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Whether Paul McCartney in 1966 died?

Thought to write article on this subject arose after a call of my old friend who, with surprise for me told that he read recently that Paul McCartney is the famous British musician and the former participant of legendary Beatles - died in 1966 and was replaced by the double. The legend so known to all fans of Beatles and sir Paul McCartney, and beatlemaniacs are down on to everything.

So was or was not? Whether really the most talented - if not to tell ingenious - the musician and the composer 20 - go died centuries also on its place skillfully picked up long ago - still Beatles the double?

In brief, lowering subtleties and details which at desire can be found with ease in literature and the Internet, we will remind history for those who, as well as my friend, or did not know, or forgot partially the events which caused a lot of noise not only in world musical culture, but also in other spheres of human society a little. So, according to this legend, in November, 1966 the musician and the main coauthor of John Lennon in group of Beatles, Paul McCartney died in road accident and on his place, with the purpose to suppress this fact and not to lose popularity of group, the winner of a competition of doubles somebody the actor William Kempebell was invited.

The similar version was disproved by McCartney in numerous interviews. Besides, other Beatles also did not confirm the fact of death of McCartney. However, it affected admirers exactly the opposite, forcing to look for in lyrics and covers of plates, photos and interviews, hidden - the coded “proofs - keys“, the confirming Paul`s death and replacement with his double. Well, the death subject as it is global - a meek question of mankind, attracts attention as a magnet iron objects...

Without being late on retelling of facts of common knowledge both “proofs“, and “denials“ of replacement of McCartney with the double - persons interested to learn more on a subject without effort will find the mass of information in literature and the Internet - I want to state a two-three of reasons which not really often met in the press and which 100% say that no replacement existed and now sir Paul McCartney is live, healthy to this day and pleases us with the new songs.

It is not excluded that all this history was thought up by Beatles or people from an inner circle. The reason on a look - in 1966 Beatles stopped tours and at the time of the termination none of them knew how popular will be their plates for lack of concert activity. Therefore, the option of the fact that such here “advertizing“ course for heating of interest in group was invented is not excluded. Why Paul was chosen? Well, according to all official biographies and photos Paul was considered as the most attractive externally from Beatles, and, it is necessary to recognize, the most part of admirers = fans of Beatles was made by girls... Lennon was strongly independent in opinions and could as will agree, and suddenly to change the mind. And Harrison and Ringo, whatever you may say, were on the second positions, in a tandem shadow Lennon - McCartney and their replacement would cause a smaller stir of public.

The main proof that McCartney did not die is his musical talent and, likely even the genius who well could not be reproduced by the double in any way - the actor. we Will assume

, McCartney died in 1966 and on its place the double was put. It is also possible to assume that within Beatles group - before disintegration of group in 1970 - Lennon - McCartney the remained participants of group who also had remarkable musical talent could create visibility of existence of a tandem. Though, this assumption is already tense... For the simple reason that by 1966 Lennon and McCartney`s creativity already stopped being completely joint as in early years of Beatles, and works of everyone had recognition, the handwriting. And at talent of such level as Paul McCartney, this handwriting was very recognized. Therefore, it would be very difficult even to such talent as John Lennon, let by means of Harrison and Starr, to write songs “under McCartney“. Also, it would be difficult even to the professional custom composer with any conservatoire education...

Technically, likely, it is possible. But in art, especially, in music, there is not enough equipment and when something from area of an inexplicable charm vanishes, inspiration, the drive, it is heard, it is visible and is felt...

But we will assume further that ingenious Beatles and their musical environment coped with this task and admirers did not notice musical substitution. It is possible to assume and it - let was so... But it can be assumed only until disintegration of Beatles. As well as the fact that, in this situation, information would not leak out into the press from the smallest employee of recording studio who overheard a scrap of any conversation...

But think who would be needs all this swindle with substitution after disintegration of Beatles??? The group disappeared - the aura of divine stardom disappeared, became useless, handed over in archive. Respectively, sense to do secret of the fact that McCartney artificial, would be gone completely! Plus what ingenious would not be the possible double McCartney in an environment of Beatles, in the absence of them - after disintegration of group - well at it such amount of fine music would not turn out to write in any way and, especially, to write it to this day!

Therefore, we will wish to sir Paul McCartney of long years of life and creative achievements... No, as that kazenno - officially turned out!!! Inspiration to you, sir Paul! And gratitude from all mankind for creativity!