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Now not only the specialist of service watch you but also you them as!?

Now I will tell you one hacker myth that if to the computer which could disconnected from a network be connected to it all that by means of simple phone transmitting a signal and forcing system to react to it and to obtain any information which you want to obtain and that would even not suspect that he was swindled)

Everything thought up to this point that it is only fiction, as well as the fact that the person will depart to space was an invention but as you can see all reality, and this idea too began to be shown in narrow circles having visited couple of forums I came across couple of interesting articles that it ON was already tested. ON GSMem can take information and transfer her to the mobile phone nearby. Researchers explained that it is possible to crack the computer, for example, having started on it a virus via the removable carrier of data. Israelis assume that in such way the Stuxnet virus got to system and nearly broke work of plant on uranium enrichment in Iran in January, 2015. Our Russian hackers receive a prototype of the program GS code in several month the code was processed and left a prototype stage in the spring of 2015 it in the first was tested on servers of a social network of VKontakte and on mail mail servers. Hacker attack took place is successful and soon according to our hackers they will allow to be fucked up by ours the specialist to services of shopping mall many hackers are ready on nationalist and they were bothered by that power which at us now full slag this program allows to do such harm our state - in. But this program only part of the plan of hacker community is the secret plan which consists of 3 parts is called Collapse having access to any device from any place 1 step these are violations of a transport branch, motor transport paralysis will create it in panic which will bring part of the country into panic or watching all on how many big want to arrange Collapse The 2nd phase of attack to state - in but this part of the plan is implemented in manual part in manual this shutdown: electricity, diversion on gas stations generally to tear off all providing state - in pointwise and better in a chaotic order to do it that military forces could not soorentirovatsya and react quickly to take some distinct actions. The 3rd phase it is possible to tell it a multi phase it you awake to deysvovat throughout all collapse it is promotion of mass media a capture total of television promotion of acts of terrorism of nationalist rollers, or to make video of fake explosion of the Kremlin or what there are shrines. I think effect will be powerful if all 3 phases are observed that you plunge state - in into incredible chaos and you will be able in to pay all the nationalist plans from seizure of power to continuation terror and vverzheny all countries in chaos of good luck of special service now not only you watch us but also we control you but not you us now.