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Skoletsit - simplicity, rest and integrity of

Happens that stones, as well as people, come to our life unexpectedly, “suddenly“. It is possible not to be interested in some stone many years, and then, absolutely incidentally, to meet it on the course of life … Means, there came “that“ time.

At me so happened to the Red Jasper - unexpectedly for myself I fell in love with a stone which was not pleasant to me earlier: I suddenly opened for myself that in its terrestrial, dense and simple energiya there is a special pleasure, pleasure and need. Later Obsidian which I earlier “did not notice“ “entered“ my life and did not consider as a stone at all (because this, actually, volcanic glass). During integration of some subconscious shadows obsidian was near and could support me - sometime I will in detail tell about it. As I am grateful to stones for support! And for strengthening of time sense - at stones time goes differently, they can be waiting in the wings very long - wisely and absolutely quietly.

And recently there was my meeting with Skoletsit, very interesting stone from India. From a distance it seems almost white, with a shade of color of an ivory. Having looked narrowly, it is possible to see the thinnest tubules creating fancy drawings on this stone - and Skoletsit from white becomes suddenly translucent, with nacreous gloss, a time and impregnations. It gives to a stone a type of the living being penetrated by a network of capillaries - it as the mollusk which lived hundreds of years in a thick sink at an ocean floor.

When you take Skoletsit in hand, you begin to feel rest. That internal rest which is always with us and which we forgot to notice. The stone is capable to return this feeling of rest, this deep feeling together with tranquility resounding in all body, relaxing him. This rest - not sleepy, and refreshing. Skoletsit brings light, returns us in sensibleness, in beauty and simplicity of a present situation.

Especially strongly it is felt if to put a stone to “the third eye“ - the conditional point located between eyebrows nose bridges are a little higher. This touch turns our internal look to what calms and pacifies - there is a feeling as if we observe a pastoral picture of country life: the twisting river flows on a green meadow; on one coast sheep are grazed; with a faint smile behind them the shepherd who every morning is vigorously waking up together with dawn … - purity of thoughts and violence of the nature looks. Effect of Skoletsit approximately same. When it nearby, you understand how it is natural and simply - to be happy.

Skoletsit it is capable to remove excess stress, softening actions of others. Sometimes begins to seem that internal comfort, development and growth - the difficult far purposes which achievement demands huge efforts and big work. Skoletsit reminds - it is no other than return to true nature of things, to their natural order. And it easily and quickly - for only several seconds.

It is possible to tell that Skoletsit is a bridge to internal integrity. It is necessary to listen only attentively to a stone to receive it as a present. Once I opened that Skoletsit simplifies my view of things and allows a thicket to express love.

The stone helps to find an instant and simple way out even in the most difficult emotional situations. He does not demand to carry out the analysis or research of events, and just pushes to the correct decision an everyday, simple and benevolent look. Not for nothing say that in the color Skoletsit reminds a sincere smile.

Skoletsit clears softly, removes “static electricity“ in mind - at first persuasive trifles cease to strain and distract us, and then “fall off“ at all. The stone is also capable to kill not really severe pains - the action it reminds curative balm or milk with honey for the night. It is, of course, not an antibiotic, but too good and soft means.

And here the fear of Skoletsit removes unambiguously. Also it does it instantly, causing effect of sharp awakening - you suddenly unexpectedly woke up, and around everything is good and quiet: the sun shines, birds sing, smells of freshness. And why terrible “dreamed“ - not clear. Probably, everyone remembers such moments from the childhood when you wake up after a bad dream and as if to other world you get - there is no fear in it by definition because this summer, vacation, giving. Approximately also affects fear of Skoletsit.

Therefore I consider that Skoletsit - a good natural, soft charm. And it does not protect, namely preserves and restores integrity.

Most of all I like to hold Skoletsit in hand or to put it on a forehead. I relax and I accept its dairy light. Make also, and everything will tell a stone to you.