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What to look to the tourist in the Kaluga region at? Borovsk and Obninsk of

the Kaluga region strikes the Moscow tourist with an unexpected ukhozhennost of the woods and abundance of various productions of the known world brands. In particular, Volkswagens, Volvo, Samsung have production capacities here. Few years ago the Kaluga region won first place in the Central federal district on output of an industrial output per capita, but to the tourist it is more important amazing places of this edge. I will present two very different cities in this review - Borovsk and Obninsk.


This city costs

independently as the city of churches and the Russian bylina of beauty. It is considered the oldest of the cities of the Kaluga edge. The city - a panorama. Really, this phenomenal show when you get on a belltower of the Cathedral of the Lady Day (it is constructed in 1715) and on the top point you twist the head, as on hinges, by 360 degrees. Everywhere, while there is enough look, domes of cathedrals and churches rise. The carved wooden sculpture of Nicholas The Wonderworker is stored in the Cathedral of the Lady Day.

In the Cathedral (it in the center of Borovsk) the pilgrim and the tourist is allowed to do 5 photos, and the friendly and unselfish inspector by the name of Andrey will carry out on a belltower. I warn, very narrow and to people with large dimensions to creep the course not so easily. It is necessary to rub about walls, but game is worth the candle. By the way, Andrey is an inspector of a belltower - did not take a money which I offered him for excursion services. Such is Borovsk and its orthodox inhabitants.

Borovsk - the well-groomed city, sometimes ukhozhenny some European small cities, is a pearl of the Kaluga earth. One - two-storeyed structures and several five-storey buildings - the fixed housing stock, and here is at home nearly imperial times of construction.

In Borovsk our ancestors tried to create an Old Belief stronghold. Their fate is sad. In this lovely town sisters, famous in Russia, the boyar Morozova and the princess Ursurova finished the life in hunger and cold: the huge hole in Borovsk a jail became their last sad monastery. But not all are dug in here in holes and starved.

Orthodoxy here in honor. For the orthodox person Borovsk can become really a home. Here nearly two tens various and most beautiful temples and cathedrals.

That who is interested in purchase of the apartment: minimum price on one-room with all conveniences - about 1 300 000 rubles, and if conveniences on the floor (and such is), then about 800 thousand rubles and above.

Borovsk seems the basten town which is written off directly from pictures of the Russian artists. The center of the town is small, both administration, and the market, and shops here. Because the river bend Protva breaks within the town, all Borovsk three times, it turns out, is situated on the bank of the river. So air here more damp, is easily breathed. In orthodox Borovsk the alien population, including Muslim, not so considerably. Though there are both Roma, and Tajiks, and Uzbeks. But so far they do not dim the general background, as in Obninsk.

It is good to meet more often in Borovsk French, Germans, Dutches. Especially, in the city there is a house where Napoleon spent the night. I do not know, I did not see Napoleon on streets of Borovsk, but I understand that at the town the huge potential for tourism.


is not present

of Special, bright sights in Obninsk. Unless BMM 310 meteotower that costs on struts and is visible from any point of the city. Height of its more than 300 m, width is more than 2 m. This piece is similar to a ship mast. On it priborchik for measurement of wind force, rainfall and other are established. To me as to the tourist, there was a wish to climb, but protection did not share my enthusiasm. I was told that the mast is established on some hinges, and I did not begin to argue with this statement.

While you go across Obninsk, it is visible that here housing construction is quite actively conducted. Also on the city many memorial plates are established, but I looked at them, like a deer in the headlights. There all entirely local celebrities, but the fact that they are honored here was pleasant to me.

Transport is presented by railway communication with Moscow (the express - the electric train goes to the Kiev station 1 hour 20 min., usual - nearly 2 hours) and Kaluga. Ubiquitous minibuses (journey of 16 rubles) scurry about. Minibuses is a mix of the smashed gazelles and quite good minivans of foreign production. When in a type minibus yellow “Gazelle“ I grasped for an exit the next seat, it came off and remained at me in hands. “Palazhite on places! “ - the driver of the Caucasian exterior just told. I “palazhit“, on that we also left.

Who drives minibuses? Here - that is also shown one of features of Obninsk. It is about improbable number of migrants. I go in a minibus - driving the Uzbek. I come into malls - among sellers there are few Russian persons. You go along the central Kurchatov Street or Lenina - towards crowds of Caucasians or Tajiks. They settled here, local authorities do not interfere with it in any way.

At the station it is unpleasant to go - entirely the non-russian speech and foreigners sit huge crowds. Swear. Drink. Spit. I think, to local girls and women to live not easy here. On the example of Obninsk I see how there is the real invasion of foreigners on the Russian land, they force out Russinians from the increasing spheres of life, and the power with them in arrangement, not differently. I already with doubt would tell that Obninsk is a Slavic city.

To look in Obninsk, unlike Borovsk, there is nothing as I already mentioned. There is a Park of Culture. And in the rope park where it is possible to drive on ropes that are tense between thick trunks of trees is mute. In Park quite scanty set of children`s attractions. I liked cafe: tasty do mutton with horse-radish and vegetables. Over it put the thinnest toasts, and under light beer it turns out very fine.

In park there is a tree of the Consent and Love. Iron. Lovers hang up locks with the inscription “Love to a Sepulchral Board“, “Sasha + Olya = Love Enchanting“ here and so forth. Whether became Love less, whether cut locks from a tree, whether all divorced in Obninsk for a long time, but in my arrival here (August, 2015) the tree was almost “bald“.

City roads of Obninsk in the yards are sometimes awful. But the central streets nevertheless are repaired.

Rate of life here absolutely other. If in Moscow the seller in shop delays, then the people grumble. I bought lemonade in Obninsk and gave a banknote in one thousand rubles. The shop assistant long sniffed, dug in the bedraggled banknotes in cash desk, then left somewhere on ten seconds at all. I hastened it and at once faced displeasure as it, and (that is amazing!) locals. One of them even asked philosophically: “And where to hurry - that?“

also nonplused This simple question me. Perhaps they are also right: life one and whether there is a sense to carry out it “in soap“?