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Elizabeth Vudvill is the queen of England. The end of its destiny - the end of a dynasty of Yorkshire terriers?

Opening any book on stories, I first of all check information on private life of the monarch. Military operations, revolutions and intrigues are interesting to someone. And to someone - the love relations and palace intrigues with maids of honor of the queen or just petty intrigues from which something bigger grows.

Recently the historical series “White Queen“ which tell about time of government of the king Edward IV caught sight to me, in detail narrate about War of the Scarlet and White rose. The dangerous opponent - Margaret Beaufort, mother of future king, the founder of a dynasty - Henry VII Tudor, was capable of everything for the sake of the benefit of the son. Despite all difficulties which Eduard had to test during civil war near him long time there was his spouse, the queen of England - Elizabeth Vudvill. It not only as the model of a wife, but also as the loyal friend supported the king in a hard time.

The love reigning between regal spouses did not prevent the king to have mistresses, and the most known among them - Jane Shor. In series from the first series we see Elizabeth when she already lost the husband and raises two children. And what was before? How she lived also what felt till the first marriage?

Parents and a family

Future queen of England was born

approximately in 1437 and as many historians assume, in October. Elizabeth became Richard Vudvill and Zhaketta Lyuksemburgskaya`s first child. In due time this marriage shocked the English society, Richard was a simple knight, even despite noble, however not too rich situation in society.

Richard met the future spouse when he was on service of John Lancaster. For the first time Zhaketta was married in 1433 at the age of 17 years. Zhaketta`s spouse was much more senior than it. The duke had big problems with health why subsequently died in 1435. The young woman became a widow at the age of 19 years. It had no children from the duke, and in a reminder that she all - was married, it got an impressive state.

Zhaketta made the decision to marry Richard, but, as well as any other given his Majesties, she had to get permission for the following marriage. However, without having waited for permission of the king, young people secretly got married in 1437. At court scandal, from - for the fact that the girl who had such high position chose to herself in the spouse the man who is not suitable her on a rank rose. Young spouses were fined some sum of money, but in October of the same year it was returned to them.

There passed some time, and the young couple began to prosper. Certainly, here it is necessary to tell thanks to Zhaketta`s relatives who had favor of the king and his family. Despite marriage without monarchical permission, the girl kept the title of the duchess. Richard who was not wanted to be humiliated in the opinion of the wife was allocated, in turn, with several military titles. The family Vudvillov was honored to accompany Margarita Anzhuyskaya for marriage with Henry VI. After such travel between families even more cordial relations were entered, and in 1448 Richard Vudvill received a title of the baron Rivers that allowed their future children grow in the atmosphere of privileges.

Certainly, after receiving a title Zhaketta could count on worthy party for the oldest daughter. Approximately in 1452 Elizabeth was married to John Gray. As well as first marriage of her mother, Elizabeth`s marriage ended tragically. Her spouse died in fight at Saint - to Olbansa in 1461. John Gray was a supporter Lankasterov. Elizabeth remained one, with two sons.

Marriage with the king of England

is Precisely unknown to

when Eduard and Elizabeth`s wedding took place, though there is a version that there was it on May 1, 1464, in the estate of a family Vudvill. As witnesses at a wedding there were mother of the bride and two servants. Elizabeth Vudvill was crowned on May 26, 1465.

At court spoke much and reproached the queen for her first matrimony. All knew that the first spouse of Elizabeth was a supporter Lankasterov, and her second spouse - from party of Yorkshire terriers. But Elizabeth did not pay attention to a gossip and always went on life and on the Royal Court with highly raised head.

After crowning the new queen brought with herself to the yard of the brothers and sisters. Having put a huge number of efforts, her relatives became related with the most known families of England.

All life near Eduard there was his cousin Richard Nevill, the columns Warwick. After the introduction on a throne support of other monarchs was required for Eduard, and the most successful decision was to marry Eduard to the princess of one of numerous and influential royal houses of Europe. Just at this time the columns Warwick began to conduct negotiations with France. But after Eduard`s announcement of his marriage on Elizabeth Uorik it was angered and offended and changed the attitude towards the last. Privy Council as well as Warwick, badly spoke of the king`s spouse.

After frank hostility of relatives of Elizabeth, and especially her brother Antony, Warwick enters into alliance with the son-in-law, the younger brother of the king, the duke Clarence. The columns Warwick and the duke Clarence by means of small army managed twice to lift revolt, but after the failed attempt of capture of a throne were forced to run to France. There the union which nobody expected was created. The columns Warwick concluded the alliance with Margarita Anzhuyskaya and even helped to put on a throne of the spouse of Margarita, Heinrich. But in 1470 Eduard by huge efforts won a victory on Warwick and restored the rights for a throne. Heinrich was killed.

During this difficult period when all turned away from it, and the spouse was in hiding, Elizabeth carried one more child. To whom gave birth, being in a shelter in Westminster abbey. She gave birth to ten more children to the king among whom there was tragicly famous duke of York, Richard. It shortly joined the elder brother as one of hostages. After a while they became known as “Princes in the Tower“. Elizabeth lost several children: George and Margaret died in the childhood, and Maria died at the age of 14 years.

Elizabeth remained one, after sudden death of Eduard, again in April, 1483. Within 63 days she was the Queen mother while her son Edward V was a king, and his uncle, the duke Gloucester, was a lord - a protector. Being afraid of seizure of power from outside Vudvillov, the duke Gloucester ordered to fling in prison Elizabeth`s children from first marriage, and to transport the young king in the Tower. Elizabeth with the remained children was thrown again and was forced to look for a shelter.

the Queen mother

the Duke Gloucester which wanted to sit down on a throne executed the arrested sons and Elizabeth`s brother. The parliament declared children of the king and the queen illegal, and their marriage union was nullified on the basis of the fact that, allegedly, during a marriage with Elizabeth Eduard was affianced to other woman. And at that time such contracts had huge validity and violation them did not lead to anything good.

Thanks to cunning manipulations, the duke Gloucester became the following king of England - Richard III. To wait for the young king who was sent to the Tower allegedly crownings, more nobody saw as well as his brother.

After such turn of events Elizabeth lost the title, its began to call lady Grey. At the same time it did not stop fight and built plot for the purpose of release of the sons. However her hopes failed after the shocking statement of the duke of Bekingem. He admitted to the former queen that princes are killed.

To revenge Richard, Elizabeth together with the duke Bekingem enters plot with the enemy Margaret Beaufort and becomes Heinrich`s supporter - as heir-at-law of the English throne. For strengthening of the power and proofs from Elizabeth that their union will be strong and any of its parties will not betray another, Elizabeth and Eduard`s daughter - Elizabeth who became after death of the elder brothers the successor of the house of Yorkshire terriers had to marry Heinrich.

Richard is the king of England, the union with the Tudor dynasty

Having become

the king, Richard deprived Elizabeth of all lands which got to it after Eduard`s death. Elizabeth with the daughters leaves a shelter again. After wanderings the former queen and her family returned to the yard. After death of the spouse of the king Richard of Anna Nevill in the people and at court there were rumors that Richard wants to marry the niece, but the monarch acted with a denial.

In 1485 Heinrich Tudor with the army interferes in England and wins against Richard fight at Bosworth. Having become the king of England, Heinrich, as promised, marries Elizabeth Yorkskaya and appropriates to Elizabeth Vudvill a title and honors of the Queen mother.

In some measure justice triumphed, Elizabeth achieved desirable result, but it, of course, did not return sons to it.

After numerous wanderings and strokes of bad luck Elizabeth became religious and moved away from the yard. She spent the last five years in abbey of Bermondzi. It had respect both in abbey, and beyond its limits. There also the Queen mother of England - finished on June 8, 1492 the days. The last will of Elizabeth was only in one: she wanted a modest ceremony of farewell, without any grandiosity. Elizabeth Vudvill was buried in Saint Georgy`s chapel in the Windsor Castle, near the second spouse.