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Gabriel Metsyu, “Girl behind a toilet“. Why it is sad?

at the time of “the Golden Age of the Dutch painting“ appeared noticeable quantity of the pictures representing loose soldiers in taverns, in karaulka. These pictures received the name of “barracks“. At the same time the set of the cloths connected with fleas and louses was written. And they have no such group name. And, nevertheless, they it quite deserved. Undoubtedly, it is possible to call them “lousy“.

They are at many artists. On the one hand, these small artful knaves annoyed artists, with another too - full freedom in the image of women: though dressed, though undressed, though half-naked, one by one or with the assistant in catching of biting reptiles.

Among such works - Gabriel Metsyu`s work “The girl behind a toilet“...

The small rather small and poor arranged room. At wide open the opened window - a little table. On a little table - a tray with some paper put by an accordion, something like a tambour. At the left at a picture sawn-off shotgun - the mirror leaned against a wall, before it - an ostrich`s feather. The mirror is broken, from it the splinter took off. The young woman with red eyes sits at a table. Behind its chair - the old woman combs out hair a fine-tooth tortoise comb. On molodukha shoulders - a pelerine.

The foreground decorates a violoncello (by the way - five-string, unlike modern four-string). The violoncello leans on a chest on which the music book lies. A violoncello - the most expensive thing in the room. There is one more remarkable subject - the casket standing on a tambour: mahogany, metal heel-taps on corners, the handle with the key attached to it.

Apparently, in it there is no jewelry (because they are not on the girl), most likely, it is a gift of the beloved and there love notes lie.

On a background on the right - an alcove, a bed.

The room in which it occurs, probably, is located in very rich house if not to tell - in the lock, on the first floor. About what this floor first, is said by an open shutter from roughly processed boards. And loops at it quite solid, and a lattice at a window - protection against robberies.

The girl, apparently, - the musician, the violoncellist, plays in ensemble or an orchestra of the owner of the lock. It would seem, not so it and is bad. But something at the girl not so: the red tear-stained eyes directed in the broken mirror. As though in it she wants to consider something. And the old woman has a compassionate look (probably, she is necessary the girl mother, there is a portrait similarity). Some troubles fell down their heads.

It is possible to call one of troubles surely: louses. They busy the old woman now. On a table - a small bottle with some medicine (grinding from parasites?) . But hardly this biggest misfortune. The broken mirror - a symbol of the destroyed hopes. It is possible that the girl is dismissed, it is her last day in the lock. It is possible that as a result of love affairs she became pregnant (there is some vague hint in the image of a stomach).

On the street - a depth of summer, a fine sunny weather. But it does not please our beauty. It should go for rehearsal, to prepare for performance, and mood - it is intolerable. And the reason, most likely, - in the crumpled paper lying before it on a dish.

The old woman combs hair, voshka fall on a pelerine, the girl cries... Something will be tomorrow?