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The best thoughts of Ichak Adizes. Why we marry why we need the purpose in life and how to cope with addictions?

business Known around the world - the consultant Ichak Adizes can give a valuable advice not only in the field of business. In the book “New Reflections about Personal Development“ he discusses “personal“ subjects with the reader. Its notes and the essay about love, marriage, meaning of life and many other - really healthy food for reflections.

the Devil - in vanity

The is more vain than

our everyday life, the it is less in them than love. But without love in human life all collapses. Therefore for a start just moderate speed. There are those who arrive exactly the opposite: in a pursuit of success all of them it is more and work more, hoping that such race will bring them happiness. It is quite misleading. It is time to replace tactics. And the quicker, the better.

Not for nothing Islam says: “Devil in vanity“. Whether you sometime met the person who fell in love, catching up with the bus or sticking for 80 hours a week. Usually people fall in love on holiday, walking in the twilight of lengthways beach, at supper with candles to the accompaniment of a light music. Replace rate of life to become happier. the Main asset in marriage Love it is impossible neither to buy


, nor to sell. Attachment, attention, sex - all this is available in the market, everything is on sale and bought. But not feeling of deep, real, original unity, true accessory each other. You will not buy it anywhere. There is no love potion capable to inspire in you this feeling.

The love does not come from the outside. It arises from within and is the most important characteristic of the relations which we call a matrimony. It is also its most valuable asset. All other bases for a marriage it is passing. Children grow and leave the house. Money comes and leaves. Friends scatter on the world. What will remain in the end? Why to keep marriage if there is no love any more? Pure. Real.

the Purpose in life

to lead healthy life, it is necessary to have a certain purpose. The Austrian psychiatrist Victor Frankl well wrote about it in the book “The Person in search of Sense“. He came to a conclusion that in the concentration camp which prisoner he was those, who had a sense of existence and the reason to fight for life could survive.

Besides, from many medical sources (and also from personal experience) we know that the people aspiring to any purpose and making plans for future life have diseases easier, than those who gave up and lost interest in existence. Without the purpose in life we quickly grow old, we lose energy and thirst of life.

Pay attention as health of those who retired without plans for further life quickly worsens. To make money and career it is already uninteresting. Children grew up and are independent. What to think up? Do not try to get off with the signature on the check, so nothing will leave. Spend the time. Let you will have a reason to rise in the mornings.

the Power diet

Ask any person that gives more than forces - meat or vegetables, he will answer - meat. People believe that meat gives more energy as in it there are more calories, than in vegetables. But if to apply business - approach, it will become clear that to offset there is not a revenue, but profit, so, it is necessary to consider expenses.

In a diet the same principle, as in the business world works: meat gives a lot of energy, it precisely, but reflect how many energy will be required that to digest and to acquire it? How many it will remain to you for business? Almost anything. That is why after heavy meat food so there is a wish to sleep. On the contrary, vegetables contain few calories, but also is spent for their assimilation a little that leaves for your affairs to energy much.

How to resist to a temptation?

during one experiment three groups of people serially invited to the room with chocolate cakes. Reminded the first group of sense of guilt which they will test, having eaten cake. The second suggested to think of how they will be proud of the will power if they are able to refuse a temptation. The third group of instructions was not given. And here result: ate most less to what pride experimenters appealed.

Conclusion: the pride helps to resist to a temptation better, than sense of guilt. The shame and fault absorb forces necessary for fight against a temptation. Pride gives to energy which feeds will for resistance. This fact has a certain value for resistance to such human weaknesses extended today as an overeating, postponement was put any day also by laziness.

To what are led by instructions?

The rates of changes are higher than

, the it is more than uncertainty, the it is more than people needing the instructions specifying how to them to behave. The simple rules, simple directives giving feeling of security and confidence. Hitler used it in due time.

Modern people seek for accurate information. They do not wish to think and live in conditions of uncertainty which pushes to continuous search of decisions. They as if speak: “Just tell me what to do, give instructions, I do not want to think“. As people follow instructions blindly, they by default reach excessively. Naturally, the simple rules finished excessively lead to the results opposite to the chosen purpose.

On materials of the book of Ichak Adizes “New reflections about personal development“.