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The girl from a small tavern, or “Love is... love“? Part 1

If the truth that the childhood - the most serene is time for human life, then Dina`s childhood was serene in a superlative degree. Of course, she vaguely guessed that not all have such childhood, and even not at all. But it concerned it no more, than Newton binomial concerns Carmen`s aria. The dyne incorporated the childhood the round shining stomach, the dusty scratched legs and fluffy, in reddish kudelka the head. She drank the childhood the mouth drying from laughter and black shining eyes.

Tell on favor, unless it not happiness when in the summer you have rocks and the sea?! Blackberry and a mulberry from which with pleasure reduces lips?! A basket with mushrooms which you gather in the wood, the grandmother refusing to prepare them because of terrible mistrust for mushrooms in general, and in particular for those which were collected by you and the grandfather grumbling on the grandmother from - for this of her mistrust? When in the fall you have a lots of red cheerful leaves in park on which it is so good to crackle new blue boots? When in the winter you have a fir-tree, a checkered plaid, favourite tea with cinnamon and the misted window at which kittens, the devil and other rubbish are remarkably drawn?

And, at last, when in the spring you have a light silk dress with sleeves - small lamps, an armful of a favourite damp lilac and - oh, a miracle! - the dolma, most fragrant in the world, from fresh grape leaves, such gentle and transparent that through them it is possible to show a shadow play. Unless it is possible not to love it, not to taste how the magic green fire which is instantly recovering blood?! About - about - about! The lilac and dolma from the first grape leaflets are not banal food and flowers. It is the last month of spring, this presentiment of summer! It is a forerunner!

And so, I once again ask you: unless all this not happiness? No, one thousand times is not present! It yet not happiness! It is simply normal childhood of normal life. So, in any case, Dina considered. Though then she hardly thought of it. She just lived, enjoyed life, and it was correct.

Happiness as singularity began when there came the aunt. The very narrow, fine woman with a magnificent breast and a loud voice. It was surprising in what subsoil of it it is elastic - the dancing body such loud voice was located. But, anyway, the aunt brought with itself aroma of levity, fun and passion. There arrived the aunt - means, the cream of wheat which farewell bothered in the mornings and an invariable dream after “Good night, kids“. Farewell regularity, hi, passion! The mode flew to hell, mother with despair clutched at the head, the father cautiously watched bacchanalia of the beloved sister, and only Dina jumped with happiness.

Each thing, any business it was filled with treasured joyful sense, every morning was morning of a holiday. “Champagne splashes“ the father, with some secret envy called the aunt. Mother stoically smiled and tried to return to the apartment, and in particular kitchen, a former virgin look. To make it it was very daunting. Virginity does not come back! Besides it is difficult to foresee the moment when it is profaned again.

The aunt was inexhaustible on inventions and absolutely unexpectedly the idea to plane new salad, to pokroit a new jacket or to bake airy cake under the magnificent name “Kiss of a Sylph“ could come to its mind. At its solemn giving on a table mother turned pale, imagining the square meters of kitchen which are generously covered with flour and spots of cream. Cake also really was vozdushno - silfidny, the aunt blossomed from praises and assured that at once after tea “everything will clean from Dinochkaya in kitchen“.

She said it sincerely, and not her fault that constantly there was some new occupation. Very much Dina loved finding of these fascinating occupations, beginning from shopping and finishing with preparation for a house masquerade. Yes that masquerade! Even preparation of lessons with the aunt looked as an enchanting spectacle. Debate concerning “Taras Bulby“ was especially passionate. The dyne which needed to learn quicker article of the textbook was cut by aunt`s temperament.

- Read and tell! - the aunt exclaimed, and began to roll dough furiously.

Dough squelched, was selected in a lump as if trying to escape, but the relentless rolling pin of the aunt overtook it and twisted extensively. The aunt did not trust religious rite over Napoleon to anybody. From outside could seem that the spirit of the violent commander for the reasons unknown to science was installed in the thirty-seven-year-old woman and inspires on preparation of cake of his name. Anyway, any family celebration did not do without aunt`s Napoleon. But before Gogol`s story even cake retired to the background. Discussion of change and death Andria was the most rough.

- The nonsense is written in your textbooks! - the aunt became angry, throwing up dough on a rolling pin. - Unless the person is guilty that he fell in love with the girl!

- But, - Dina shy objected, - she was Pole.

- Ý - e! - contemptuously the aunt waved away. - Who looks at the nation when he loves? Especially, so he loved it really. Knew that she is a daughter of the enemy, knew that it is impossible, and all - bread incurred it. Man!

- The aunt, what you tell?! - Dina got excited. - He betrayed the, he came over to the side of the enemy, and - good?!

- Listen, you are absolutely a silly woman, or you stand nearby? - the aunt was boiled. - I what, told that it is right? I told that it is not guilty that fell in love with the girl. You that, you do not see that it absolutely another, not such as father and brother. It has other soul from the very beginning was. Gentle. Your Egg flip wrote about it. You what - only you read the textbook? What you at school are taught to? Gogol you do not read, and on it you read the textbook!

- Then he did not need to be killed? - Dina began to doubt.

- No! - loudly the aunt proclaimed, and at Dina heart crashed. - He is a war criminal and it had to be executed!!!

Struck by this unclear, but relentless argument, Dina became silent and widely opened eyes.

- You do not understand?! - the aunt was distressed, and the look it said that Dina`s thinking leaves much to be desired. - He is a military person, could give all military secrets, a disposition. Speak, “the stranger will miss, and the will always get to the“. His Taras killed that to rescue the. There is no enemy worse, than the former friend.

- But same everything from - for the Pole, - the Dyne like silent hatred to the beauty - the pan-night which ruined Andria.

- Hey, the girl, you hear me, or not?! - Napoleon`s layer which is carried away by a rolling pin with squeal rose in air. What rolling pin?! In the aunt`s hands it turned into Don Quixote`s spear, and poor dough - in windmills! - He fell in love with it, understand?! Ouch, you understand the devil! The love is, it … love! Ý - ý - e, go, learn the textbook!

And what you will do here? The reddened aunt inclined over distressful Napoleon, and Dina left, continuing to reflect over difficult destiny of the Zaporizhia Cossack who was not lucky with the son. Well, and at the same time over destiny of this son to whom got severe daddy.

But even Taras Bulba turned pale before chemistry. The chemistry was not only the ardent passion was aunty`s work, it. Looking as the aunt promptly mixes products in kitchen, it was possible to present it to the medieval scientists connecting copper and lead in hope to receive gold. As we know, in such a way it was not succeeded to extract gold, but medieval obsession in the aunt was not diminished.

- Complete idiot! - it rattled. - Cudgel!!! Well as you cannot understand that potassium odnovalenten, and calcium dvukhvalenten! Oh God! This is, likely, the three-year-old child knows! Nightmare!!!

Dina strongly doubted that the three-year-old child knows concept of valency, but the aunt, obviously, had ideas of children. It was impossible to argue with it and it is a little dangerous as the innocent textbook in chemistry risked to depart to a far corner of a corridor at once.

At such impetuous and active character of the aunt the love was a subject which it carefully avoided. However, with energy peculiar to it transferred conversation to other course every time when the speech about love, a family and children came. It did it masterly, and only mother grinned, listening as the aunt spins lacy ways of a space from a dangerous subject. The love was for the aunt of a taboo which it was only possible to guess according to sketchy phrases of mother and father.

- At our Tata it is full of the troubles, but she is remarkable.

- Do not touch Tatu, she already suffered much.

It was necessary to have a look at the aunt when she tried to reconcile mother and the father during their short quarrels and quarrels. It did it shy, touchingly, but also here did not recede from the iron principles.

- The family is what?! - she separately dinned into mother and the father. And dinned even not commander, but some grenadierial bass. - It not as in a registry office is told: “You will go together on the road of happiness“, and still some syus - pus! It as in army the oath is taken: “It is ready to bear implicitly all burdens of army service for the Homeland benefit!“ Here in registry offices instead of any fat aunts there has to be the same colonel who would speak: “It is ready to bear all burdens of family life! Got that?! Undersign!!!“ You each other pledged the word? Distances! And what you swear now? It is not a shame?!

The prospect to meet in an average registry office of the severe colonel granting marriage certficates so amused parents that they began to laugh loudly. From quarrel there was no trace left also, and the aunt satisfied with result of the military diplomacy was removed to watch TV.

Talents of the aunt were not limited only to the raging imagination and working capacity. In thirty four years she learned to play the guitar! Someone showed it two searches and three chords, the aunt shortly cut nails, puffed a bit a little, and soon house celebrations were decorated not only Napoleon, but also aunt`s singing to the guitar.

Especially often asked to sing the song “The Girl from a Small Tavern“. The aunt, as it is necessary, confusedly refused, however, more for the sake of appearance. The termination of arrangements would be regarded as blood offense! At last, she took seat on a chair, took a guitar and began so quietly as far as could.

The girl from a small tavern

was Fallen in love by the severe captain

For eyes of a timid wild chamois,

For a smile as sea fog.

Further the voice slowly accrued:

Fell in love with an untouched coral in honor of which

gallant sailors

Drained not one glass for ashy braids,

of Scarlet lips.

the Dyne faded. The aunt was a miracle as it is good. Turned pale, with the used eye shadow, it seemed not the Egyptian figurine, not an unknown bird. Her eyelids shook, hands with a force squeezed a guitar.

Be continued.