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“running of the four“, in the future

Haven`t write for a long time, book also less, you come back from Beijing for a month, not reason, is an excuse.

Recipients of friends and is very simple to drink tea, chat; Sing, talk, days have a mild, bad not bad.

I said, began to fall again, friends do not believe, perhaps in your heart, I have always been a high spirit forever, running, but who can really understand yourself?

In the face of the “running of the four“, I started thinking about the future, future, I can still insist on how long, how far can go?

Morning, today I watch cooking congee, rice at noon, not at home at night, eat in the book of lane. Libraries in the morning, afternoon to a friend to do a tour guide, returned students have a cup of coffee, please, and classmates talk outside, night cannot sleep. Thought for many, many things. The day passed again, and a new day started again.

I do not know in the eyes of everyone, I exactly how a person? But at least I am worthy of being over the years and I have always been the intersection of friends, in you, I learned a lot, really, thank you all here. I often reflect on oneself, how to change myself to make myself better, more let oneself happy, but I finally cannot make everyone to like yourself. I admit that he is not good, but I never thought to mediocrity forever!

I feel I have been very seriously and cherish affection, especially family love, friendship. Under one roof, I always like to think about it, practicing hard, let oneself side of family harmony. Those who have been quietly pay for their loved ones, although cannot give you what material rewards, but mentally, I will not let you down. Because of love, so cherish each other. On the friendship, although some people lost, mostly because of me, but I never regret, it`s lost, maybe life will pass by and missed some people. As for love, have no necessary to escape, who is coming will come sooner or later, it will also go to go. Many friends often play jokes on me, in fact nothing, tell you, I am still single, it`s no big disgrace, hehe... I began to put it on the second five - year plan, and not look very light, on the contrary, watch very heavy very heavy...

Haven`t flip books about the past again, photos, and diary and autograph album, they have been my forgotten in a claustrophobic room, I`m afraid of is opened, will be scattered the ashes, and misty, blurred eyes.

“ Three“ in the last two days, I want to unbridled youth crazy, not to think of those heavy heart, later, after the first start, to a new journey, and I have is “running of the four“, there is no longer about the trace of youth.

If 12 years old that year, I grow up; When I was 20 years old, I mature; So, 24, I began to change, it`s about time...

Actually, I thought already in the bottom of the heart make good, no matter how, later I will be also can I live with my father mother good their 50, 60, seventy, eighty, ninety birthday. Do not pray for what, as long as a simple walk yourself`s road, it is good! In the future, what are you waiting for?

Like listening to music, especially in the shin “backward“ and wang zheng, “more simple the more happy“, former has taught how to struggle, which is taught how to live.

Like to travel, university four years, is to find the goals and direction of the heart, unknown journey. In every way, to see miss guy, want to see the offers, think to somalia. I said, want to put the final stop in the journey to Tibet, and this time, have a long way to go. Walking, person; Has been on the road.

In the face of the “running of the four“, and they knew that youth, just, ever too young. Beginning in the future, not the end of, have to!

, last of the last, remind us of Nietzsche`s that sentence “who will eventually acoustic shock outwards and will deeply since the silence for a long time, who will ignite the lightning, will be like a cloud for a long time.“ By high ideals!