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What is known of a dream?

In a dream people carry out considerable part of the life, it for us need and pleasure at the same time. What do we know about it? Without concerning scientific theories, we will remember several interesting facts.

The famous phrase “it to appear in Morpheus`s captivity“ many consider as a refined synonym of a verb to fall asleep or sleep. But in the Greek mythology god of a dream - Hypnos. Morpheus is his son whose ancestral lands - not a dream, but only dreams.

Greeks considered the dreams as business of his hands. God of a dream could be him in any appearance, very precisely copying the speech, shape and behavior of relatives, friends, acquaintances and absolutely foreign characters of night adventures. Thus, to appear in Morpheus`s captivity means more likely to have dreams, than to sleep in general.

On average throughout life people have dreams lasting about six years whereas the average time found for a dream - a third of all life. Modern people have usually color dreams. Only for 12% of mankind “night broadcastings“ take place in is black - white option. Surprisingly, but before emergence of color television this share was much higher - 75%.

Giving to a dream of 8 hours in days, the person sleeps for 2920 hours annually. Emergence in a family of the newborn leads to the fact that parents should reduce this figure for 400-750 hours.

The set time duration record without dream makes 18 days, 21 hour and 40 minutes. The champion carried out the most part of the period of wakefulness in a rocking-chair. Long refusal of a dream caused in it violations of concentration of attention and memory blackouts, attacks of paranoia and hallucination, the speech of the champion became muffled, sight grew dim.

The sleep deprivation causes, by the way, hypersensibility to alcohol. After five sleepless nights traditional three shot glasses will cause the same effect as six in a usual situation.

Various frustration of a dream at our contemporaries not a rarity. If to fall asleep in a bed, the person needs more than five minutes, it means that the normal current of a dream is broken.

To fall asleep, sometimes it is necessary to resort to the tricks tested in practice. For example, about 6000 British reported during poll that they most quicker fall asleep under music of Coldplay group. It is unlikely her musicians are so widely known in our corner of the world where the most widespread way to attract attention Hypnos - to consider sheep or elephants. Alas, researchers came to a conclusion that from accounting exercises I pound a little.

“Powerful“ snore is considered a sign of good rest. In some cases such point of view is justified. People do not snore in a phase of a REM sleep. If snore of the spouse prevents to sleep, be consoled that though someone will sleep today.

However it is absolutely incorrect to consider snore as the certificate of a good health. Every tenth “snorer“ suffers in a dream from apnoe, they stop the respiratory movements that can become the reason of various diseases.

From all primacies of people less the others sleep approximately for three hours a day.

Whales and dolphins during a dream should emerge on a water surface from time to time to inhale air. Therefore their brain never fills up completely, the left and right hemispheres have a rest in turn.

Kind dream!