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What to do when the zombie - an apocalypse comes? To Get rid of

from light and tried to wipe out all mankind more than once - and though it occurred according to in advance written scenario and on the screen of movie theater, but to live from it did not become more quietly. You will watch movies and you will read books, so there is no hope that we will live long, happily (relatively) and eternally...

A meteorite to Earth “send“ huge, tsunami, frighten by global warming together with a cold snap, that invasion of aliens knocks at the door. But the terrible and awful zombie - an apocalypse when - beginning all from the familiar mail carrier costs a separate milestone in the history of destruction of human race, finishing your grandfather - will chase you on the woods and fields to bite in a hand and to draw interiors.

Who a legend, I am a legend?

the Foundation to these imaginations was laid by

in the post-apocalyptic novel of Richard Matheson “I am a legend“ which left in far 1954 where people became victims of the infection carried by mosquitoes and turned not into vampires, not into the zombie. Classical prazdnoshatayushchiyesya people - animals without brains appeared before us already in the following masterpiece - “Night of living dead persons“.

You think, all this is universal “glitch“? By no means: zombies exist actually and to believe in it, it is necessary just to go... yes here to Haiti at least.

Any of cemeteries of this country abounds with the powerful gravestones or the concreted graves which are stuck together with such meticulousness that the person understands at once: relatives of the dead obviously do not want that someone also once disturbed rest of their relatives. They so believed in a possibility of life after death that they employ the special person who carefully guards a grave deceased up to the moment until the body of the person decays and becomes unsuitable to zombiing by his sorcerers.

Typical zombies on the village walk...

the Most “shocking“ zombie in the world Klavdius Nartsiss is considered. This man in 1962 went to Haiti hospital and... died in the same place in 3 days. His body lay 20 hours in a morgue then the man was buried.

But in 18 years Nartsiss returned as Carlson: it was found in the neighborhood of the native village, at the same time he held in remembrance and even told that he fell a victim of sorcery. Remembering the moment of own death and a funeral, he said that further it dug out of a grave, allowed to drink a potion and sent to work for a plantation with reed.

Physicians could not believe in an event, put experiments with the Narcissus, asked different questions, but according to their decision eventually the man was recognized present... the zombie who quite to himself normally lived the life rest in Baptist mission and died (already really) in 1994.

And if not the voodoo?

to Become

the zombie as scientists assume, it is possible in the different ways.

Brain Parasites - existing in the nature, infecting the rats able to mutate. Meanwhile they live in small rodents or cats, but one never knows, as the person will become their carrier, without noticing it at all. Development of his madness will become the “most ideal“ crime: itself did not understand how went crazy.

Neurotoxins - certain kinds of poisons which slow down a body of the person to a “dead“ state, blocking functions of an organism. Return of the victim to life is made under the influence of a preparation then normal it will not become any more, but to collect reed or to shoot from the gun - please.

Neurogenesis - as a method which allows to grow up the died brain fabric anew. “Vertat back“ a brain of the person from the doctor`s coma cannot yet, but keep it then to restore to life is easily. Senselessly operating body wandering under the influence of primitive requirements: than not army?

Nanoboats - with their help today scientists already created the nanocyborg, after death of the owner keeping working capacity the whole month: there is no person, it seems, but the robot is. Introduced in the brain imperceptibly passing into a new body after “sting“ how the classical scenario of the zombie - an apocalypse - quite “acceptable“ reality says?

What to do?

If suddenly you notice that your neighbors one behind one turn in some painfully strange beings rushing under windows with one purpose - to turn all into the same piece of meat if the authorities broadcast from TVs that there are no reasons for panic, but the chaos is created around, do not wait when you become zombaky.

Read Twitter and Facebook because as posts in the Network say, “it is possible to distinguish approach of the beginning of a doomsday from advertizing of the forthcoming zombie - a mob by quantity of retweets. At their apocalypse will be significantly less“.

after that go to the nearest shop of the weapon and buy cartridges and a shot-gun there. Then buy the scooter because any car becomes deaf as soon as it sees the zombie before itself, and gasoline at it quite often reaches a limit.

without waiting for panic, go far away to the village and beat off at “local“ the brick house with high walls, strong windows and strong doors. Stock up with products: not chips and sausage, but dried meat, salt, canned food and water. Do not take much: all the same it is necessary to eat by means of collecting and hunting further.

Prepare for yourself both families warm clothes and strong footwear - on a case of a winter apocalypse. Take care also of the first-aid kit where there have to be without fail antibiotics, iodine, febrifugal and disinfecting hlorgeksidin.

And most important: do not forget about small lamps, radio, the working generator, matches and … toilet paper. Believe, even in the most hard times it will always not be enough.

Remember that even in the post-apocalyptic, decided by the author of article zombie - an apocalypse it is possible to rely only on himself and the reason. And still - on common sense and the lion`s share of humour without which it will be quite boring to read about the next doomsday.