting the following phrase: “Lord! All this that I can make for you now“. And with these words said goodbye to hierarches“, - Yu. V. Yemelyanov writes.

Stalin always sought for revival of Russian Orthodox Church, but till 1943 it had no sufficient power and rather good reason for establishing cooperation of the state with church. Stalin built the Soviet state in many respects according to the doctrine of Slavophiles, that is built the Russian state, and in it the orthodox church had to take the worthy place. And that there was not today`s diluted with general passion to a profit, and a true Russian Orthodox Church of spiritually rich disinterested persons. Also other religions of the multinational country were recognized. Approach of church to the state Stalin took the last step on the way of association of the people, and from this point in a unification the people of the country were not even the smallest crack.

Together with Orthodox Christians and Muslims rallied, as well as all people, in a uniform fist against the German fascism. “Stalin perfectly understood that the militant atheism is a tribute to the revolutionary romanticism finished maybe is deliberate, Trotsky and Bukharin to the point of absurdity - to the full to the Russian person to have national consciousness. This consciousness (and consciousness) was formed under more than thousand-year influence of Christian (orthodox) religion. The respect for the Russian people obliged to refuse militant atheism. And in it there was no manifestation of great-power chauvinism, and there was a history truth.

Stalin, as nobody, understood great historical mission and heavy mission of the Russian person. He well knew national history and shared Dostoyevsky`s thought that to the world, association of the people common to all mankind heart Russian can be intended more others … The unity of socialism and patriotism never was so evident and impressive, as during a Stalin era … The great Victory would never come to our earth if the Russian question did not become a nail of national policy in the USSR if the Soviet patriotism was not based on the base of the Russian patriotism“, - V. V. Sukhodeev wrote.

During the Great Patriotic War Russia, more than ever was a Russian. The Russian world came back to the Russian house, to the state - a family, to the Soviet Union in a wartime at rates higher, than in all previous times of the Soviet power. And therefore there were no purer people and purer human relations, than in Stalin time, since the end of the thirtieth years. In 1943 Russia was a Russian much more, than in imperial Russia which elite everything admitted only foreign.

In 1990 - x years and it 5 - y a column in Russia all power of mass media was put by the West on exile of the Russian world from life of Russia. This tragedy of the huge Russian people deprived of own culture still has to declare itself.

It is necessary to tell that in the Soviet Russian state - a family all nations flourished. (To the people, but not again arisen bourgeoisie) was to the people many times better, than today is in the separated republics and in Russia. And that waits for the people of Russia at division of the country, well understood the Soviet government before coming to power of proteges of the West - M. S. Gorbachev and B. N. Yeltsin. It they, representatives 5 - y West columns, having divided the country, the Russian people and other people of the Soviet Union doomed to extinction. At Stalin they could not make it.

“No, we do right thing, - I. V. Stalin said in one of performances, - that so severely we punish nationalists of all colors and coloring. They are the best assistants to our enemies and the worst enemies of own people. The cherished dream of nationalists - to shatter the Soviet Union into the certain “national“ states, and then it will become an easy mark of enemies. The people inhabiting the Soviet Union in the majority will be physically exterminated, the remained part will turn into dumb and pathetic slaves to conquerors. Not incidentally contemptible traitors of the Ukrainian people are leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists, all these millers, konovalets, bander already received a task from the German intelligence to kindle among Ukrainians which the same Slavs, hatred to Russians and to try to obtain separation of Ukraine from the Soviet Union. The same old song of ancient times since the period of existence of the Roman Empire: divide and govern. Especially succeeded in business of kindling of national discord and incitement of one people on other British …“.

In this regard absolutely inopportunely it was the Anthem of the country “International“ which was suitable for the party anthem more in the Russian family. For the great multinational country another, uniting the people anthem was necessary.

Summer of 1943 the government according to Stalin`s proposal made the decision on creation of a new National anthem of the USSR. The competition on the new anthem was organized, the government commission led by K. E. Voroshilov is created.

About work on the text of the new anthem S. V. Mikhalkov wrote. He remembers that Stalin thought of each word of the anthem. Once Mikhalkov was found even for coordination of replacement of a punctuation mark at the front. “Mikhalkov`s memoirs are supplemented by Vyacheslav Ivanovich Medvedev - the oldest leader of the second bayans of Ensemble Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of a Red Army song and dancing of the USSR.

In August, 1943 the Ensemble acted in the Kremlin in honor of the first salute in Moscow in connection with release from fascists of the Eagle. A concert by tradition opened performance of the marsheobrazny “Anthem of Bolshevik party“ on music of Alexandrov and Lebedev`s verses - the Red bunting. When a concert ended, Stalin gave a wish that the Ensemble played this work again, but only more slowly and on half-tone is lower.

“And here, - V. I. Medvedev says, - in the face of all there was a miracle! Music changed, began to sound unusually solemnly and raspevno. Just the shiver on a body from it passed. In the hall all ceased, understanding that there is something unusual. “Now it is the Anthem of the Soviet Union, - Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin with satisfaction said. - And to it Mikhalkov`s companions already have words and Ale - Registan“ …

Ale - Registan tells that at final listening of the Anthem at the Bolshoi Theatre there were members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of party, heads of the Soviet establishments, there were many soldiers. Stalin came in a marshall form. He considerably turned gray. Listened very attentively, it was recovered, vigorous.

The new National anthem of the USSR was executed on New Year`s Eve 1944. The red Army, the Soviet people won Stalingrad and Kursk fights, battle for Dnieper. Ahead the army had a lot more fights necessary for a final lifting the siege of Leningrad, liberation of Belarus, the Soviet Baltic. We should have expelled the enemy from the territory of the USSR, to come to frontier and to reach a den of the enemy - Berlin. The new National anthem, its stately music and the thoughtful text emphasized power of the Soviet Union, a role of the Russian nation in creation of the great power and called forward, on the enemy.

Solemn music of the anthem and is today the anthem of Russia.

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