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Whether you like to read Pelevin?

Victor Pelevin in the last 10 - 15 years became not just popular writer, and,

is rather, even cult. Books are sold out in considerable circulations, not unsuccessful

attempt of the screen version “Generation P“ is made, argue on it, it is loved and at the same time

misunderstand. And misunderstanding gives rise to rejection. Denial. What did the writer given

cause such resonance in minds of readers?

The factors explaining Pelevin`s popularity, a little.

The first and most important - you understand what the author writes about, or do not understand,

but, it is necessary to recognize, literary talent at Pelevin huge. It has the

style and this style is unique, at once it is recognized! Though, it also caused attacks from those,

who does not understand ideas in Victor Olegovich`s works at all. Attacks up to

charge of inability to write... Nevertheless, promotion in 2012 of Pelevin on

Nobel Prize on literature (along with Yevgeny Yevtushenko) speaks for itself...

Not to take away literary gift from Pelevin.

The following factor is that all works of Pelevin are constructed on - around,

near - a zen the Buddhism! And the zen the Buddhism - as well as other east religions -

is attractive that it does not try to make of the adherents guilty, to impart them

constant feeling of inferiority. Agree, it is comfortable for psychology individuma not to feel guilty (if you do not do the harm to people around, certainly).

Therefore, Pelevin`s characters for orthodox beliefs can look

immoral or, at least, abnormal. And at it they quite comfortably

live, love people around and themselves, find that and that lose... Cheerfully, easily and

is free!

Stern of that, Pelevin also gifted artist of the word! It expresses to

the ideas in each work by different paints, lips of different characters. Easier to say, telling

constantly about one, the author does it very different. Chapayev and Petka

Pustota, Columns T, Vavilen Tatar, sisters Akhuli and Ikhuli, Batman and Appolo...

Characters are bright, different and convincing. Events and a situation in whom

actions of works of Pelevin develop are also various and are not banal.

In additives to it it should be noted magnificent sense of humour of Victor

Olegovich...) )) Sometimes and black, but humour! What only should be taken for names

of governors of the name of Dyureks and Konteks (novel “Snaff“)...

In end of a small response - opinions on Pelevin should be told, likely, and about

the fact that the behavior and lifestyle of the author add a considerable share of interest

to it among admirers. It is almost full closeness from public - the Maestro can

is easy not be on the presentation of own book or an award... Someone

will tell that it is bad manners... In it there is an unwillingness to accept all this secular

establishment... Such position often and openly expresses the author in

works = here to you, so to say, a zen the Buddhism shown “on fingers“...

It is charismatic and safely! Someone will put for it 5 balls! Someone will call this

shocking, pi the course and we designate are... Though, in estimates Pelevin, I think, needs

least of all. He knows who is he that does, as well as why...

“All this world is a joke which the Lord told himself“ - in

this quote all Pelevin... Read - and your point of assembly will go to

travel!!! The travel giving a lot of interesting and fascinating!