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Sales at any cost? Welcome

, any company thinks of sales volumes much. But buy, especially in crisis it is, less, and not to reduce volumes, sales managers are ready to reduce and reduce the price - so as far as the head of the company will allow.

- Nevertheless, - considers business - the trainer the practician, the consultant for sales with 15 - ti summer experience of personal sellings Andrey KURSHUBADZE, - there are checked tools allowing to hold sales volumes and even to increase them, without going down in price. Moreover, choosing a way of discounts, - warns business - the trainer, - you follow the tastes of the client who will insist on a discount next time from the price, already unprofitable for your company, as your competitor too constantly does offers to your client. The typical client always wants something the best for the same or smaller money. In situations of an overheat of the market, debt load, decline in yield, inevitably leads to bankruptcy. First of all, the head needs to realize that, rescuing discounts a situation today, you dig a grave to the business in the long term.

The sales manager - not the informant, and a motivator. He has to own tools which will allow not just to tell about goods and “to manage to get“ a discount at the head, and to motivate the client to buy on high, not below than from competitors to the price. Sale is the process which is carried out by the sales manager, allowing to convince the client to make purchase on those conditions which are favorable to the company on behalf of which the sales manager acts. At the same time the employees who are directly contacting to the client at the moment when that makes the decision on purchase have to have the maximum powers for negotiating with clients to operate a situation.

So what steps need to be taken in the company where operating by discounts becomes in the nature of things - both for employees, and for clients?

Advantages are at everyone

In - the first, in the company unique competitive advantages have to be surely developed. It can be made without financial investments, it is worth working in the brainstorming mode over the question “What We It Can Offer the Client that He Bought at the Price Offered by Us?“ all offers, without criticism are accepted, then them it is necessary to analyse, eliminate unnecessary. It is important to understand that clients in your company appreciate. There are also professional techniques of development of uniqueness of the company which are possessed by some business - trainers, consultants. Each sales manager has to know competitive advantages of the company and be able to convince by means of them the client to make the transaction, not due to reduction of price.

The decision on a threshold

In - the second, it is necessary to present once and for all each employee with a fait accompli: it is possible to come to the head for approval of a discount, but having at least three alternative ideas how to convince the client to buy, without reducing the prices. As practice when the sales manager “includes brains“ showed, he, as a rule, finds the solution independently, without reaching a door of an office of the chief. Perhaps, first it is necessary to face expression of discontent and even decrease in sales. It is surmountable if together with employees to think over possible decisions: 15 minutes of collective discussion daily will do all good.

Look for ideas at clients

One more council - search of alternative decisions by means of clients. To make poll it is simple and short. As a result you will know that clients want - and to offer them it or worthy alternative. Sometimes clients tell simple, apparently, obvious things. For example, you can learn that it is better to postpone delivery from morning for the evening - and to you it is not difficult to provide it and it to a pozvolitkliyent to continue to work with you even at higher price. So why not to make it? Surprisingly clients are not asked by opinions on quality of goods or service. But it is more and more clients not against to pay for qualitative goods or service (or goods with service) high price.

The success is infectious

Collect and you bring examples of successful sales when the client did not want to buy to employees, but bought - without any discount. What it it was made that to convince him? You study at successful sales managers. The one who is sociable, easy in communication is successful, behaves not standardly, is not afraid to risk and experiment, is inclined to look for decisions, but not justifications. It is not genetics, but a consequence of a certain education and it can be changed. In the presence of such inclinations in the person, it is easy to teach him to sales.

Ideas - everywhere

I the last. Happens very useful to study how similar problems are solved by the companies from other fields of activity. Your direct competitors will hardly share the secrets. And in other markets it is easy “to spot“ many interesting ideas for your business.