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Than well remote psychological consultation?

the Internet - technologies give to the person an opportunity to obtain information, important for itself, without leaving the house. Today it is possible to consult with the lawyer, the doctor, the cosmetologist, sitting in front of the computer at home. This innovation did not avoid also a niche of psychological consultation. Today it is possible to find to itself the psychologist or the psychotherapist on the Internet. However whether so everything is simple?

It is difficult to overestimate advantages of remote psychological consultation. Let`s dwell upon them:

● preservation of anonymity in the Network;

● the cost of consultations is often cheaper, than at internal consultation;

● convenience - you keep the time and forces, getting advice at home;

● an opportunity to choose the psychologist, based on comments on him and his personal publications in the Network.

What advantages of remote consultation to psychologists:

● an opportunity to earn positive reputation, without investing money;

● convenience - it is possible to work at home in free time;

● the economy - is not present need to be spent for rent of an office;

● possibility of receiving experience for students of psychological faculties.

Psychological support in Russia is developed quite poorly. Often considerable efforts are required for the person to come to consultation and to tell to foreign person the most intimate. Remote consultation removes need to overcome itself and the chance to get acquainted closer with a rich arsenal of psychological assistance gives to the person.

However consultation in on the mode - line has the shortcomings. What they consist in?

● Insufficiency of information - often the psychologist does not hear and does not see the client that considerably impoverishes consultation.

● Frivolous approach to therapy - young psychologists spend hours for consultation of the client for whom it is “just boring“ at work.

● Remote consultation will not solve serious problems - as a rule, interaction happens at the superficial level therefore not all inquiries of the client can be worked out.

● It is impossible to check qualification of the expert - the psychologist can write about himself anything, even what is not true at all.

Considering all above, it is possible to make the list of situations in which remote psychological consultation will be worthy alternative to an internal meeting.

If you the client, then it is possible to get advice in the Network in cases:

● when there is no time for visit of a psychological office;

● when there is no material resources it is also necessary to find urgently the psychological assistance accepted at the price;

● if you do not need long-term personal therapy, and it is only necessary to learn some answers to daily vital questions;

● when you wish to keep the anonymity;

● when you are badly familiar with psychological services and want to learn what is it.

If you the psychologist, then remote consultation is convenient:

● when you feel fear of clients and have no experience;

● when there is no funds for a tenancy, and the account in the Network it is possible;

● when you advise in time, free from the main work;

● when you need to acquire own client base.

It is possible to summarize that remote psychological consultation in Russia will become more popular and demanded. Convenience, availability and a guarantee of safety - here three whales on whom psychological assistance in the Network keeps.