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How to improve relationship with the man? Love and respect as guarantee of family happiness

Some women often dissatisfied with the men criticize them, abuse, complain, like to wash the dirty linen in public, generally, saw the second half regularly and diligent. Probably, they consider that reproaches, claims, shouts it is possible to change the person, and he in a moment will become another, ideal and attentive.

Claims at a fine half of mankind to the partners happen different: someone complains that he earns a little, is lazy, selfish; someone lacks caress, tenderness and care; someone cannot reconcile to the fact that the man does not wish to obey in everything, and asserts the right for the personal space. Generally, female claims to men happen different types and the directions. Their infinite set. And one reproaches can be replaced by others, and shaking the boat of family happiness which cannot find the smooth water in any way. But a secret of family happiness in this most smooth water, in a cosiness, in heat of a home. And a lot of things depend in the relations on the woman, on her wisdom, on her ability to operate imperceptibly the man so that he even did not notice that in some moment so skillfully direct it.

There is a wish to notice that men are attracted to women not just like that. To a certain type of women also the corresponding type of men is attracted, otherwise people simply could not be together, could not find a common language. That is any woman, as a rule, is at the moment the life with that man whom it is worthy. Which is urged to help with something to it, to teach something. When two persons absolutely others when they can give nothing each other, together not to hold them, here do not arise a question any more: to leave or remain? People just leave, leave. Without regrets, without hysterics because together they just cannot be more.

Therefore when women threaten the men with divorce, parting, it is most often a way of manipulation, desire to influence the man that he “began to move“, began to change. When decide to leave finally, do not doubt. There comes that boiling point when there is any more no desire to sort out the relations, to manipulate and blackmail. The decision this weighed cold and final. And all these manipulations and threats to men are most often senseless. Life parts people herself if to it to trust and not to fuss.

The man who will feel cold from the woman will feel the otioseness near it, will leave. Any person will not be able long to live in a negative, in an emotional pressure. Men nevertheless want to have a rest near the woman, to restore the forces, sincerely and to be filled emotionally. Only masochists or absolutely sad weaklings will suffer constant cavils and claims from the women. What is interesting, weaklings, tyrants, mudak and goats of the woman are created from the men. Most often, without realizing that.

All problems in the rights begin with one, most important problem - absence of love. When there is no love, there are no both forces, and desire something to keep, to work on something. The love to the man, respect for it are capable to work wonders. Our partner is always our own and conscious choice. Nobody pushed us to it in embraces, in a bed, dragged by a hand in the REGISTRY OFFICE. therefore, ourselves are responsible for the choice.

Why we begin not to respect then this choice? Means, we and do not respect ourselves? The person who is near us - our mirror. And most often in order that it changed the attitude towards us, it is necessary to change. To take a detached view of itself, to ask itself the following questions: “To what does this person teach me?“, “What I do not so?“, “What I should changing in myself that both of us were happy?“.

As a rule, the most important that any woman has to understand and accept in herself is she. It is necessary to hear, accept and fall in love with himself. It is necessary to be respectful to himself. And to respect the man as part of itself, the life. When we love the person, we accept in is mute everything, we do not try to change him cardinally. There are no ideal people. And with ideal to us, perhaps, would be and it is not so interesting. Therefore if the woman wants to improve the relationship with the man, to keep a family, then it is necessary to learn to accept the man it what he to eat, trust him, to learn to understand and direct him with love, but not with a negative and indifference.

Very much one simple equipment helps with work on improvement of relationship: the woman represents the man it what wants to see him in relation to himself as though it such already is in the present moment, and writes down the thoughts in a notebook, thanking the man for care, for love, for all those qualities in it which make it happy. Be not afraid to indulge in wishful thinking. Of course, in one day a miracle hardly it happens, but if you regularly thank in writing the man, to list all his merits on paper, then sooner or later you will see changes in it.

The main thing to understand and believe that you are worthy the best man. That the real worthy woman will be is near also by the corresponding man. You can help “to grow up“ to the man if you believe in him, to notice in is mute good, learn to reach compromise, competently and tactfully to build dialogue, sharing with it sincere the feelings and experiences.

The man - not your enemy, he is your ally. If you want to go with it on life, then grant to it the right to be strong, to be darling, to be a hero for you. Suppressing it, humiliating and criticizing, you only ruin everything. Only the love is capable to change people, it is necessary to work with love, will not change it for anything. And if it is not in your soul in relation to your man, then, maybe, then you should not torment him and yourself?