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Kobey - the passionate Mexican. What does it attract the flower grower with?

of Kobey - a perennial plant, are allocated in the world of lianas with the violent growth and fascinating blossoming, independence and mystery. Having studied temper of the Mexican charming woman, it is possible to tame her and to grow up in our midlatitudes as one-year culture.

At each plant the character, and lianas not an exception: that not a look, the exclusiveness and originality. The modest sweet pea caresses a look the lovely florets, the honeysuckle gives a fragrance, the lilac cascade of a wistaria admires with refinement and splendor of blossoming.

About the romantic ipomeyu trudging on any support and decorated with multi-colored grammofonchik and there is a wish to tell - the soul aspiring up.

And near it kampsis, or the trumpeter on a roof, looks a vital, strong plant. Its bright as if the turned from the thinnest metal, tubular flowers announce pleasure of life.

The graceful akebiya, or a chocolate liana, fills a garden with delicate chocolate aroma, giving cheerfulness and joyful mood.

There are also such lianas on which it is necessary to keep a tight rein, otherwise will captivate everything around. Puerariya, or to a kudz, became in the south of the USA the real aggressor.

But here on the lianovy arena rushes passionate, delightful in the blossoming kobeya, and all audience appears at her legs. Elegant large kolokolchaty flowers broadcast a celebration of beauty and pleasure of life.

kobeya received the name in honor of the Spanish Jesuit and the scientist Barnabas Cobo to whom the form of flowers reminded bells of a Gothic Kanterberiysky cathedral. At the end of the 18th century it brought this plant to Europe.

Botanists carried kobeyu to Sinyukhov` family which part phloxes and a sinyukha blue are well-known to us. The look - kobeya climbing is most widespread, blossoms since July to frosts violet or white kolokolchaty flowers, with a diameter up to 8 cm. The accord of the words “kobeya“ with the Kazakh man`s name Kobey is interesting that means “be multiplied, grow“.

The kobea homeland - the Mexican subtropics. She loves the sun, a scope, the friable and fertile earth. Will grow in a penumbra, but will not give magnificent blossoming. Young escapes are afraid of cold weather, and the adult plant can sustain fall of temperature to minus five degrees.

Kobey has very tenacious moustaches which clings to any support, can stick even to boards of a fence or a structure. Plumose leaves, dark-green with cherry streaks, densely cover is brown - cherry escapes.

And when large lime buds appear, the liana changes: there comes the main time of her life. At first hand bells are dressed in a bridal outfit - shine with a gentle whiteness. Every other day - two flowers dress up in light-lilac clothes which will gradually be replaced on saturated - violet. Gracefully curved pestle and playfully twirled stamens decorate hand bells.

On a liana at the same time there are lime buds and hand bells of various flowers - from white to violet. After blossoming kobeya also looks effectively: the decorative large fruits reminding small cucumbers look very attractively. In our latitudes seeds do not manage to ripen.

It is necessary to grow up this beauty - a liana in the rassadny way. At the end of February - the beginning of March at several o`clock to wet the seeds acquired in shop in a growth factor, it is possible in aloe juice. It is desirable to land them in individual glasses at once that at change not to injure roots.

Ascending appear for 15 - 25 day. Before disembarkation in an open ground seedlings should be tempered in the open air.

In three months the liana can grow to 5 - 6 meters. But for this purpose it is necessary to provide it with a fertile soil, enough moisture and regular podkormka: at the beginning of growth - nitrogen-containing fertilizers, at a butonization - to add potassium and phosphorus. Young escapes are recommended to be prishchipyvat for receiving more magnificent plants.

At observance of these simple rules kobeya will thank you magnificent blossoming and will provide with optimistic mood for all season.