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What is the cult of ostentatious consumption dangerous by?

In safe, “full“ years“ we thoughtlessly spend all money which we earn. It led to emergence in the mass scale of a cult of ostentatious, “iPhone“ consumption - so-called “overconsumption“.

The expenditure we seek to make impression on people around: on the friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. There is certain euphoria which sometimes borders on persuasive neurosis.

People have a painful dependence from status, ostentatious, demonstratsionno - the shown “iPhone“ consumption. There is it from - for widely propagandized cult of “external financial wellbeing“.

The problem that at the slightest whiff of a breeze of economic problems “external financial wellbeing“ instantly collapses - collapses as a house of cards.

Financial troubles can be big (global), and can be local, small (to concern only your family, your city or the region of residence).

Financial problems always take us unawares . They for some reason always come suddenly, unexpectedly, at the most inappropriate moment. At once our municipal services are remembered - for them too every winter plentiful loss of snow appears a bolt from the blue. Though, apparently, the winter always comes according to the schedule.

And how it is correct?

It is much more correct to make (more difficult) so that with our finance always everything was good - in any financial weather: and when the economy grows and when the economy falls. In other words, our material welfare should not depend on influence of various external factors and unforeseen circumstances.

Money is necessary to all! Many will agree with this statement, but at the same time very few people begin to understand a subject of personal finance voluntarily. Usually to it compels us the arisen circumstances. Here two factors are allocated:

1) when everything is bad - for example, there comes the next financial crisis, or we are dismissed, or our company goes bankrupt;

2) when everything is good - we begin to reflect, where to invest the available money, but not how to earn them.

The subject of money is very big, confused, many-sided subject . Plus it is very emotionally loaded - causes in us very strong emotions: both good, and bad. And at the same time, it is very closed, forbidden, tabooed subject - in our society it is not accepted to discuss and to talk openly about money.

As a result we practically know nothing about the world of money and personal finance.

Ancient wisdom says: “It is impossible to seed one, and to receive another. What seed is seeded, such it also will give shoots“.

Perhaps it is already time to understand that status, ostentatious over - consumption we enrich not ourselves, and owners of shops and producers of widely advertized modern “features“?

Perhaps, it is time to think of true values? Both spiritual, and material.

Children appreciate time spent by their parents with them is much higher, than the next gift.