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The second amendment - a damnation of America? Part 3

Supporters of the Second often give argument which seems to them irresistible: if someone wants to kill, it all the same will kill. The weapon there is nothing here. The person, but not his weapon shoots. In a denial this thesis wants to give several examples. One of them, is firing at movie theater when 12 people were killed and seventy are “only“ wounded. And the second, absolutely recent when at similar movie theater of the patient attacked the audience, swinging the axe. He managed to kill nobody. It was shot by police officers. Holmes would manage swinging the axe, be to kill twelve people it the ninjia? Would manage to kill Lanz with the axe at school of 20 children and six teachers? The racist and the addict in combination Ruff would manage to kill nine parishioners with the same axe? How Abdulaziz would kill five marines, he has no legal weapon?!!!

In the latter case, as well as in case of execution on voyenno - the sea base (2013) can agree with supporters of the Second that military can and even have to be armed.

But reaches a funny thing. To listen to supporters of the Second, and the pastor had to carry the gun to have an opportunity to prevent a slaughter in church. Teachers at schools and universities have to be armed too, it is necessary to go to movie theaters and restaurants with the weapon, and ticket collectors should give guns … It is necessary to arm all country!

And with such offers heads of NRA leave not right after the next accident. When there is the next execution, they drop out of sight with a speed of the cockroaches who are suddenly overtaken by flash of light. They are not visible and it is not heard. There passes time, heat of anger and pain falls down, and they creep out with same: The second amendment is sacred, not the automatic machine, but the person, this person of the patient shoots, it is impossible to cut all all alike …

Americans them listen to this right of Americans to own the weapon …, especially in the area concerning their rights. The right of the American - sacred business! Recently showed a plot about the guy who created the automatic machine from plastic. In principle, he can create any weapon from this material. And when the leader asked it whether it gives the report what it can lead to, the inventor answered that he understands what consequences can be. But firmly added that it in the right. This is a problem root concerning the Second amendment. Americans value the right that it would do not cost them.

Generally the situation with check of the buyer on “reliability“ is improbable. Will not sell to the person the weapon in weapon shop without appropriate check. But he can buy it at a weapon exhibition. 33 states do not demand checks, the others 17 demand. What prevents future murderer to go to that state where do not check the client? In the USA 5000 exhibitions annually. The private seller at such exhibition will sell the weapon to anyone, without asking questions, without demanding documents, and even without fixing the fact of sale. And when say that in Chicago most of all murders though there the most rigid restrictions for knowledge of the weapon, it is only possible to notice that near the city there are also exhibitions - sales of the weapon and weapon shops where there are no restrictions. Got into the car, passed 50 miles and returned with an arsenal.

Where two Islamists who wished to arrange slaughter at an exhibition, caricatures on Magomet in Garland, the State of Texas took six units of the legal weapon? In case of their “success“ America would be expected by new Kenyan shopping center. At an exhibition there were two hundred people. The same happiness that police officers it appeared on the place and were rather professional. And, as everything managed, the question of legality of their arsenal was not brought up. Where kupili7 As? The weapon was legal, it is possible not to find out.

Thanks to James Brady`s efforts (the Assistant to the President of Reagan who suffered as a result of attempt at the president) in 1998 the bureau of check of the buyer of the weapon (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) is created. From that year the list of potential buyers who are forbidden to own the weapon trebled and reached 13 million. The quantity mentally sick in it increased by 12 times and reached 3. 8th million. By means of the system applied in this bureau more than 2 were prevented. 4 million sales. Impressive figures.

But a huge number of openings, nullify overall performance of bureau. In particular, there is no cooperation between states. Moreover, states are not obliged to report in federal bodies about the mentally patients, criminals, addicts … Today Chuck Sumer (senator from New - York) introduced the bill. In case of its acceptance, it will allow to lift overall performance of bureau. The states transferring information to federals will be financially encouraged and vice versa. Perhaps money will help if the common sense is powerless.

Besides, at this system very narrow definition who is the loony. To “part“ the madman Hauzer, was placed in hospital for mentally sick at the request of members of his family. Behind it nothing criminal was. Got to hospital not under sentence of court. Therefore the information about him could be not sent anywhere. The murderer bought the gun legally in a pawnshop and shot people at movie theater - killed two and wounded nine before he was killed.

Here the short list of people who are forbidden to own the weapon: the condemned criminals or rough troublemakers, addicts and distributors of drugs, and also those who are recognized by court mentally sick. But do not demand from states at all that they expanded the list with patients from other states. It is necessary to recognize that there is no uniform standard for all country and therefore in some states the system works like clock-work, in others the relation to such lists devil-may-care. the governor signed with

In the same Louisiana the law demanding from vessels to report to federals about all cases even of involuntary violation of the law. If Hauzer would get to hospital in its staff, he could not buy the weapon. And Jindal urges all states to follow his example. The common sense can visit the admirer of the weapon too. Better late than never, because till 2014 this staff was from the last who cooperated with federals in this question. Reason? Laws on non-interference to private life of psychopaths. Therefore states on a miscellaneous belong to the solution of this problem. The State of Georgia for all years sent the list to 9000 people, and Virginia for same time is more than on 230 000. In Virginia lives to less people. But there in twenty times more patients? No. The matter is that there in 2007 the student shot 32 persons in a campus. Burst a thunder!.

Around Brady`s system fights are conducted too. NRA claims that at first it is necessary to put it in order before considering other measures for control of purchase of the weapon. It surprisingly reminds arguments of the republicans saying that at first it is necessary to strengthen border, and then only to consider a problem of illegal immigration. As though they do not know that it is impossible to strengthen border of such extent for 100%. Always there will be an opportunity to refer that on border not all as it should be - the fly flew by! And consequently to postpone the solution of this problem for few years at least.

And arguments of supporters of rigid control the same: 40% of purchases of the weapon are carried out outside system. As great Mark Twain wrote, it is all the same, that to put on armor a breast and to leave legs naked.

It is possible to write about the Second amendment volumes. This subject is inexhaustible. In conclusion it is only possible to tell that today in the country about 300 million units of the weapon on hands at citizens. Try to disarm them. But this figure does not say at all that in each family there is a gun, the automatic machine, guns for hunting - in general attempts nobody upon this type of weapon. It is simple to eat families where the cult of the weapon prospers and there store it, in some improbable quantities. To inhabitants of such houses to spit on the fact that in this case the probability to be the killed or the wounded increases by forty times!

The weapon is distributed extremely unevenly. In big cities its concentration is very small: police within reach. The police station is closer, the area is better, the it is less than weapon in apartments. In rural areas stay at home are filled with all types of small arms excessively. And all is not enough, it is not enough … But the main thing in another. Mother of one of the killed the madman Hauzer, looking in a chamber told: “Why they (NRA) outvoice us all the time? Us, opponents of impetuous distribution of the weapon, it is much more. Why our voice is not heard by our legislators?“

the Woman is right. It is less than five million members of NRA in the country. And the following figures can serve as the fact that they outvoice all:

If in 1975 76% assumed that the president can be black, then 96% today. If 1958 only 4% were not against interracial marriages, then such 87% today. If in 1958 only 19% assumed that the president can be an atheist, then such 54% today. 33% in 1937 allowed a possibility of the president - women. Today their 95%. - the Jew in 1937 opposed the president as 54%. Today only 9%. The percent of the people allowing legal abortions increased from 75% in 1975 up to 80%. The percent of people of speakers against same-sex marriages (as if to treat them) fell from 73% in 1996 to 43%. This graphic evidence that society consistently moves on the way of bigger tolerance and freedom.

And only concerning more strict control of sale of the weapon a tendency back: in 1995 supported strict control as 95%. Today only 85%. So why they outvoice us?