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What men first of all notice in women?

It is brought to your attention small research of the woman about what first of all is evident to men when they look at women.

It is important to women to know that is pleasant to men. This information will help everyone to look after so itself to become the best, charming and attractive. Here list of ordinary thoughts in this respect.

1. Smile . The beautiful smile is one of the first things which most of men notices in women. When the woman smiles, she looks more attractively and well. It sends a signal of happiness and optimism.

It is much easier to begin conversation with the smiling woman. Men feel more courageous and sure when the woman smiles. Besides, a smile - a thing infectious. It can raise a smile in reply.

Women should watch only that the smile looked sincerely, but not a grin. The first sign of sincerity are wrinkles around eyes at a smile. The smiling woman shows that she is happy with life at present.

We smile, ladies!

2. Eyes. On the following place on importance are eyes of the woman. All heard expression that eyes - a window to the soul. Honestly. Eyes can tell a lot of things about the person. They can be the real magnets capable to draw attention of the man.

We care about health of eyes. We make up eyes correctly.

3. Hair . Men always notice beautiful and healthy hair. For them brilliant hair are a health sign. Still they love that from hair well smelled. It is no secret that men theoretically love that the woman wore the hair long. But at the same time recognize that the woman has to carry those hairdresses which to her go.

We go to the good hairdresser.

4. Weight. the Opinion of men is shared. Some love women harmonous and thin. Others prefer women with forms. Too thin and too full it are not pleasant to anybody.

The correct diet to us in the help.

5. Breast. It seems that this the first what men pay attention to. But a strong half of mankind is not so superficial as it seems to us. On polls, they pay attention to our breast only after a smile and eyes. But it is pleasant to all men to look at a strong breast, but not flabby.

Power exercises for a breast will help us .

6. Naturalness. Men always see how there is a lot of at women of artificial details. They pay attention to artificial hair, eyelashes, nails, a flush. It is not pleasant to them when we look as dolls. Besides, they are inclined to count, in how many it maintenance of such unnatural beauty will manage.

Naturalness and moderation in cosmetics - here our answer.

7. Legs. It is not a secret that the stronger sex loves that women had harmonous legs. It is important that they were also well-groomed. Carefully processed toes and heels, the soft, well moistened skin of legs can be pleasant more, than just long legs.

We care for legs. We care for them and we cherish.

8. Skin . Many representatives of a man`s half of mankind pay attention to skin. It is pleasant to them when skin smooth, silky and pure. Complexion is very important. It testifies about health.

Well, we know what to do. In time we go to bed, we wash away cosmetics, we clean skin regularly. We humidify and feed.

9. Style and fashion. With it does not have full clarity. To men, generally, all the same how the woman is fashionably dressed. If only it had the style. Men do not like also too frank dresses. They prefer some secret in an image of the woman. They pay attention and to accessories. Love that ladies looked elegantly.

We look for the style! Actually this list it is possible for

and it is necessary to continue. Men have secrets. Who knows that they actually notice in women, but do not want to admit it.