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Why and how “new“ drugs with the same active ingredient appear?

New names of the known earlier medical supplies can be met continually today. To clear this strange, at first sight the inhabitant, a situation, we will open some secrets.

Any medical supply which has to be on sale legally is patented and certified. It is simple to check it. And any patent protection has the term. When it leaves, the “quirkiest“ producers put on the conveyor the same medicine and with the same active ingredient, but with the new name.

In it there is the commercial benefit: it is few costs of development and tests of a preparation, production manages cheap also because the known earlier chemical formula is just copied. Such drugs in Europe are called generics (“generics“), and today on sale there is a lot of them.

In the presence of desire to distinguish original medicine for a remark even the consumer without special knowledge and skills will be able. And here to that a way. The original medicine developed and which is let out relatively recently (in the 21st century), cannot be cheap as in its cost many components are put: scientific experiences in chemical laboratories, generalization and the analysis of their results, tests on animals, clinical tests in public, identification, thus, of side effects - on all this is necessary time and money.

It is logical that producers seek to put the spent means in the cost of an original preparation with own patent name and a recognizable brand subsequently. The patent for production assumes that during certain time nobody else cannot let out a concrete preparation on legal grounds; it is necessary to pay back expenses. And almost at the same time other name close to the main active ingredient is appropriated to medicine. And here under this name other producers competing in the medical market can let out it.

The producer of an original preparation holding the patent publishes only a concrete chemical formula in open access and keeps the production technology a secret. Major pharmacological companies - producers have good traditions and value reputation, they do not save on updating of the equipment that allows to provide high extent of purification of the main active ingredient of impurity.

Therefore “remake“ at other producer can quite turn out, but it will differ from the original. And not only a form and (or) the name, packing, packing, but sometimes even “to taste“. As in my article this is not about concrete preparations or producers, I will note in a general sense what is known by results of laboratory researches: different drugs (remarks) are differently soaked up by intestines of the person and dissolved in an organism, that is their bioavailability is various.

Unlike the original, active ingredient in one unit of medicine - substitute can have bigger amount of impurity (in 3 - 5 and more times). For one medicine one certain difficult chemical formula works, however quality and extent of cleaning at different producers are various. Therefore the chemical composition of concrete medicine (especially on paper) can be one, and the price and side effects - different.

To understand thoroughly that for impurity - additives participate in formation of a concrete preparation only the qualified pharmacologist can. But even at the level of the consumer - it is pertinent to notice the inhabitant that the big group of the preparations called “generics“, does not pass laboratory researches at all, and, so side effects can differ considerably from declared on an original preparation. It is logical that the smaller amount of active ingredient can lead to decrease in efficiency of therapy. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to firms - drug manufacturers.

The situation when the attending physician appoints a certain medicine is quite widespread and then observes the patient, dynamics of its state. It is not experiment on the stranger health as someone could suspect. Actually quite so to the specific patient with his features of a state and an illness the most effectively operating medical supply with a minimum of side effects is selected. And if concrete medicine suited you better than others, then in coordination with the attending physician it is possible to stop selection experiments.

For example, at the Indian preparations bioavailability of active ingredient is lower therefore quite often doctors recommend them to accept in a bigger dose (on average for 50%) to achieve therapeutic effect similar to the European preparations.

To us, consumers, it is important to understand that the cost, low in comparison with an original preparation, demonstrates that the preparation is developed long ago (for example, retail price for tablets of aspirin, Furacilin and others it is low). And happens that before us not competitive preparation, the producer is little-known and uses the outdated production technology. There is no wish to speak about a possible fake and (or) strong understating of concentration of active ingredient, but also it happens in our turbulent time.

In any of the listed cases too low price has to guard the consumer. With this simple knowledge the consumer of drugs can close one of many questions disturbing him.