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What stones will be suitable for a bedroom and a nursery?

For the Bedroom the best stone will be Amethyst. the People coming to me to seminars told that it is their favourite stone that they keep it in a bedroom long ago and that from contact with it feel unforgettable feelings. Here what I read in one comment recently: “As a gift on birthday I received

from parents to the Druze of amethyst. They knew that I love this stone and I dream to have it in the collection. In a bedroom I delivered to the Druze at a bed headboard. Now, every time when I look at crystals, their beauty fills me with pleasure. Quality of my dream improved - I began to fall asleep quicker and more strong to sleep. Delighted with a stone and my kid - he very much likes to consider it and to touch“.

Amethyst is really capable to treat sleeplessness, to protect from nightmares and to clean space. The people sleeping near it wake up well well rested, fresh and vigorous. Amethyst is able to connect our soul to our reason and to develop sensibleness: therefore it is good when it influences our brain during a dream - time when the fortresses of blocks and protests constructed by consciousness are not so strong. Besides, it is one of the most beautiful stones - the meeting with it before going to bed brings feeling of harmony and grace.

It is quite good to put in a bedroom, especially in matrimonial, Pink Quartz. This stone adjusts on gentle and careful attitude between people and slightly opens hearts. Pink quartz “will preserve“ your love during a dream - the stone is capable not only to keep this feeling, but also to increase its force. Therefore it is good to put it on a bedside table or in pillows.

In general, try to avoid in a bedroom of orange, red and black stones - as a last resort, you do not keep them in this room constantly. For example, at a headboard of a bed of the person who strongly caught a cold or weakened after an illness it is good to put the Cornelian - but the stone needs to be cleaned from a bedroom right after recovery of health and forces. Stones of orange and red color can overexcite an organism and to become the reason of a disturbing, superficial dream.

Black stones awaken the dark side of subconsciousness unnecessary us during a dream - influence such has to be conscious and short.

Elderly people in the bedroom can put the Jade (or Nephrite). The stone well revitalizes an organism and promotes longevity. On myself precisely I know that he also helps to cope with dzhetlaga.

In a bedroom it is desirable not to go to far in stones - the sleeping person is exposed external influence much stronger: at this time our protective barriers are weakened and “polyphony of chorus“ of many different stones will be not always useful.

With the same accuracy and care it is necessary to place stones in the Nursery - children are much more susceptible than adults and stones influence them stronger. Amber can become one of the best stones for your nursery. It “carefully“ keeps development, giving additional energy gradually. Comparing it to a hot Cornelian, you feel that equal and easy warmly hardened wood pitch is much softer than a “fire-spitting“ stone.

I often remember how I liked to play in the childhood an amber mother`s pendent as long considered it and as enjoyed the feeling of pleasure and security caused by it. It seemed to me that in amber some interesting riddle which I need to solve is concealed. This pendent - one of my brightest children`s impressions: I still remember all its details (though did not see it long ago). By the way, for people in a subject, the amber small egg is a separate experience. Sometime I will tell you about it in more detail.

It is possible to add a few green stones to the room of the unwell child - for example, Agathe (wood or green) or Nephrite. If children are healthy, it is optional to do it. And the room of the little girl can be added with Pink Agate.

I wish you pleasant positive energiya and a cosiness not only in a bedroom, but also in all house. You remember: Stones need to be cleaned and loaded from time to time.

And in your bedroom what stones? Tell in the comment!