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The girl from a small tavern, or “Love is... love“? Part 2

the Aunt was not beautiful. The Lord allocated it with a fine figure and decided that it will be enough.

It had too flat and flat forehead, too running away chin, too long and hanging nose. Only eyes were good - big and bolotno - brown. Instead of ashy braids, God presented to the aunt the African cap on the head. This rigid, elastic weight had to be cut quite shortly to give to the head though some form. About an untouched coral of scarlet lips it was possible to argue too. No, there was, of course, a coral lipstick, were and lipsticks are brighter, but the mouth grace of forms did not captivate. By that transformation in the mysterious beauty was more surprising.

Every year with the April

winds From the far-away ocean countries

the White brig filled with gifts

was Given by the severe captain.

From the coast similar to toys,

Where carpets meadows creep,

For it skupatsya knickknacks,

of the Necklace, a ring, pearls.
the Voice grew at

, spread, from its ring heart shuddered. The aunt looked unseeing eyes, absolutely green and deep forward. In small dredging on a breast sweat drops appeared. Dina listened bewitched. And also, having slightly moved forward, mother and the father, the grandmother and the grandfather, both the neigbour Tamara, and the relative Irada, and all audience at a table listened.

What was seen before herself by the aunt? What waves of oceans lapped before her heart now? Did not know this Dean. It was known by nobody. But all this minute wished, Tata that deceived, thrown by the husband, Tata with the crushed heart though it was a little lucky. That the destiny smiled once and instead of pebbles would enclose it in hands these necklaces and pearls. Well, or at least a floret from those meadows creeping carpets. Also would not take away it then.

And it with a smile of stately

Accepted caress and hi,

But once is proud and crafty

Threw ruthless “no“ …
the aunt somehow grudges

On this place shrugged shoulders. Eh, Tata, dear Tata, unless she could throw “no“, especially ruthless! Or perhaps all - could? Who will understand female heart! Perhaps threw “no“ in hope that it it is at once disproved? What “no“ will at once be covered comprehensive “yes“? What again there will be “songs and gold“, love and happiness?! Will not be. Just as will not be, the children who are splashed out in a basin under a gynecologic chair will not be born. How many they were? Four or five. Perhaps, it would be very beautiful and clever children. Perhaps, they will sometime forgive to Tatu. The husband flatly did not want children. Tata chose not them, but it. It lost. It happens.

It left, severe and cruel, without having told

words during this instant,

A next morning in the sea in the east of

the white brig Far loomed.

the Aunt`s voice became more deafly, but that strange dullness from which crystalline lenses on a chandelier ringed. Internal tension was such is that the father did not maintain and began to measure by steps a corridor. The dyne squeezed a mother`s hand and continued to listen.

And that year with the spring

winds From the far-away ocean countries

the White brig filled with gifts of

was not given by the handsome the captain.

The girl from a small tavern

sat the Whole day at a window,

I of an eye of a timid wild chamois

Were poured by tears of a dopoln.

Strangely enough, the aunt sang these words quietly, is even indifferent, having hung the head. Only exactly cut hat of hair and white bones of fingers was visible to dyne. Also, was tired - indifferently, sounded further.

And nobody understood in June, Why in a decline late hour

the Girl from a small tavern

did not reduce

from the sea of sad eyes.
did not maintain

In this place of Dean and the lump in a throat turned into two damp strips on cheeks. As it was a pity for Tatu, vociferous, cheerful, only Tatu! As it was a pity for the girl with ashy braids who was sadly looking at the sunset sea! Dina knew what beautiful it happens, but now she wanted that the captain returned and forgave to the girl ruthless “no“. And then Tata will sing another tune!

And nobody understood in July,

Even the owner of a tavern:

the Girl from a small tavern

Rushed to the sea from a beacon.

the Dyne very vaguely imagined what is a tavern, but his rather stupid owner was drawn by it in all beauty. Thick, sweaty from a July heat, with the naked breast overgrown with a rare gray-haired hair, and in a dirty apron, he, likely, the first ran to learn why the girlfriend was dumped in the sea. Tut-tutted, in horror upraised hands to the sky, scolded extravagance of young maidens violently and thought, as if to it to shirk investigation.

But what there alarms of the tavern keeper when the girl with ashy braids broke against rocks?! What there Dina and all others when the voice of the aunt became is transparent - crystal as if a flute?! Tata, Tata washing whether you sing it?! Perhaps in a throat at you a silver tube?!

So ashy braids,

of Scarlet lips an untouched coral in honor of which

gallant sailors

Gave not one toast died.

the Voice fell a drop. All caught this last sound while it was not dissolved in the darkened wall-paper. All put damp scarfs to eyes for a long time, but here the aunt raised the head and smiled.

- My beauty! - mother to her rushed.

- Tat, you miracle! You should sing! - guests echoed.

- Tatochka, child, my child! - the grandmother muttered. And the grandfather waved a hand and left the room. Dina embraced the aunt.

- The Tat, you will teach to play me the guitar? You will teach?!

- I will teach, I will teach, only do not smother me! - the aunt beat off.

- Tata you promised! Well, Tata - and - and!.

Here to you and Dina`s happiness. And if you are told that it not so that happiness is only a set of standard wishes of health, good luck, progress and the other benefits - do not believe! Do not trust! Happiness is an inexpressible ease of life, this ability to smile weepingly. To smile whatever it happened. Both to live and to believe that tomorrow it will be better, than today. And it will be also for you tomorrow.

… - The Tat - and - and - and!!! - adult, tired Dina through thickness of incredible years calls and knows that the aunt will hear it.

- Dyne - and - and! - that will respond. Also will not be in its voice neither bitterness, nor pain, nor the become swollen lonely old age, nor the modest grave which grew with a bindweed and dandelions. The aunt will be live, the same is elastic - the fine thirty-seven-year-old woman, fun-loving and explosive. The girl from a small tavern, ugly and fine! The best. Only Tata in the world.