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How to grow up vegetables if there is no giving?

approach Summer end - it is time to sum up the results. The habit to be engaged in a kitchen garden remained though the kitchen garden per se already and did not become. The prices of dachas in Moscow area are that what to buy on pension the desired ground a little at whom will turn out.

Having checked several announcements of sale of sites without lodge, access roads and electricity, but at the cost, astronomical for us, I decided to give up searches of unrealizable dream, having paid attention to something more real for myself.

The look fell to a balcony, two meters in size to one and a half (here such economical balconies are built by construction company, known in the Moscow region), but nevertheless it is better such, than nothing. And I decided to look for information on balcony cultivation of vegetables on the Internet. Which - that, of course, was known and earlier, but learned a lot of things new. And also understood that such truck farming gains popularity recently. Yes it also is not sophisticated - not all have a giving, and the cucumbers - not store, much in an okhotka.

I decided to stop on vegetables, it is not necessary to think seriously of berries and fruit in room conditions. Chose tomatoes, cucumbers, a garden radish on greens and salad from vegetables. The idea is - it was necessary to realize it: to buy soil, fertilizers and seeds, and also capacities for disembarkation. Bought seeds in the hypermarket, nearest to our house. The first disappointment - everything that was declared on packing became a result of purchase, it appeared, softly, speaking to a lie.

The self-pollinated cucumbers did not want in any without pollination grow, and the tomatoes declared on 100 grams more than 50 g did not gain weight. Only the garden radish and that left successful because on greens. Vegetable, round on the picture, grew with a thin and narrow tail. But greens were excellent. And we is grateful its all spring and summer of a fir-tree.

Surprised also salad: thought that it is precisely unreal it to receive on a balcony kitchen garden. But as a result all summer were with a harvest. So there were enough greens. Forgot to tell that landings took place at the end of April and the beginning of May. The balcony at us faces the west. Not absolutely successful arrangement for cultivation, but also not the worst option.

For landings of tomatoes and cucumbers chose 5 liter plastic buckets. But in the beginning landed in glasses, it was necessary to replace later. Soil was also bought in hypermarket. I will add that the soil nevertheless needed to be prepared in advance, applying not only mineral fertilizers, but also humus or a humus.

Problems with cucumbers began at once after emergence of the fourth leaf. The soil, poor on useful substances, let know about itself - leaves began to turn yellow at the edges. Though watering was normal and there was already enough light. Read on the Internet about a problem, it became clear - shortage of magnesium. Fed up - vulgarly not bad.

Tried to do, all as is necessary, but weather introduced the amendments. As in a joke: “Weather at us good, is a pity, will not put on a sandal with warm socks“. It was necessary to bring cucumbers home, on a window sill. Result for first “pancake“ - nearly 7 tens cucumbers from four bushes. I think, not bad.

Fir-trees, to the grandson brought to Moscow. Now tomatoes, but small nevertheless redden. We still did not understand: what grade we grow up. By next year we will try to be trained more thoroughly. But we will not begin to think, in the people speak: “Zagad is not be rich“.