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What wall-paper to choose for a nursery? Five simple councils of

the Choice of finishing to the nursery - a task difficult and very responsible. There is a wish that everything was by rules, beautifully and it is whenever possible durable. What wall-paper will be suitable for the room of the kid?

Several simple councils will help parents to orient with the sea of offers from the construction market. What it is necessary to pay the attention to first of all?

1. Safety. Doing to

repair in a nursery, parents often seek to please dear child with appearance of finishing, leaving environmental friendliness and a practicality of the applied materials beyond the scope of consideration. The vinyl or flizelinovy wall-paper which is badly passing air - not the best choice for the nursery. It is much safer to stop on a paper covering, liquid or cullets. And irrespective of material to demand the certificate of safety from the seller!

2. Practicality.

it is hardly expedient to b to use

in the conditions of continuous “aggression“ from small fingers and insuperable thirst of the successor for creativity though eco-friendly, but easily soiled fabric wall-paper. Vegetable or pith coverings, though combine an esthetics with safety, but based on the ratio of the price and durability obviously concede to cheaper options.

Paper wall-paper is good the budgetary cost and a possibility of partial replacement of the damaged covering. But liquid wall-paper perfectly gives in to washing, as well as cullets. However, about ecological safety of such finishing disputes are still conducted.

One more practical option - wall-paper under painting. The covered with drawings or soiled surface can just be painted over over time.

3. Color and drawing.

Psychologists claim that in the nursery not the place for dark tones and large contrast drawings. Can be an exception unless bright toons on a light background. Absolutely small soft light shades will approach more, for the school student brighter are quite admissible tone. Special stickers with heroes of animated films will help to recover a monophonic background of liquid wall-paper. To the child is more senior it is possible to suggest most to make a choice from several options offered by parents.

4. Plot.

It is no secret that many boys prefer not the most peaceful plots. However continuous presence of such heroes at a zone of direct visual perception, according to children`s psychologists, negatively affects children`s mentality. Also drawings harmless at first sight which at night-time lighting take the menacing or frightening form can constitute potential danger. It is possible to blink directly in shop eyes and to shade a site of wall-paper to estimate as in the twilight these or those images will look.

5. Zoning by means of contrast colors or photowall-paper.

the Nursery komnataotlichatsya by various functionality therefore if there is opportunity, it should be divided into separate zones: rest, game and physical activity, study etc. It is the most convenient to allocate these zones by means of various color or impressive inserts. Also photowall-paper will be pertinent in the nursery: with favourite heroes, with the landscapes suitable on subject etc. of

I Hope, these simple rules, will help to orient and make a right choice.