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Ideal kindergarten for girls. It is interesting to argue

what could be kindergarten in which only girls were brought up. Among employees of kindergarten there are one women too. Whole women`s club. It has to be not such as everything, and rules let will be not such to which we got used. And views of education of children need to be changed long ago. Already scarcity and monotony, and also paperwork of tutors from which many are not glad to themselves have to cloy.

In this kindergarten of the teacher and girl have to look very beautifully and to be dressed in evening dresses, it is desirable in dresses as at stars. Children especially will suit copies of adult dresses, it is possible even with loops. It is possible to lay red carpets on which girls and teachers would go. In the same dresses it is worth dressing also dolls with which girls will play. Girls should make model evening hairdresses, to teach to use hair curlers and hairspray. Teachers with girls can sit in evening dresses on sofas and stir about any female features. The general subjects for female talk will be much, despite an age difference.

It is necessary to teach to sing, dance and act girls. For this purpose in kindergarten the concert hall, let small is necessary. So the girl can become an actress.

I as here without cosmetics! Any negative thoughts of cosmetics on children aside!!! Girls just from kindergarten age need to be accustomed to cosmetics, to tell about secrets of a make-up and to teach the main skills to be painted. For this purpose women also have to bring up girls that to teach them to all beautiful. It is desirable to dye also to girls a hair at colors which they will choose. If usual paints it is dangerous to dye hair, then it is possible to paint with henna or basmy. Henna even strengthens hair. to What to teach

girls in such kindergarten? Of course feminity! For example, to teach girls to do a beautiful model hair. Girls can do a hair to teachers, turning them into actresses, and those, in turn, to children. Girls also have to be able to sew beautiful dresses and to think out models of dresses. Dresses can sew to themselves or other children, and maybe... to teachers. And that the girl helped surely the teacher to put on a similar dress, zashnurivy a lacing on a back or zipping, helping to put on a beads and various jewelry. And as it will be pleasant when the girl helps the teacher to be painted!!! And it are to girls. Teachers in evening dresses can be painted in the same room where also children play. Children can be painted and smarten up in the room for teachers, and teachers to help girls.

As they say, all the best - to girls and ladies! Purely female environment!!!