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Where free time disappears? Tell

, you have free time? Well, such, absolutely free suddenly to realize it and to become thoughtful, than to be engaged? I tried to present it, exclusively theoretically because in practice there is not enough time, even to sleep.

Probably, is certain organized lucky women at whom and in the house the order, and in kitchen always smells of freshly cooked pies moreover there is time to gossip for a while with neigbours and to revise all series. Expiring silent envy to such unique hostesses, I solved, to begin new, organized life! Since evening rewrote beautiful handwriting all necessary affairs and with good intentions went to bed!

rose at seven o`clock in the morning, despite day off Today! At first, of course, it was terrified, having looked for hours, and then collected the remains of will power and rushed to storm of the list of affairs! First everything went absolutely not bad. I was even delighted, having decided that all planned program will be successfully executed, but about ten in the morning saw how strongly I hurried with conclusions. At first the family woke up, and began: a breakfast, dirty ware, then still ware, then questions, then answers, and then I rebelled and returned to the plan.

But not here - that was - after a family also others woke up. Phone at first rang out shy, then calls became frequent, and then it in general began to ring shamelessly everyone half an hour. You will tell that it is possible to disconnect or not to approach? Not to approach so - nerves will not sustain, and the child flatly refused to deceive that me there is no house. And to disconnect Here the girlfriend called, she has troubles. It is necessary to listen to the person?! Then the second called - it has a pleasure. Well, how not to divide?! Then called still - I already absolutely gloomy counted it.

A put? Affairs as it was necessary to expect, started over again collecting. Decided to increase speed. Now present: the stiralka turns, in kitchen everything boils, the vacuum cleaner roars, the child demands a lunch, the husband cannot find a shirt, the neigbour came for onions, phone is broken off, and all this is blocked by cries from the TV. As a result switched off resolutely everything, including the husband and the child, and it was filled up with headache pill on a sofa.

I what it turns out? In breaks between headache attacks the thought came to my mind: itself - that I normally organized, and here everything around categorically is not present! And so far such state of affairs will proceed of any free time it is possible and not to dream.

flew by Day, as usual it happens to days off, absolutely imperceptibly! Managed to make something, the most part of cases postponed not indefinite time again. Wanted to run to a hairdressing salon - it did not turn out. It was the annoying! And it is still a pity that so got up early. Here to what good intentions bring!

dreamed me a dream at Night that I one, on the desert island! And that the most pleasant, I have no affairs, but the mass of free time. However, there is no place to put it absolutely!