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Stones - living beings!

What it is necessary to know about communication with stones? How it is correct to communicate with them?

Of course, it is useful to study their properties, to read the literature devoted to them, to use in meditations … But there is one rule in hundreds of times surpassing others in importance: you remember that the stone is a living being, and interact with it not as with some useful tool, namely as with the living being. Only at such approach you will be able to receive the most effective and interesting form of communication - dialogue.

However to think of a stone as about a live organism, and really to feel it - not same. Touch a stone as you usually touch the living being, expecting to feel heat. Noticed a difference?

Now try to present for a minute that the stone is the organism which is in many measurements which most part, unfortunately, we cannot see and feel. Approximately, as though eyes were the only thing that someone sees in us. Each stone is Someone. Communicating with a stone, we try to establish connection with it “Someone“. How we usually arrive when we want to establish connection with darling? We take him by hand. We take stones in hand too. What they, these stones - the beings lying on our palms?

You know a word origin a crystal? From Greek the word κ ρ ύ σ τ α λ λ ο ς (“ice“) got into Latin (crystallus), and then into German (Kristall) and French (cristal) languages from where it was borrowed in Russian. In the ancient time believed that gods spilled holy water on the earth and froze it (turned into ice), trying to keep. Therefore they read crystals as one of manifestations of divine perfection. And naturally perceived them as live organisms.

Touching the unfamiliar living being, in appearance friendly, but yet not clear, we try to observe the maximum tactfulness, attention and care. Our touch, accurate, attentive, looking for and very sensitive. During this instant there are only a stone, you and the general space.

Here everything occurs the same as in good sex: the secret of bright and deep dialogue hides in management of attention. I started talking about sex not incidentally - for many people it is the only bright example of the interested and direct attention. From the point of view of attention there are no sexual specifics here - the good healer touches bodies of the patients is also included that well to feel them. Not less attention is “given“ to the child by the loving mother embracing him after separation (parting “removes“ an everyday daily zamylennost of perception - meetings force us to investigate each other in a new way). Even the hairdresser beginning washing of your hair does the first contacts to them interrogatively and very attentively (that is why it is so pleasant). Further this effect “is erased“ because the few are able to operate attention consciously. Stones to it are very well learned.

In this case to us the following is important: energy where attention. In the same place both sensitivity, and live contact, and ability to feel a response.

It seems to me that at such level there is a communication with a stone at the sculptor - he wants to understand who lives in a stone that is put in it, and that (and whom) it needs “to set free“.

Ya I do the same with stones. Many say that stones leave live my hands, and that in my house they live too. It seems, in shop the same stone lies, but it is absolutely another … It is result of the fact that I really feel stones live and I greet each of them it is included and is attentive.

And only after that I begin to investigate influence of a stone - for this purpose I open to it and attentively I listen that proceeds from it. It as usual acceptance exercise (I will tell about it in one of future articles).

It is sure that most of people, in love with stones, test similar. And whether you feel it? Share feelings in comments!

of acquaintances to your “new“ stones Pleasant to you and successful practice!