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The second amendment - a damnation of America? Part 1

Recently city council of Los - Andzheles unanimously decided to forbid the weapon containing more than ten charges in the city. Within 60 days owners, for example, of joint stock company - 47, have to move away him from the city or hand over in a police station. The similar law already is in California, but in it there are openings thanks to which people can possess all types of small arms. And therefore I pound from it a little. In the city law there are no openings.

In New - York the similar law was adopted in 2013 after firing at school in Newtown where the moron killed twenty children and six teachers. Mass executions in anything not guilty people accepted character of epidemic. There is a long list of places where it happened. The list grows even not on months. More often. There is a feeling that the country is not able to make something with this terrible misfortune.

But the National Gun Association (NGA) already promised to file a lawsuit against city council of LA. Legislators from the point of view of heads of association violate the Second amendment to the Constitution of the USA. There is a question: and in what violation? Unless the resolution forbids citizens to own the weapon? No. Certain types only. In the second amendment nothing is told by what type of weapon it is possible to own.

The second amendment, as well as other eight, James Madison in 1789 wrote. They were accepted by the Congress in 1791. “As well organized militia is necessary for safety of the free state, the right of the people to store and carry arms should not be broken“. Maddison`s idea was not groundless. The USA was born just (1776). Each state which entered association felt as the state. The trust to the central government was not. It and now especially is not observed. The militia could be a counterbalance to fans of the excessive power in Washington.

Besides, the state could not provide to the families living outside the cities, adequate protection in those days. Citizens lodged in a distance from neighbors. There was enough earth. And the farmer preferred to have even not one gun in a stock, but at least two that the wife or the son could manage to recharge the weapon so far the head of the family shoots at Indians.

Can give still arguments in favor of arms of the people in those days. They are known and therefore we will not begin to be late. Just you should not forget that in those days a bullet, the cap and gunpowder did not make a single whole. While the shooter recharged a musket, the skilled archer managed to let out more than ten arrows in the purpose. And today - click … two seconds … click, and thirty bullets are ready to take off from a trunk of the same of joint stock company - 47 indifferently to stitch a body of the kid in a carriage, the teenager, the passerby, the driver who appeared in the wrong place in the wrong time, the viewer at movie theater, the student in college, the teacher at school who is setting up herself under bullets to rescue children, the father of family, single mother, the elderly person … the Weapon evolyutsionizirovatsya by

, and the human body remained the same. How many already the victims the country from - for this amendment contains! Millions! From - for it Americans lost more people than in all wars.

Know D. Madison in what it will pour out where development of weapon business what opportunities will appear at the murderers who do not have any relation neither to army, nor to a militia will give the country, he would hardly write such amendment. Today it is treated in favor of those who order the weapon on the Internet, buy it in a pawnshop or on weapon shows. Oswald bought the rifle according to the catalog and received it by mail. In 1968 purchase of rifles according to catalogs was forbidden. And what today? The racist and the addict having problems with the law received the gun on the Internet and killed in church of peace parishioners, dear citizens. How he managed to buy the weapon? The clerk was mistaken, and the seller did not receive the necessary papers where it would be written that this moron cannot sell the gun and in general any weapon. And that is not forbidden, it is authorized. Result - nine victims.

And when Ric Perry, the former governor of Texas, after this murder says that laws on restriction are good, it is necessary to change nothing, they should be carried out, you are surprised demagogy of this person. The situation when the law is executed for all hundred percent is impossible. So does not happen. Performers different - conscientious and lazy, silly and clever, indifferent and zealous, bribe takers and honest … Teenagers killed with

the schoolmates in Kolumbayna. They had no legal weapon. They just stole it from the parents. There is it. But why in Switzerland where practically at everyone the adult the automatic machine is stored houses, it does not happen? There is the main reason! In the country the weapon is entrusted those who passed army. This institute cultivates responsibility. The man knows what is the automatic machine as far as it is deadly in hands of the teenager or child and therefore will never begin to store it in places of easy access for the child.

Americans are in this regard amazingly careless. The case when the two-year-old child shot the mother can serve as deification of their relation to the weapon. And one more example: mother could not but notice that her son is not adequate. It is closed to pathology, does not feel physical pain … From such it is necessary to hide the weapon, not to keep it in the house at all. But it filled the house with rifles and guns, it trained the young of wild animal in ability to own them. He learned, and first of all killed the teacher. Then went to school with the mother`s weapon. What it was the weapon according to the law? Legal or illegal. What`s the odds. Kids are killed! The girl shouted before death: “I want Kristmass! I do not want to die!“.

We observe the incalculable number of tragedies when children shoot each other because parents did not take care of that the gun was inaccessible to children`s hands. Sometimes the impression is made that the weapon is bought only because it can be got. The man feels stronger, more surely when he holds the gun in hand. He forgets that the weapon, it also a duty. And it sometimes lies in a bedside table. And already in the receiver with number 911 panic cries are distributed: “I incidentally pulled the trigger and my sister does not move … “I did not want to kill my friend at all, just showed it the revolver“. “My son left a note that hates all, and went to school. The automatic machine carried away!. Stop it, I beg!“ Movie “Requiem for the dead. Spring of 2014“ all from these shouts. They are heard against video and photos of people who died from - for negligences of owners of the weapon, from - for quarrels of spouses, fights behind guardianship over children, scandalous divorce, even some small misunderstanding … The figures running on the screen were put in hundreds, then in thousands. 8000 killed only in three months! In Afghanistan and Iraq combined the army lost less people for all years of war.

There was such Timothy Makkvey. He did not take the automatic machine in hand. Just blew up the building, killed 168 people at once, and crippled several honeycombs... He was executed, the accomplice was put for life.

In China there is a law: the person the gun which presented to the murderer became the crime tool bears the same responsibility. Why there is no it here? The mistress of the criminal leader buys the gun (to it will not sell - recidivist) also “gives“. It kills, it is put. And mistress of anything. Is not present at owners of the weapon of legal liability for negligent storage. They killed nobody. But Makkvey`s assistant blew up nobody too, however he was put. Why presented the weapon, storing it it is negligent, resold the moron and so on … will bail? The second amendment …

the Bullet in its modern look appeared only at the beginning of the 19th century. And mister Kolt who balanced chances of few immigrants in their fight against impressive Indian troops, in 1836. Rifles and revolvers paved the way to conquerors of the wild West throughout the first half of the XIX century. With some stretch it is possible to declare that the American nation was formed in fight for vital space. To whom could come to mind to limit the right of Americans for knowledge of the weapon? And could not come just because settlers had few weapon. Expensive it was pleasure. The cheap weapon appeared only after Civil war. It appeared too much, and the prices departed down. So the universal arms of the same immigrants and inhabitants of small towns, are only the legends created by westerns. This genre played a big role in formation of mentality of Americans.