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How to increase sales volume?

Crisis are time of new opportunities.

At wise Chinese the word “crisis“ consists of two hieroglyphs - “danger“ and “opportunity / case“. And often just the one who thinks only of the first, negative value of crisis, and the one who quickly reacts loses in a difficult situation changes the thinking, introduces new in the company, and is not idle, always wins. Tells business more effectively about how to overcome crisis and to make the business - the trainer and consultant Andrey Kurshubadze:

- What is done today by some businessmen? Wait. They are convinced that if now for a quarter - half-year - to go year in hiding and to wait a storm which was played on a surface then at them not only business, but, perhaps will remain, also will grow. As - nibud by itself … One of key mistakes consists in it! Problems in business which begin during crisis, - a consequence of inefficient work and inaction in the past.

In business to stand - it is necessary to go and to go - it is necessary to run. This simple rule works for any company and in the conditions of instability especially effectively.

There is a simple technology which will help not only to keep the positions, but also grow up in crisis. So, what we will do first of all? The correct actions have to be organized in two most important directions is a work with personnel and work with clients. Now about everything is more detailed.

What it is necessary to make in the company?

1. To invest in personnel! Many companies cut down expenses on training of the experts today, reduce the salary fund, close employment of new employees. And it is a key mistake, the main resource of the company is not goods and not services, but human resources. In any difficult situation the strong, pumped-over team - the guarantor of prosperity and development of the company.

2. You remember motivation of employees. And there is a speech not only about material benefits. The far-sighted head is not closed in the office from problems, it becomes even more open for employees. Communicate, collect feedback, openly discuss all current affairs, attentively listen, explain, force employees to believe in yourself, your company and success.

3. Motivation - it, of course, is good, but it is necessary to understand whom we motivate. Replace inefficient employees! If you spend for them the money, are put in training, and in reply you do not receive any result, or the result is far from that which was planned, safely say goodbye to such people. Also it is not necessary to be afraid that you will not find it replacement, today in labor market there are workers necessary to you, it is worth looking attentively.

What it is necessary to make for improvement of work with clients?

1. Develop system of loyalty with fixing of the price for large, old, reliable partners (it is optional that these partners possessed all listed qualities at the same time!) . The main thing to hold those who cannot be lost at all. Let it will be the loyalty program calculated for quarter or half-year, but it has to be really favorable! And even if now you will work “in zero“ or will even sustain some losses, this reception will surely be repaid! The main task at the time of instability - to keep the client!

2. Come into closer contacts with the client. Even if it is for 2000 kilometers! Come to it, communicate with it, answer questions and set them. Remember that for high-quality interaction phone will not help. Only personal contact - guarantee of strong partnership.

3. Think up a product - “locomotive“ for the first purchase. That is it has to be such offer for the client whom it is difficult to refuse - reliable, high-quality, at the attractive price. Again - do not think of momentary benefit, you work for prospect, put the resources in the future to receive result.

Today in the conditions of stagnation when many companies do not maintain difficulties, more far-sighted businessmen use new opportunities which are opened for them by crisis.